“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crowned and Conqering Culture: The Dawning of the Age of AquaHorus

Times of change are commonly associated with cycles of time, and historically things like Astrology have held that "the Heavens" or "The Stars" contain mythological signifiance that preside over the energies of these times. There are many metaphors for the new consciousness that is dawning on Earth, every culture has a different word for these times of change, ideas like the New Age, the Yugas of the East, the Last Judgement, Mayan Calendar dates, and the power that calendars are beleived to hold universally.

In light of two particular avenues for perceiving this drama of Aeonic change, I would like to meditate on Aleister Crowleys declaration of a New Age in 1904 which he called "Aeon of the Child", and the Astrological Age of Aquarius. These are two avenues that I personally resonate with and explore but are no means the only expresssions of the dawning era of self awareness and awakening that is upon us. In this article I'd like to explore a few examples of how the qualities of these times that are upon us, are beautifully narrated by our American - pop-culture . So this will be the wordiest part, float on.

From Wikipedia "Aeon(Thelema)"-

Aeon of Horus

The modern Aeon of Horus, is portrayed as a time of self-realization as well as a growing interest in all things spiritual, and is considered to be dominated by the principle of the child. The Word of its Law is Thelema (will), which is complimented by Agape (love), and its formula is Abrahadabra. Individuality and finding the individual's True Will are the dominant aspects; its formula is that of growth, in consciousness and love, toward self-realization. Concerning the Aeon of Horus, Crowley wrote:

". . .the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for as it is now known that night is but the shadow of the Earth, so Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from its bearer." (Heart of the Master)

And also, in his Little Essays Toward Truth:

"The Aeon of Horus ixs here: and its first flower may well be this: that, freed of the obsession of the doom of the Ego in Death, and of the limitation of the Mind by Reason, the best men again set out with eager eyes upon the Path of the Wise, the mountain track of the goat, and then the untrodden Ridge, that leads to the ice-gleaming pinnacles of Mastery!".

The prominent Thelemite magician Lon Milo DuQuette commented on the connection that the Aeon of Horus had to the Age of Aquarius when he stated that "Yes, [the Aeon of Horus] is coincidental to what astrologers and songwriters call the Age of Aquarius and what millions of others refer to simply as the New Age. But it would be a mistake to view this new aeon simply as another tick on a great cosmic clock. The Age of Aquarius, profoundly significant as it is, is only one aspect of a far greater new spiritual age. - Wikipedia- Aeon(Thelema)

So, I would like to explore some of what I beleive are the current pop Symptoms of "The Aeon of the Child in a state of ever growing expression. To begin for example I just want to note how appropriate it is, that Twitter gives users without their own Avatar, the symbol of an Egg as an avatar until they do.

The Egg perfectly representing the self that is in potential, that which eventually will be expressed just as a Seed is to a tree, an Egg is to anything in its potential state. The beauty of acknowledging it, is when one applies this understanding that everything is both the fully blossomed expression of one seed, and is also a seed in itself destined to unfold into something unimaginable, just as the Egg perfectly symbolizes the self yet to be.

As Aleister Crowley said, the Self, the Individual, the I(pod) is to be the dominating force of the new Aeon. Not the tradition oriented mass minded consciousness of the past. As time goes on and we begin to acknowledge our own novelty and divinity, forms that are associated with this awakening of the self will express themselves on a universal scale. Symbols are never the actual THING itself which they are pointers to, so EVEN the "Aeon of the Child" and the 93 Current, are not actually the unutterable IT/THING that is awakening, but they are also inseperable from it. We as humans are always fine tuning our ability to communicate more and more novel or specific ideas and emotions, thus Spirituality, psychology and philosophy as a whole, and every single off shoot of them, are all actually one school consciously updating their metaphors. This is the co-creative responsibility of Art, the constant finessing of the ability to relate objects to eachother in our deepening intimacy with environment.

In the above picture, I took Aleister Crowleys depiction of the Child God of the New Aeon, and overlaid it with a current Verizon ad(Veri=True. izon=Horizon. Horus=God of Horizon + Sun) The "Rule the Air" campaign is particularly new aeon, this is particularly interesting because Crowley also is quoted speaking of the Child

"Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest, the Beast; and in his woman, called the Scarlet Woman, is all power given. They shall gather my children into their fold; they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men." Book of the Law 1:15

The Prince/Preist of Space can also be interpereted as "The Ruler of Air", as Horus the Child is the HAWK. Air in the esoteric sciences is very much connected to the function of Communication. The Current Aeon happens to synchronize with the Western Astrological Age of Aquarius. Aquarius and the Aeon of the Child are thus, interchangable, and this is perfect because Aquarius is and Air sign, and thus also pertains to the act of communication. Just think about the new Technologies we are engaging with, Communication is EVERYTHING these days(like this blog for instance). So The Aeon of the Child-Individual, is also influenced by the Aquarian Aeon of Humanitarian Technology and Communication. Astrologically and symbolically the play of energies very well represented by POP.

