“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Friday, March 6, 2009

Updated 3/25 Lets do the Timewarp Dance, Lincoln-Darwin-Obamakenaten and Aquarian Initiation, Jim Carrey and Tarot, Aquarian Decan of Libra

Aquarian Timewaves Updates
So ive had alot of available time and creativity the past few days to put some context into the swirly seas of synchronicity. This post is focuse on continuing Aquarian Age symbolism and context relative to Barack Obama, Darwin and Evolution, and Monotheism. If you missed my last Post check it out its on The Symbolism of the Dark Side of Rainbow, Jupiter Tin 42, the Crab and Moon, Jim Carreys Tarot flavors, and then some. If you missed my first video project- The Dog Star and the Rabbit Hole parts 1-4 check them out here.

Obama, Lincoln, Darwin, Bigfoot, Aquarius

The Vatican is sponsoring a five day conference to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. Shocking to some the Monotheistic Catholic Piscean church would integrate the opposite teachings of human creation. The times they are a changin'. This point for me marks an interesting mix of contexts relative to the evolution into the Age of Aquarius. We are in the Libra or Scales of Balance Decan of the Zodiacs Solar Aquarian Transition according to some, which would account for the Aquarian timewaves energys of Equality Peace and Harmony.

The Catholic Church a symbol of monotheism which has been conceptually and often rigorously opposed to that of Darwin and Evoltion, the Scopes Monkey Trial and Schoolroom creation/evolution debate marking the entrance into the Libran era of Balance. The Age of Two Fish like the Jesus Fish is the Age we are currently exiting and were experiencing the transition into the age of Aquarius. Now in the Aquarian timewave of 2008-2011 the Vatican is incorporating an appreciation or the balancing of its opposite opinions, the Piscean Duality is becoming a balanced part of the organism. As well see below Aquarius, Equality, Darwin, Lincoln, and evolution will be explored further.

Goro Adachi at Etemenanki Supertorch Ritual has been picking up on these timewaves themes involving the symbol of the Monkey or Big-Foot, and Obama as well as Abraham Lincoln whos been heavily invoked VIA Obama. In the film the Dark Knight, in a scene a wall is shown with Batman Suspects scene features a Lincoln and a Big Foot ape Photo. Lincoln and Obama, both being civil rights figures, Lincoln an Aquarian, and Barack with an Aquarius rising sign. Both are symbols of evolution. Evolutionary thought has been an Opponent of Monotheistic Creationism for a very long time. As ive said Pisces is the sign of the Monotheistic era of world religions, the time of the 3 seperate major monotheistic traditions is ending as we inch closer to Aquarius and Evolutionary thought is gaining more and more momentum. Barack has been likened to the unifier of the Egyptian Monotheistic tradition Akenaten or as some beleive Moses. See here for Barakhenaten data.

From Dark Knight, Batmans suspects featuring Abe Lincoln and Big-Foot, Big-foot resonating evolution and the link of the creation of man. Reminding us of Darwin another Aquarian born the same Day as Lincoln. Picture from ( Goro Adachi Etemenanki)
February 26th the earliest known Human Foot print(like a "Big-Foot" print) shows that 1.5 million years ago we were walking on the same modern feet we have now, what does that say about Evolution and Creation? It proves nothing for either and infact points to factors not present in the dichotomy. The event invoking evolutionary theory as well as Barack-lincoln-atens Home Land of Kenya.

SuperTorch Ritual/Etemenanki picked up on the December 14th Suns rising into the FOOT of Ophioucus the forgotten house of the Zodiac, that very same day a Big-foot or Bige Shoe was wailed at the head of George Bush making big news. (Etemenanki)

A Big-Foot or Shoe statue was created in Honor of the shoe wailed at Bushs head(what a moment if it had connected, sigh) the Big Foot theme again rolling in with the transition from Bush to Obama, or Pisces or Aquarius on some levels. (By Goro Adachi Etemenanki)
February 17th 2008 Barack gets Shaquelle o Neils big foot or shoe. (By Goro Adachi Etemenanki)
ViolatoR at the great Stygian Port caught Lincolns face exchanged with Ape General Thade in the planet of the Apes remake. More monkeys and Aquarians. For a really mindblowing collection of data on Obama, Monnkeys, and Lincoln see the Synchromysticism Forums thread here.
At the very first Obama Super Bowl or "Big-Foot"-Ball half time event we saw U2 Performing Get on Your Boots, invoking Big Football, Boots and Androgynous Aquarian symbolism.

