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"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Updated 3/25: The Dark Side of the Rainbow, Jupiter 42, The Crab and the Underworld

div align="center">Hello, love and light and 42s to all of youz. This happens to be my 42nd Post.
For those who have been following my posts lately, I have equated the semiotic or symbolic links between the Rabbit Hole, the Egyptian Underworld or Duats 42 Principles of Maat, the Dog Star or New Year Stars relationship to the Rabbit Hole Constellation Lepus, and its Astrological, Mythological and Pop Cultural connections. See my Previous 4 Posts and Videos for Further context related to this post with many topics explored.

Interestingly Bloggers have poitnted out the symbolic links between the Jupiter Crescent and Cross Symbol, which looks like a 24 or 42. Jake Kotze of the Blob and Jim Sanders of Centreportal have both found the number 42 to be connected to Jupiter, Tin(Tin-Man-Oz) and the Kubrick 2001 Monolith Stargate.
Note the Jupiter 24-42 Symbol. Interestingly on the Television Show "Tripping the Rift" these rabbit hole stargaters travel on a Ship-Boat called " Jupiter 42 ".

I have also recently come across The Synchromysticism Forums member Volux's Killer Blue Bunnies go to Jupiter Cartoon picture.
I have found that Rabbits, Rabbit Holes, Underworlds, and the Number 42 have interfaced for a long time in human creativities artifacts. Here is a Rabbit-Duat-42 Maat resonating Rabbit astronaut going to the planet Jupiter which Kotze and Sanders have found to resonate with 42. This picture perfectly connects the two different angles perceived by us bloggers connecting. 42 Degrees is the Angle Light is refracte into a Rainbow at.
Also brought to light lately was Kate Winslet, the Godesss of the recent Oscars-Ausars, to the Rainbow Goddess Iris. She stars in a movie called Iris as well as plays in "Finding Neverland" and is featured on the cover at the end of a Rainbow, as seen inthe film next to a 42 T shirt.
Rainbows are createdy by light Refracted at 42 degrees.
The Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz is said to be Over the rainbow, or the spectrum of Light. Interestingly the Land of Oz has been said to be the Underworld or Duat of the egyptian Mythology. Osiris was the rebirth god of the Duat, going over the spectrum of light, into the only color that is the absence of light; Black. The Night-Time or Twilight hours, the Twilight Zone is between the worlds of Night and Day, the Duat is the evening hours of dark knight where the sun goes into unconscious and imagination or Moon rule. Going over the rainbow is symbolic of going into the underworld or unconscious, symbolized by the Moon, gestation cycles connected to the female eggs, eggs connected to rabbits, and solar easter rebirth also resonate the lepus-duats 42 gods and principles and 42 degrees of the rainbow. Going over the rainbow, into Oz or OZIRIS, is approaching the twilight zone of Rebirth.
When we enter the light of day we share what we have discovered in our moonlight underworld rebirth of the evening. The cycles of day and night certainly reflect the cycles of birth and death. The polarities of the Tarots The Fool and The Universe in Tarot also sum up these cycles. We wake bare of abilities as a child free of all attachment, its a new day, we are not the person we were yesterday, we are a fool unable to experience the realities exactly the same as the day before,. And at the very end of the night we sum up the whole of our entire life and its memories up until that point, the Universe or World Tarot card sums up all that exists in the Material/Spiritual experience.
The Rabbit Hole also resonates the exact location in Astrology where the Transition of Ages occurs. The Transition we are currently experiencing is that of the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. This shift will be offically marked by the Suns Spring-Vernal Equinox or Easter Location.
Easter being symbolic of the Rebirth of the Sun or Son(Jesus-Horus-Osiris). The Easter transition of Ages is the Rabbit Hole, it is the space betweem Ages always acessable, it also marks the space between Years in the Summer when were extroverted Macroscopically, and in the Winter when were Inverted Introspectively. Also our Emotions or Water esoterically Blossom an Flower in spring/summer, and draw in or contract during the fall-winter. So the Easter-Rabbit Hole is a constant space of being between who we were an who we are becoming. Just like our Dreaming Hours during the Evening or Underworld ruled by the moon. When in the underworld we are between who we were an who we are becoming. That is the Right and Left hemispheres of the brain, Sun(right creative) and the Moon (left receptive). As well as the Left and Right or West and East hemispheres of the World or collective consiousness, the West is Logical/Material, and the East is Intuitive and Spiritual. The Sun and Moon are Microcosm an Macrocosm and the Rabbit Hole is the space between spaces. Like Water or Emotion in the Spring-Sumer Blossoming extrovertedly drawing outward, and in the Winter when our Emotions or water Draw Inward or Introvertedly like the Moon. The Black Jupiter Monolith represents humanities Evolution of the Spirit or Crescent over the Cross of Matter. Exiting the Piscean age of two fishes or Duality of Good-Evil, We will enter the Age of Unity the Aquarian Age, the Two Towers that Fell under Galactic anti Center the Twins of the Twin Towers Gemini or Duality, we enter the Age of the Freedom Tower, the octagon, Unity of Duality and infinity or 8 on its side. The Rabbit Hole is the space between the dualities of infinite mystery and initiation.
Interestinly as well, Osiris is the God of ther Underworld which has 42 principles or Gods, he is depicted as a Green Man symbolic of Vegetation that is reborn in the Spring/Easter/Rabbit as well as Alcohol and Barley**. Leprechauns are Green Men of Irish Myth that reside at the end of a Rainbow with Gold, St. Patericks day is a Celebration of Spring and Green Men/Leprechauns and Alcohol, resonating Osiris. St. Patericks day is on the 17th, the same day of the 3rd Athyr that Osiris the Father or Pater(latin) (Pater-icks) day is Celebrated.
Alcohol is Dehyrates or extracts our Water, or emotion in esoteric sciences, also resonating the Emotionally expressive abilities of Alcohol consumption and human behavior. The Gold at the end of the Rainbow also resonates the Yellow bricked or Gold Road to Oz or Osiris/Rebirth. The Wizard of Oz was also a Green Hologram. A Green Man, the Wizard of Oz is Consciousness beyond Poles constantly reborn or Green. The Greek God of Spring Pan is also a Green Man God of Alcohol(dionysus), and in Hebrew Gematria the Letters O an Z also resonate with pan via the green man and bushs my pet goat flight 77 event.