The Child Prince of this new Aeon is a Twin God, one quality of which is the egyptian child god HoorParKraat, or the Greek Harpocrates, the Babe in the EGG. This Babe in the Egg representsis the new consciousness birthing in the womb of the New Age. Notice the Goddess Nuit bowing over the twin God, on her ankles and wrists she has bands that bear the Symbol of Aquarius and the Twin currents of the New Aeon.

Lady Gagas latest reflects Harpocrates, as she comes out of the Egg at the 2011 Grammys, and even Crowns herself in a Gold Hat.

My mother told me when I was young, that we are all born Superstars" - Lady Gaga - Born This Way

"Every man and woman is a Star" - Aleister Crowley - The Book of the Law

Kanye Wests beautiful video POWER has him wearing a HORUS the Child necklace and much Egyptian, Masonic and Aquarian Symbolism. Both this and Jay Zs Thelemic style video have much to do with the Power of the Individual as well as Revolution.

"We R who we R" by Kesha also reflects the new Aeon of Iamness vibing in the world of dance music.
"You Know were Superstars, We R who we R" perfectly resonating with Aleister Crowleys laws of the new Aeon "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" and "Every Man and Woman is a Star".

We can also see Jay Z Sporting a "Do What Thou Wilt" hoodie in the video for "Run this Town".

I also noted this interesting Egg shaped alchemical styled drink addative called MIO. Further entraining with the Individual oriented New Aeon that is blossoming even more resonant with its Egg shape(like the Twitter default avatar)

Barack Obama has associated himself perfectly with the Archetype of the CHILD avenger. By trumping Donald Trump this week, with "Video of his Birth" literally then showing that Baracks Birth was that of Simba the CHILD from the LION KING. (Barack is a LEO and LEO is the KING of the Zodiac!)

To ice this wacky Aquarian cake here is a video I put together in 2009, when the Aquarian ruling planets Saturn and Uranus teamed up in the skies ON THE DAY Barack Obama was elected! Baracks Aquarian alignments have also occured during dramatic civil rights times such as president Lincolns period of activity in Civil rights, and also the 1960s during the Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy periods in history. Aquarius is when HAIR first became popular,and the 1960s were called the DAWNING of the Age of Aquarius (Dawning=Birthing). This birth blossomed amazingly in 2009 when the first African American president was made president, and under the Aquarian ruling planetary alignment.

This Aquarian SELF determination and individuality energy was also set to peak when Saturn, Uranus and PLUTO hooked up in the skies in February of 2011. Aquarius=Aeon of the Child Horus. HORUS=EGYPT.

When the Ruling planets of AQUAHORUS aligned in February 2011 when the first Aquarian/African(Egypt=Africa) the PEOPLES POWER came back!

Tahrir Square in Egypt 2011 under Aquarian Planetary alignments, just like the 1960s.

The Royal Marriage also invokes the EGG of the new Aeon. The Egg being the symbol of the Aeon of the Child, and the Egg representing the Self Yet To Be (See:The Fool Tarot Card=Harpocraties. The Fool/Kether on the Tree=Ahih=I am that which I will be, or I shall be)

This Egg of the Self Yet To be is also "The Once and future King". This card THE FOOL/HARPOCRATES/CHILD/HOOR PAR KRAAT has been associated with the Akashic Egg. PARCIVAL is this exact narrative in nature reflected in human story and metaphor. The Fool/Aleph also happens to be the Elemental AIR tarot card of the Deck, putting it also in powerful connection to Aquarius the Air Sign and Horus the Hawk. This Card has even been associated specifically with the Aquarian Planet URANUS, as we saw in the Above video.

The Tarot Card given the Astrological Sign of Aquarius is also a perfect Sync. The Card portays the Water Bearing Goddess of the Milky Way, pouring new Cosmic Milk/Energy into reality to Crystalize into the forms of the New Aeon. Remember Dawning of Aquarius=HAIR the documentary. The most dramatic expression on this Tarot card of AQUARIUS is her LONG HAIR!



In the Tarot, the Royal Marriage of Mom and Pop or Masculine and Feminine, Ying and Yang, Fire and Water, what have ye etc.. We notice that the Egg holds the future prince of this Royal Marriage, the Androgynous reflection that is a synthesis of mom and pop, part one, part of the other, thus something also wholly other than them.