Notice the Mustache and Lipstick on the Deity above, Androgyny and gender are big Aquarian Age themes, think 1960s free love gender liberation, Crowleyanity via 1900s and 60s.
On the left we have a Feminine Goddess Deity of old, and on the right we have the New Aquarian Goddess wearing a Males hat, Hats and Boots being symbolic of Uniform and Occupation, Piscean era Men wore the Boots and Authority hats, the song seems to almost encourage role reversal and get on your boots feels as if its encouraging participation in the greater whoel, another Aquarian theme. If you watch the video its a psychedelic symbol of the times, space, astronomy, androgyny, war.

Strap those Boots on your ANKHLES

Get on your Boots has recently struck me with a little more Aquarius Semiotics, in Occult Physiology all parts of the body and mind are reflected in the ZOdiac, so certain astrological houses rule over parts or aspects of the physical body. Aquarius rules over the Ankles, Calves and Circulatory and Nervous system. This Ankle attribution adds another layer of context to get on your boots. Our feet and especially our Ankles connect us to the earth, they keep us grounded and support us, just as Aquarius is a sign of community and humanitiarianism. Ankles and Boots in Egypt were also an important theme, the Symbol of Life and ressurection the ANKH was said to be symbolic of the Sandal or Boot-Strap, symbolic of support along the journey of life. Ankh and Ankle in Egypt were closely related, and even Phoneticly we can see ANHKLE and Ankle resonated. So get those bootstraps on your ANKhLE and lets ride these Aquarian timeWAVES. We can also see the importance of Ankles or Feet above, our evolution has had alot to do with when we became capable of walking up-right, Homo Erectus leaves big-foot prints. Now we are being called HomoEvolutus by futurists and transhumanists(watch them). Thus the Ankhles, feet, footprints, physical evolution, social evolution, Darwin and Lincoln, Aquarius and even U2 can be drawn together contextually.
UPDATE: 3/25 Continuing the Boots, Feet, Linoln, Bigfoot, Evolution, Darwin Aquarius Theme, The news just released that Darwin spent more on SHOES while at University than even books. Seems as though the Feet, Shoes, Boots, Ankhles, Evolution, Aquarius are a Major Issue. Read about Darwins Bootz here- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1164061/Charles-Darwin-spent-shoes-books-university-archives-reveal.html
Now for Darwin and Lincolns connections

January 20thh the First day of the Sign Aquarius in America. Barack in front of the Lincoln Memorial at the Inauguration, the same place Martin Luther King Jr. gave his " I have a Dream Speech". Now on February 12th Obama also soon attended a Ceremony on the Birthday of Lincoln at the Ford Theatre where he was assasinated. Interestly Sidney Portier a breakthrough Black actor from the 60s (Aquarian dawn) who actualy played "Mark of the Hawk" his characters name was "Obam", right okay that was the 60s, now its 2008 and Obam is our Hawk. If you havent already seen the Secret Suns post for amazing insights and an unending web of synchronicities.

Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun found this amazing Synch, Sidney Portier as "Obam" the Hawk-Man.

Heres Obam and Obam-a at the location that Lincoln was assasinated, amazing synchronicity-thanks Chris of The Secret Sun.