I think that the Gold at the end of the Rainbow or Yellow Bricked road, is equal to the Alchemical Spiritual Gold or Bliss of Experiential Gnosis. Yoga ( from Yolk-Egg-rebirth) or Union with the Other.
The Peak of which could be Marked by the infiinte Mystery of Yearly NOW Cycles mid point of Easter or the Rabbit Hole. Not at the end of a Year Winter or the Beginning of a Year Summer, because both express the poles not the unity or center, the Easter rabbit hole of Platonic Age Shifts, the Infininte Novelty that Mckennas Timewave Zero will reach on 2012. Also Noting that Mushrooms and Rabbit Holes resonate Via Alice in Wonderland and Terrence Mckennas Psychedelic Machine Elves or Leprechauns and Timewave Zero and Aquarian Vernal Transition.
Masonic Vernal Rabbit Hole Stargate Glyph
Above take note of the Sun on the Left Pillar with the North Coordinate of the Summer Solstice on the Left side, and take note of its polar opposite the Moon on the right side Coordinated South like the Winter Solstice, Take Note of the West at the bottom of the board as the Autumnal Equinox and see how the Poles of Summer and Winter solstice are one at the Middle Pillar which is Coordinated EAST at the top of the board framing the Vernal Spring Equinox or East-er, The Rabbit Hole. In Masonic lore the Masonic Christ Hiram Abiff or Osiris is killed on 3/17 St. Pattys Day and goes into the Underworld or Duat for 3 days where it then Satisfies the 42 principles of Maat in the weighing of the Heart(42 resonating Jupiter/Tin/Tin Man who seeks a heart over the rainbow42). On the 3rd day or the Equinox the Solar God is reborn starting to move North again and gives birth to Spring the Green Man Osiris/Leprechauns the Fool and all of the infinite novelties and mysteries of Spring or Easter. SO we can see the Importance of the Vernal Equinox as a balancing of Opposites and the location of Solar and Personal rebirth between the poles of being and equinoxs reflected in Masonic tradition as well.
The Last Mimzy is a Film Featuring a Young Girl with Psychic Powers that receives a Rabbit throught a Worm-Hole Sri Yantra Mandala Stargate Device.
This Rabbit is sent to her to communicate the Message of a Scientist/Alchemist in the Future who seeks to Guide Humanity toward a peaceful Future. Now I added this film to my Rabbit Hole series in early February, andnow in March having made 4 documented synchronicity videos I have just come across a personally astonishing fact, in a Sri Yantra, exactly the one featured in the Last Mimzy as the Rabbit Hole Stargate, has EXACTLY 42 Shiva essence Triangles.
The Yantras 42 triangles and the Rabbit Hole perfectly resonate with Lewis Carrols Rabbit Holes 42nd Rule and other allusions, as well as the 42 principles of Maat in the Rabbit Constellation or Underworld Duat. At the end of my first video i unconsciously overlaid the Yantra Mandala footage from Mimzy and the Concluding shot of the Duat Rabbit constellation, only now to find another 42 connection. The Rabbit tells the young girl what to do in order to save the world. In the end after the government gets involved, the Young Girl Emma opens a Stargate into a Hindu Infinite Mandala that saves the World. The Film ends with a Shot admitting that it took the Tears or Water of a Young girl, and a Rabbit Hole to save the world. Understanding that the Rabbit Hole is the Astrological Age transition Location or Vernal Easter Equinox and that the Aquarian age is symbolized by Water and the Water door, the Tear symbolism falls into place. Emams Brother Noah also wars a 72 T-Shirt, the exact amount of Hours between St. Patericks Day and the Spring Equinox, 72 also being the number of enemies of Osiris that keep him in the Underworld from the 17th to 21st days of the 3rd Athyr or March 17th-21st. Noah also being the Survivaing Male of the Great Flood or Water Door. In the Film Noah finds a Green Tablet that has electric fractal light flowing through it, it was half of the objects needed to open the stargate. This Object Resonats with the Emerald or Green Tablets of Thoth/Hermes the Underworl Scribe/Guide
Thoth was said to have 42 Books in the Duat where he was a Messenger Scribe God.
Heres Noah presenting a Wormhole at a Fair.
in the film we see Noah making a presentation featuring a Wormhole, William Henry found this archetype resonating through the Egyptian Unerworld Boats Lilly Wormholes.
The Young Girl Emma in the Rabbit Hole/Vernal Transition of Ages resonating film the last Mimzy wears shades of purple and blue white interacting with Spring Equinox Themes.
Her colors as well as the Stargate Vernal Equinox themes throughout the film resonate with "The Star" or "Aquarius" Card of the Thoth Tarot. The Last Mimzy states that it took the Tears or Water of a young girl to save the Future, the film took place on Easter with a Rabbit Wormhome 42 device. The stargates that are formed during the film also resonate with the crystals or forming crystalyzation of matter in the future, representing the future Aeon of Aquarius we are entering and the flowering hopes of consciousness.
The Green Man and the Dark Side of the Moon
The end of the Film Features Emma and Noah walking through a Stargate in the Future holding hands. This resonates with the Summer Solstice of Gemini the Twins and the Crab Cancer. Featured in the Film The last Mimzy Emma reacts to the Crushing of a Crab, as well as receives a cosmic coincidence at a Crab Resuraunt before Opening a Stargate.
The Crab is the symbol of Cancer, the Summer Solstices movement of the Sun into the Underworld or into the Lessening Daylight Hours of Fall and Winter. The Underworl or Unconscious is ruled by the Moon, as seen on the Moon Tarot Card is the Scarab or Beetle, the Beetle Sign or Egyptian Zodiac Sign of Cancer is the Beetle or Scarab.
The Yellow Beetle or Beatle is also a strong theme. Explored here and here. In "the Shining" where we Saw the Child or Shining One wearing a Shirt with a Bugs Bunny Rabbit or Rabbit Hole-Underworld 42 Principle Resonator as well as the Number 42 on the SLeeve of the Same shirt, confirming this synch.
In Video 3 of my first series we saw that strange things occur in the Shining in room 237, 2x3x7 is the factorization of 42. Shots of the film "Summer of 42" Were also inserted into the film by Kubrick, as well as In his film "Clockwork Orange" Alex picks up a "Level 42" record in his bedroom.
We can also See a Yellow VW Beetle being driven by Jack in "the Shining".
The Beatle or the Crab is symbolic of the Water of Water and Home Moon Sign of Cancer. The home of the Unconscious, the Moon, and Madness. Think Lunatics and Lunacy and the Moon Luna. Online Etymology says
" LUNAcy"
1541, "condition of being a lunatic," formed in Eng. from lunatic. Originally in ref. to intermittent periods of insanity, such as were believed to be triggered by the moon's cycle. The O.E. equivalent was "month-sickness."
Rabbits and Hares and the Moon are all contextually related to madness, the Mad Hatter and the Hare drinking Tea at an Unbirthday Party with a White Rabbit whos very late, in 1999s "Wonderland" as seen in my first video we see the Hare kill a Crab, and in the last mimzy we see a cook kill a Crab. The Moon being symbolic of the unconscious and creativity could be relative to states of madness when one is alone with ones imagination or Moon for too long.
We also hear of a Yellow Beatle in "The Truman Show" , Jim Carrey Wakes up in his matrix and predicts a Yellow Beatle and a Woman on a Red Bike, a Light Fixture also falls near him bearnig the name Sirius Caninis Majoris, synchronizing with his Role in "the Number 23 " when Dr. Sirius Leary erases his mind Eternal Sunshine Style( Kate Winslet 42 Rainbow see Clementines Spectrum Hair).