Notice the Egg between the King and Queen, Opposites are wedded, the Astrological Compliment and Tarological compliment of this Function and energy of the Alchemical Wedding is reflected in the Double Rainbow flavored ART/TEMPERANCE Tarot Card, where the Egg is now huge in the background and GOLDEN, the Wedding was completed in THE LOVERS and now the Bedding of opposites is complete in ART/TEMPERANCE, the Androgyne Egg is born about to hatch! the Royal Marriage of the Once and Future King Prince Charles and his wife as well.

Alchemical Fairytale wedding. Thus when this Popped, our culture narrated itself into this fairytale story unfolding.

And even more fairytale, another Child/Prince even AVENGED his father and defeated the Villian of this fairytale. Wow, the Fairytale wedding, and the "Villian" is defeated. One might ask if this Fairytale is almost over, I would say that its only Re-Beginning right NOW. Were still just in the EGG stages of this Aeon of AquaHorus.

Simba/Obama killed Scar/Osama this week, in the Mythosphere.

This is perfect because the Child Hawk of the Aeon Obama, received an award from Sidney Portier, who played "OBAM the HAWK" in the 1960s. So Obama=Obam=Hawk=Child Horus.

Sidney Portier as OBAM the HAWK, from "Mark of the Hawk" in the 60s. Thanks to the lovely Chris Knowles for catching this beautiful timewave back in 2009.

"The Mark of the Hawk (1957)

The man called Obam (Sidney Poitier) struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British colonists. Obam's motives are questioned by his own people, in particular his brother Kanda (Clifton Macklin). With the help of his wife Renee (Eartha Kitt) and missionary Bruce Craig (John McIntire), will he be able to get things under control before the country self-destructs?"

As Timewaves would ripple and have it 40 years ago Portier also spoke of change and predicted a Black President that would be born of a mixed race marriage :D

The Transpersonals "You Gotta Horus" features a most amazing confirmation and synchronicithy of the above patterns. Pay attention to the Lyrics.

"Welcome Horus, take your stand among the Aquarian Age!"

"Barack Obama, Bin Laden Osama, Jesus and Satan, theyre loving and hating"

And finally, Barack Obama, in further resonation with the Aeon of the Child, and Aleister Crowley, and the Anti-Christ/New Age. Barack Obama calls his car THE BEAST!

The Obama "BEAST" mobile.

Prophet of the Aeon of the Child Hawk Horus in 1904, Aleister Crowley called himself "The Great Beast 666" as he began to see himself taking on the role of a Prophet to the new spiritual current dawning on earth that would end the Monotheistic and materialist era dominated by Christianity. Indeed one Aeons Anti-Christ is anothers Prophet. Crowley, while Court was in session was questioned about his name.

Mr. Hilbery: What does "Therion" mean?

Crowley: Great wild beast.

Mr. Hilbery: Do these titles convey a fair expression of your practice and outlook on life?

Crowley: "The Beast, 666" only means "sunlight". You can call me "little sunshine."

Is that an Egg or a Little Sunshine?

I was at a bar here in NY right after the busiest day the resturaunt I work at has ever had in their 4 years. I ordered a Hop DEVIL pale ale and noticed the folks in the bar were glued to the TV waiting for Obamas big announcement near midnight just as we hit Mayday 2011. I noticed what I felt to be a synchronistic New York Times cover.

."I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star"

"Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest, the Beast; and in his woman, called the Scarlet Woman, is all power given. They shall gather my children into their fold; they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men."

- The Book of the Law by the Great Beast 666 Aleister Crowley

May 6th 2011 The Huffington Post features the live BIRTH of a HAWK!
Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at livestream.com

We are coming out of the Egg

"We are in the planetary birth canal of a new order, and the best advice anyone can be given at this point I think, is hang on Hannah, because there is no going back now, ahead of us lies an unimaginable world characterized by varieties of freedom and opportunity that it would be proposterous for us to attempt to conceive of, us except through the glimmering santillas of anticipation that come to us through eternity, through dreams, through prophecy, through the psychedelic experience, and if we trust in what we know and communicate this empowering vision and act as though it all depended and our acts of collective caring and attention to toward eachother and the earth, if we act that way, but know that its a fiction, and we are part of an unfolding process for which life was created, than i think instead of hopelessness, anxiety, division, fear and loathing-there is a replacement with hope, a sense of community, a sense of transcendental adventure, consciousness rests in us...The real empowering adventure lies through responsibility to eachother, and to love, and to ascetic anticipation of the transcendental realm, and when these things are put in place the powers of the naysayers, and the frightened, the materialists, the control freaks, and the buisness as usual crowed, will be broken, they cannot maintain this, no one is in charge at this moment, and this is good news! "
- Terrence McKenna


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