Interesting that this year is also the year of Darwin or Evolution ,and the Vaticans holding a 5 day Creation Evolution and Darwin Conference. Also having recently just said that Aliens are our space brothers under god as well. Im picking up on alot of timewave symbolic events relative to the Aquarian Age prospects, Civil Equality, Androgyny, Feminism, Gender Disollution, Global Community, Gay Rights, Mass Mindedness, sustainable technology etc. Ive realized that in history when the ruling planets of Aquarius are conjoined or opposed for periods of time that Culture experiences tastes of what is to come in the Future age of Aquarius. During the Enlightenment, Renaissance and American Revolution, During the Lincoln aministrations Civil Rights Era as well as Femminism, During the 1960s revolution of Feminism, Gay and Civil Rights, and Now the Planets Saturn and Uranus the Rulers of Aquarius are opposed between 2008 and 2011 and the planets were Exactly Opposed on Election day a historic Gender day as well with the Proposition 8 Ban in CA. The Planets were also exact when the Dow Dropped 777. Aquarian themes of Unification(like Monotheism), boundary dissolution, new concepts and equality are present in Akenaten, Lincoln, JFK/MLK, Obama an so on.

Now interestingly Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both Born February 12 1808 under the Sign of Aquarius. While one was mapping Physical Evolution from Apes, the other was a conduit to help us stop treating eachother like apes and Socially Evolve. Aquarius is an Air sign a sign of Intellect and Concepts. The Aquarian Age will be an Evolution of our Consciousness or Concepts and how we apply it to the real world. Just look at the way culture has evolved from the 1950s, physically pretty much the same, Conceptually though? Weve evolved with the help of Aquarian Planets like Saturn and Uranus and the 1960s affects on modern culture.

Adam Gopniks book goes into the Astrological and Cultural relationship of these two figures and their affects on modern culture. I would like to Note Uranus discovery during an Era of Scientific discovery, Saturn being the furthest known planet in the 1800s, Uranus popped up during a time of Evolution, Intuition, Liberation, Equality, and Discovery. Uranus has been said to be symbolic of the sciences, especially humanitarian sciences, as well as new concepts that are beyond tradition or Saturn. So yeah Uranus through Darwin brought us the autonomy of being an evolved natural being, free of the chains of monothestic creation and creator god oversight and guilt etc. Darwins thoughts helped us look at ourselves in a whole new way not subject to the all seeing eye of Jehova Jesus Allah. Aquarius is the sign of the Uniter of the people, as well as the liberator and bringer of new concepts, i.e. the waterbearer the bringer of new consciousness and concepts to the mass of humanity. Definatly a Lincoln/Darwin vibe.

Henry Freeman pointed out the Obama and Akenaten synchronicities lately. Read here.

Freeman has found that the Statues of Akenaten and Tiyre his wife strongly resemble Obama and his Wife. She also goes by the name Renaissance, which is the period that Uranus was discovered during as well as when Uranus and Saturn were actively interacting, the renaissance was also an earlier Flowering period in the Mayan Underworld Calendar, we also just entered a Flowering period again in November 2008 just in time for Obama and Renaissance to bring in a new age.

Its all in the Cards/Stars

Okay heres a quick Tarot diaGnosis. If you havent studied the Tarot you might not know that the whole of the Zodiac, its 36 Decans, 12 Signs, and 7 ruling planets are all attributed dynamic roles in the Deck of 78 cards. The cards also carrey the 4 major Elements or Suits, as well as having possbile ( i think so) roots in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Planets carry intelligences or vibes, as well as have aspects of the human psyche associated with them, their rulership over Houses of the Zodiac or Year also carry anthropomorphic information relative to the influence of the Sun on the Earths seasons and the planetary rules over seasons. Basically i think its the Excretion of our DNA VIA Intuition into a Deck of Cards/Tree or Library of Archetypes, the same archetypes are present in the eancient I Ching Oracle and its 64 Hexagrams and our DNAs 64 Codons. Study this amazing oracles history yourself and it will prove a very interesting endeavor, anyway keep that stuff in mind if your not familiar with the symbolism and try and follow along below.
Below we can see the Aquarius Card in Crowleys Tarot, she represents Hope, the Future, the crystalization of new ages forms being poured from the cup above her and the excrete of the previous age below her.