We can also see Jim Carrey in Yes Man throwing up the Horns of Capricorn the Winter Solstice before the decoration of Crab or the Moon of the Summer Solstice.
Carry as the Green Man interacting with the Moon or Cancer again.
the Moon/Crab again here in Bruce Almighty.
The Chariot Tarot Card attributed to the sign of Cancer, a Gold Knight upon the Cherubs of the 4 Platonic Months, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, the Blue Background is symbolic of the Blue Waters of the Underworld or Binah the greater Unconscious, theres a Crab atop his head symbolizing Cancer. I think the Gold Knight himself could be a resonator of the Golden Scarab of Cancer as Crowley beleives the Tarot has Egyptian or even Pre Egyptian Origin, His Thoth Deck is an Attempt to revise the imagery that would have been attributed to the decans of the Zodiac represented in the Deck. Cancer the Crab was the Scarab of the Underworld in Egypt, we can see it on Crowleys Moon Card, again a Strongly Unconscious Anima symbol.
We can see Anubis Sirius at the Gates to the Underworld/Unconscious, Seeing Jim Carreys Osiris Green Man Resonance, and his Moon/Crab interfacing, we can also connect his roles with Dogs and especially Sirius the Dog Star into the Mix.
Dogstars Howling at the Moon.
Now here things get interesting, Pink Floyd Singer Roger Waters created a Song specifically for the Last Mimzy called "Hello I Love You", with references to the previous madness of Floyds first singer Syd Barret. The Record Dark Side of the Moon was lyrically influenced by the previous Singer of Pink Floyds Insanity. The Song Dark Side of the Moon is a reference to his Madness, remember Lunatic and Luna Moon, the Mad Hatter and Hare Moon, the white Rabbit. Well in the song "Dark Side of the Moon" Roger Waters says, "Run, Rabbit Run, Dig that Hole, Forget the Sun, dont sit down its time to dig another one". The Dark Side of the Moon was recorded by Occultist Alan Parsons.