the Star or Aquarius is right after the Tower card, interestingly the Tower being Symbolic of the end of an Era, or Truth or Illusion, or Falsity, one hope or age being shot down, and the Hopes of the next follow behind it.
The card Depicts a Tower being Destroyed by Lightening or the will of creation, the card is a creative card, being that the destruction of the Tower or Illusion or Truth is the creation of a new paradigm.
We are exiting the Piscean age of Duality, Two fish, good and evil, Two Towers, to the age of Unity, the Octagonal singular freedom tower, the unity equality of Libra-Aquarius and one world government.
The Piscean age which we are Exiting Via the Vernal Equinox movement of Sidereal Platonic Ages is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is the location of Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey 2001 Monolith. The Scene Jupiter and Beyond the infinite could be a reference to the Stargate of age Transition, the black monolith symbolizing the unknowable essence of the future, the whomb of Novelty and Creation. Being Located on Jupiter in 2001 space Oddysey and as Jake Kotze amazingly found that the Milenium Hilton Hotel being located across the street from the World Trade Towers that were Destroyed in 2001 .
Modeled after Kubricks Monolith on Jupiter, Stood before the Two Towers. The Stargate of the monolith being symbolic of that which is beyond the horizon of awareness, the infinite future and whomb of infinite creation. The transition from Jupiter ruled Pisces into Aquarius will occur on the Vernal Equinox of Spring, the offical entry is disputed between the 1800s and 2400, according to the Decans well be in Aquarius of Aquarius by 2600 being the fully blossomed Aquarian Era, for now we are seeing blasts from the future and past Aquarian Stargate occur.
So what Im focusing on lately is the Activation of Uranus and Saturn Via their Cosmic Oppositions and relationship with the Sun-Self. The intelligences or contexts relative to the Two Ruling Planets of Aquarius are that of Order and Chaos, Saturn being Order and Uranus being Chaos or Change. Saturn or order being predictable. Uranus being chaotic or unpredictable. These two Planets opposed over Lincoln, Kennedy, and Now Obama, all civil rights Equality and change synonymous presidents. September was the Activation of the Saturn an Uranus Aquarian Oppositions of 2008-2011.

The card Attributed to the planet Uranus by many eastern sciences is The Fool being symbolic of Starts, new beginings, rebirth, initiation into the Unkown, detachment, basically a symbol of novelty and Change or Uranus.

The Fool Tarot Card, a man on a peak free of all atachment stepping into the unkown, this is the Air sign card, hes in the mountains where theres much Air or Thought undeferred by the grounding nature of phyisical reality.
September 2008s right when Uranus the planet of The Fool tarot card according to the Golden Dawns Egyptian Tarot and the planet of Aquarius was opposed to Saturn for the first time, Jake Kotze pointed out The Fool like Nature of the cover of the Economist.

The next cover of the Economist featured a whirlpool like spiral, a Bull and a Man, symbolizing the Economys downward spiral, and the words "What Next" mimicking the nature of the Fool or initiation into the unknowable themes. The Fool and The Universe represent exactly the Habit an Novelty that Terrence Mckenna has spoken of in his Time-Wave Zero Theory. Saturn lays down the forms and structures organizes them, and Uranus hits it with the Novelty, Change or Data that is only to be integrated by Saturn. They also rule the upper triad or supernal in the Kabbalistic Tree of life, Saturn as Binah the greater Unconscious or Anima, and Uranus as Chokmah the greater Consciousness or Animus that interperets igchaos that comes in over the rainbow through Kether and the 3 veils of the Abyss, Ain Soph Aur, or Elokah 42! Light or creativity flows through the abyss through El(17)kah(25)=42 Light is refracted into a rainbow at 42 and on the tree of life into spheres below ranging in color and intelligence. ANYWAY continuing.

The Film Yes Man that came out in December of 2008 featuring Jim Carrey also strongly resonates the Fool Tarot Card, as well as Carreys role as a charactor who takes on a new perspective were he will say yes to all presented opportunities. Taking on new prospects is a strong symbolic meme with the Fool energy.

These Yes and Initiation themes were also being reflected in Obamas Initiation into presidency and our Initiation into the Obama Age of Yes We Can.

Yes We Can

Note the leg gesture, the mountainy Airy theme, the openess of the gesture, theres no sign of resistance in the symbolsim.

Jim Carrey actually bungee jumped for this film, having him resonate with the Fool symbolism further through the 12th step in his evolution. The Hanged Man, willingly going into the unknown . Note the Water below him and the Colors Red, Blue and Yellow below.

The colors Red Blue and Yellow represent the influence of the planets Mars, Jupiter and the Sun, or Chesed, Geburah and Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.

The Hanged man is the 12th tarot Card. Also symbolic of the Vernal Equinox period of the Zodiac, the Sun/Son crucified on the Cross of Matter and being reborn from the Winter underworld.

The Joker from Dark Knight Heath Ledger has been seen hung upside down in Dark Knight and the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, and his role as the Joker or Fool resonating with the Hanged Man.

Interestingly Jim Carreys 13th Film was High Strung, hes seen with a Hanging man on the cover and plays the Role of Death or the Devil in the Film.

Jim Carry as Death and a Hanged Man.

Jim Carrey as Death in his 13th Film

Connecting us to the 13th Tarot Card Death, this card follows the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man symbolizing taking on a new endeavor into the unknown willingly knowing that there will be unknown reprocussions. The Death card following represents the Catharsis of gained gnosis through the new endeavor into the unkown. The uknown factors are now dead and a whole new set of data can be interpereted.

Wall Street Going into the Unknown
The Secret Sun pointed out the recent Fool Symbolism of Madoff the man was caught stealing lots of cash from Wall Street.


Madoff mirroring the Joker in the Dark Knight burning a pyramid of money for the sake of pure chaos not caring about the consequences.

Clowns from Barnum and Bailey opened the Stock Market some time in October 2008 carrying the Economic Saturn and Uranus oppositin of September 29ths theme, connected to the Fool and The Universe themes of the Economists covers and the Madoff Fool/Joker.

The Decans of Aquarius
So we basically have two very strong planets coming into alignment, that will be ruling over the Platonic Vernal Equinox Point Sunrise in the Sidereal Zodiac of Platonic Astrology, which is moving us closer and closer into the Degrees of Aquarius at the Vernal Equinox. It is said by some Astrologers that we are in the Libran Decan of the Aquarian House, Each Age house has 3 Decans, We are in the Decan of Scales balance as well as the Decan attributed to the Tarot Card Futility. This Decan has said to have started in 1791 and will end around 2148 or so, the onset of Equality after the Constitution mirroring the scales of Libra, the Race evolution to occur 40 years later under Lincoln the Aquarius. The Scales or symbol of Equality could also be seen mirrored in the demand for Equality and sovereignly worlwide as seen in America in the 1960s and all over the Modern world. Aquarius is a sign of Liberation and The Libran Decan demands balance and equality.

Futility is the 7 of Swords, Swords being symbolic of the Element of Air, Which Aquarius is an Air Sign, the card means Futility of Concepts, or Ideas or Options airy non physical things. I would also note that this cards energy on consciousness could make it vulnerable to the coersion of others, somewhat like the act of Voting, we havent taken the time to really try this Utopia thing, wed rather just let these A-Holes do the "work" and hope their Concepts arent as Futile as the previous ones.

If you look at recent movies like the Dark Knight you can see Order-Saturn-Batman and Chaos-Uranus-Joker, Futility themes are present, all of the environmental destruction themes are very present in our culture at this time, The Day After Tomorrow, The Happening, Deep Impact, Cloverfeild, and now Watchmen an Apocalyptic Anti Hero timewarp is coming out. Futility is certain a theme im seeing in our current Age, it seems as the Cultural Organism making the Iron Age transition toward Aquarius needs to express Apocalyptic media to the masses in order to create a mass feeling of futility that has been present for as long as weve been using our ill fated and unsustainable technologies, so now that theyve run them dry they need to hit us with the FUTILITY of the situation weve been ignoring, and well demand Change and when we can direct these emotions into a being well extend our Hopes for the Future into this Conduit. Ala Barack Sckarab Obama.