Who wrote the Song "Sirius: Eye in the Sky" used by US National Football an Basketball Teams.
He also recorded Dark Side at Abbey Road Studios. Where the Beatles recorded Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road. The Yellow Beatle of Cancer or the Crab and the Yellow VW Beetles mentioned above converge again.
Thea Beatles and the Abbey Road Yellow VW Beetle in back left. They appear uniformed for aspects of a Funeral Procession, with the Yellow Beetle/Scarab in the Background this Funeral might be for the Sun whos hours of Light Lessen once it rises and enters the Solstice Sign of the Crab and the daylight hours grow shorter.

Dark Side of the Moon also features the Rainbow, the Rainbow connected to 42 degree angle of light, the 42 triangle mandala in "The Last Mimzy", the Underworld/Unconscious Moon-Madness. Heres the best part, at some point it was realized that the Wizard of Oz Film and the Record Dark Side of the Moon could be Synched up for viewing experience. This was dubbed " Dark Side of the Rainbow".
It is also said that The song "Echoes" off the Floyd albume "Meddle" can be Played over Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey 2001 scene "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite". Noting the 42 like symbol of Jupiter and the 42 Degrees of the Rainbow. From Wikipeia :
" ThePerhaps the oldest variant involves neither Dark Side of the Moon nor The Wizard of Oz. Since the mid-1990s, some websites devoted to the Dark Side of the Rainbow have also made note of a claimed synchronicity between the "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" third act in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and the lengthy Pink Floyd song "Echoes" from the 1971 album Meddle. Again the correspondences are primarily tonal rather than lyrical; among them, both the track and the sequence are approximately 23 minutes. Director Stanley Kubrick asked Pink Floyd to score the film, and Roger Waters has said he regrets having turned down the offer. It may also be a coincidence that the Pink Floyd compilation Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd was released in 2001.
There has also been variations on what to do once Dark Side Of The Moon finishes. The most common is to put the record on repeat and play it through 2 1/2 times. It should be noted that if the album is played on repeat, it seems to "re-sync" itself with the respective scenes; and at the end of the film when Dorothy finally awakens, the lyric can be heard, "Home, home again. I like to be here when I can." It is of note that the final chapter in the original L. Frank Baum novel is entitled "Home Again."- Wikipedia
Update:Interesting to Note the L. Frank Baum reference, Theosophical Society and Occultist as well as Author of the Wizard of OZ. Jupiter also being the planet and symbol of Tin, like the Tin man of OZ whos searching for a Heart. Interestingly to be reborn in Egypts Underworld the Duat you must Satisfy 42 Principles in the Weighing of the Heart, where the heart of a soul is placed on an Ostrich Feather(ostrichs take 42 days to incubate or hatch/rebirth) So we have the Tin Man, the Symol of Tin being the sigil of Jupiter the Tin Man searching for a Heart, Jupiters sigil mirroring a 42, and the 42 principles of the weighing of the Heart.