An Interesting theme to look for as we move from the first Decan of Aquarius Libra or Futility, we will move into the Decan of Gemini the Tarot Card Science the 6 of Swords.

This Decan, which i havent had the time to pinpoint when we will enter it, but we can also see this Decan of Aquarius at work. Science, the Conceptual relationship between our Consciousness and the Other or Feild. After the Futility of Piscean traditions is expressed we will put our new concepts to work in the world and share knowledge and Sciences, for the better or worese we shall see. the 6s in Tarot are symbolic of the suns influence as well, we would be sharing, creating and revealing etc.
UPDATES:3/26 Links to explore
Red Ice Creations recently had an Astrologer on the radio show who has added some context to the themese ivec been exploring here regarding Aquarius and 2012, Click there to listen/DL. definatly check this interview out its free and RICR is wonderful. Be well!
Much thanks and love to the followings blogs whom I highly reccomend exploring Goro Adachis Etemenanki as well as Jake Kotzes THE BLOB and Chris Knowles Secret Sun blogs for amazing work.

stay divine all, be well more to come soon<8


aferrismoon said...

I used to live in Shrewsbury [UK] for quite a while - its birthplace of Darwin.
Also birthplace of Judge Jeffreys 'The Hanging Judge'.
Great colour-synch with Carrey and Hanged Man
The Tarot seems to have more 'life' in the electronic era, surprising how such simple images can link it to so much so easily.
Peraps films collect around Tarot images - Hollywood types bein' sensitiv an' all.
Ropes , threads, no strings attached


ViølatoR said...

Nice, very informative stuff! You even managed to fit in another 42-synch! This post got me thinking of what I might add to my next "New Religion for a New Nge" series... Damn, I promised myself a break and now it looks like I'm gonna have to keep going. :D I don't know if you caught my comment on the Vatican/Darwin thread in the synchro forum, or on another blog, but I was mentioning that in addition to Obama the Monkey King giving his speech at the Lincoln Monument - in the Planet of the Apes remake, the statue had the ape face of General Thade! What do you think about the esoteric vs exoteric "age" of the zodiac? Like the exoteric age we're coming from is Pisces, but the esoteric is the opposite sign in the zodiac, Virgo? And we're moving into the esoteric age of Leo, possibly accounting for all the lion synchs of late, as well as this quote from my last post: "Crowley says in his Book of Thoth that the new Aeon of Horus is linked with Aquarius and Leo." Are there any signs of the coming Leo aspect of the age? ("Golden Age" theme?)

Indras Net said...

Afferrismoon- Yes Man is so Fool energy oriented I have to think it was an intentional creation, but im equally aware that it could be organic too, its just pretty heavy symbolism and such. Tarot is a great library of reference, its so universal in its archetypes you canraelly apply it to alot. THanks for reaing, loving yoru posts latetly too, and your style which is always a nice little trip.

Violator- Amazing lincoln/apes synch, To be honest im not familiar with the exo and esoteric zodiac, ive been doing lots of random astrology and tarot studies on the net moreso just tropical and sidereal stuff. Any good resources for info?

Interestingly the Aeon of Horus started not to long after some astrologers beleived we entered the first Decan of Aquarius. The Aeon of Horus is said to be an age of Violence and change, both on a physical and i think consciousness level too. The Sword is symbolic of Analysis and AIR in Tarot and magickal sciences, the Sword is sharp like mental analysis and can violently take concepts apart and deconstruct them, just as the sword is a symbol of War like the War God Horus of the AIR the hawk. The Aquarian age is an Air sign age, so it would be an intellectual or conceptual age, or at least an age where we can begin to analyse the previous "truths" of the previous age. Im interested in this eso-exotericism, its been popping up alot lately. Im loving your work lately, I feel like our work is converging on the same wavelenth alot. keep it up man be well

ViølatoR said...

I don't really know much about the eso/exoteric zodiac except in Secret Teachings I think it says the priests focused on the exoteric age and passed it off as the religion, while the high priest knew the real age was the sign which the sun shown it's rays upon in the opposite location of the zodiac; like if it's in Aquarius, it shines on Leo. It kinda makes sense considering the whole "golden age" theme, and that would mean that the last Age of Leo, or Golden Age, was the esoteric Age of Aquarius, which was marked by a world flood.. I get what you mean by the Sword/Air aspect of the Age, and it certainly fits the times. Anyways it does seem that we all cover similar themes at near similar times, like we're all scrying the same movies and current events or something :D

Indras Net said...

Violator, as the web of synchronicity would have it I started a new book this weekend, an amazing one actually. "Initiation" by Elizabeth Hiach from the 30s. She channels her past life experience of being an Egyptian Neophyte/preistess into a book in amazing lucid detail, and as shes initiated into the mysteries the heirophant teachs her about the internal and external zodiac, the zodiac that radiates upon us and the zodiac that radious through us. Ive already learned a great deal from the books chapter alone on the subject. It wasnt until you asked me about the eso-exo that i coincidentally jumped into the book and got the answers i was looking for, and from the Ptah-hotep himself hah. Ill be scanning some of the diagrams and paragraphs and putting them up. I highly reccomend checking out Initiation too especially if your curious about pre-masonic egyptian golden dawn initiations.

Dalet said...

Awesome. The synchro ring keeps my mind alive in a work place that promotes banality.

I like the way you tied together the themes with the house decans of Aquarius. The way you explained it makes so much sense. The fool, with all his/her hopes and dreams, leaps from the cliff without aim. Manifestation retards due to a lack of understanding of the Universal nature -> futility.

"You know how it is to be tryin shit and tryin shit, don't work. Tryin shit, and tryin shit...switch it up, don't work. Tryn shit and tryn shit.. (from the latest Kat Williams standup)"

The next stage is the enlightenment, or the realization of the unity (the theory Einstien had been searching for). This will be true science, when we make the transition from Fool to Magician.

Another way to look at it...

The transition is Fool to the Universe, where we realize that we are the container of consciousness and there is no seperation. Check out the alternate order of the tarot with secret explinations of the hebrew associations from the Tarot work at www.psyche.com

Indras Net said...

Thanks Dalet! awsome insights too, I enjoy how the fool being Aleph or A, and the Universe being Tau or T, creates AT, or ATh-meaning Essence, the yoga of all things, the realizer-fool, the realized-universe and the union of the two is the essence of all experience, wherever we're AT, its where its AT!

the science card intruiges me too as Crowley calls it the symbol of the true secret of the rosie cross, the union of the Heart or Sun(rose) and the mind(swords), Uranus being a planet of Sciences and Humanitarianism also encourages this role and seems to be apparent through the "Green Revolution". Thanks for your thoughts and stay divine!

Michael Skaggs said...

Great stuff Kevin,

Really made sense this time around when I read it!

Keep up the great work.

Peace bro!

Devin said...

Wow-this is incredible!! Michael S of The Hidden Agendas gave me the heads up about this article -really interesting -I am not a synchro person myself-but I love the work all of you do -I will come back and read this tomorrow when I am not so tired -I have been shocked at all of the ObamaLincoln connections drawn (or manufactured by the MSM) I even mentioned to some friends how TIME magazine had an article "What would Lincoln do about the economy?" i thought WTF??? -best to you!!

aferrismoon said...

Fine header - just had a scan of Revelations and there's 42 elders dressed in white with golden crowns. Could be in Chapter 4.
Obama comes to Prague on 4 and 5th of April and will stay at the Hilton , which has a pyramid on top, though very shallow sides so it can't be seen from the street.


ViølatoR said...

Great banner! I love pictures like this which literally connect the dots. Saved it to my synchro folder :D

Indras Net said...

muchas gracias all,

Aferris- good find on that 42, theres a couple in the bible, i think 42 generations of christs bloodline, 42 months under the beasts control, 42 days or 6 weeks before easter theres an orthodox celebration too. Obama at the hilton sounds right, you know in space odyssey recently i caught a shot before he leavs for jupiter in this public space port place and it says hilton all over the inside of the joint, i wonder.

Skaggs and Devin thanks for the love, i always greatly appreciate the feedback.

be very well