I have also come to beleive that the Bealtes Yellow Submarine is also the Symbol of the Cancer Sign of the Golden Beatle in the Waters of the Underworld. The Beatle Kephera in Egypt pushed the Sun from the Underworld to the Horizon every day. Here comes the Sun King, Here comes the Sun, Mr. Moonlight, etc.
Above is a contextually rich palette of symbols, The Beatles/Crabs, the Rainbow (Aquarius/42), Blue Lillies like the Osirian Wormhole Stargate seen above, and the Mayan Pyramids (2012 Age shift).
Cancer being the Home Water Sign of the Moon can also be found resonating in Pirates of the Caribbean" where Davey Jones who bears a Crab Arm Rules over the Moonlight hours o the night.
From Dark Side of the Moon
"The lunatic is on the grass. The lunatic is on the grass. Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs. Got to keep the loonies on the path. "
"All that you touch All that you see All that you taste All you feel. All that you love All that you hate All you distrust All you save. All that you give All that you deal All that you buy, beg, borrow or steal. All you create All you destroy All that you do All that you say. All that you eat And everyone you meet All that you slight And everyone you fight. All that is now All that is gone All that's to come and everything under the sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. "There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark."
***Update: interesting synch web to note 42 Entertainment worked on Dark Knight, and a video Game called The Beast that takes place in 2142, The Beast is also a TV Show Featuring Patrick Swaze, Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin worked on Ghost with Patrick Swaze as a ghost in the 42nd street subway, (Swaze also in Donnie Darko with a Rabbit and a 42, and in Black Dog with a 42 on his license plate) Bruce Rubin also Wrote the Last Mimzy Featuring the 42 Trianlged Sri yantra and the White Rabbit of 42 Obsessed Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland references and was also The Screenplay Writer also wrote for Deep Impact mentioned by Dutch Above. Jordan Weisman founed 42 Entertainment In 2003, worked on I Love Bees, Dark Knight, and the Beast then founded an organization called "Smith and TINker" a reference to the characters in the Wizard of OZ as admitted on their website. Jake Kotze has pointed out 42s reflection of the Jupiter or Tin symbol, and weve also seen that Rainbows are created at 42 Degrees, So Smith and Tinker ties in the 42s mentioned above, the Wizard of OZ and back over the 42nd degree rainbow.
See Part 1 of my video and my Unveiling the Golden Scarab for more context. Hope that wasnt too much all at once, pheew.
These themes will be explored further in my next video, be well.


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I've included 42 with an ancient twist on my blog at

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Excellent post. I really enjoyed the insight you brought out of the Last Mimzy. I couldn't believe that movie when i first saw it, i knew the synchromystics would eventually get all over it. Nice touch with the Alan Parson/Pink Floyd/Beatles/Blue lillies/wormholes

aferrismoon said...

The Wormhole pic could also resonate with the Moon Card image , the Towers actually = openings.
Via the Hebrew I gotta say -
OZ = 70+7 = 77
PAN = 80+1+50 = 131.
BUT PAN isn't a Hebrew word . though in Greek gematria I don't think it can = 77
131 = highly even more significant possibly with the Two Towers and the 3rd Building.
Neverthless 7+7=14=1+4 = 5
as does 1+3+1


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T 4 2
2 4 T

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Amazing, I was just writing about the number 40, and how it is probably code for 42, (like 70 is for 72 in the bible sometimes), and I was also trying to figure out how to work in the Crab topic as well. Once I finish reading it, I'm definetly going to have to link to this or quote it liberally :D

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Thanks everyone, I corrected my Pan Oz connection, I was enjoying some lager and ranting. Thanks for the feedbackyall love, more to come

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Found this by searching TimeWave Zero on Google Blog search... Reading about Parsons made me put on the song Time. Looked up Time on Wikipedia to see what year it's from and noticed the name of the B-side:

"The Gold Bug"


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haha great find, definatly wanna add that to the mix, thanks for reading, be well man!

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That post was the shiznit! I have always had an intense facination with both rainbows and stargates. Your post helped to explain alot! The one ufo experience I had occured durring a double rainbow. If you are interested in checking out an article on it, www.chadstuemke.com Keep em' coming!

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