“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Strange string of 9-11 Synchronicities - Mega Powers and the Birds of War

As I contemplated all of these thoughts about todays date, I decided to share on Twitter some of the Synchronicity videos I had put together in relation to 9-11, and tagged the links with some words of love and respect for all those affected. My first video was about the 1989 WWF wrestling match between the Mega Powers(Hulk Hogan and Macho Man) and the Twin Towers. This match has numerous allusions to Terrorist Attacks, Demolition of the Towers, analogies to Pearl Harbor, and all of this even 4 years before the 1993 attempted Terrorist attack on the Towers. We Jessie Ventura as an announcer talking about Coverups 20 years before he goes on TV exposing the 9-11 coverup. There is so much in this Main Event matchup, I dont even know where to begin with it. But Regardless, Hulk Hogan is one of the Mega Powers who defeats  "or should I say demolish" in the words of Mean Gene Oakerland, the Twin Towers. Watch this, and then you will see why Im so interested in an Episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia that came on tonight.

Shortly after sharing this Hulk Hogan 9/11 Terrorist Attack laced video I overheard his name coming from the Television my girlfriend had on in the room. She was watching "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" episode called The Gang Wrestles for the Troops, featuring their wrestling team the BIRDS of WAR. Now just for the sake of Context I will point out a few things here that are all related to 9-11.

Hulk Hogan appears on my TV on the night of September 11th 2012, appearing synchronistically in "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" just after I posted my Hulk Hogan 9/11 Sync video on Twitter.

I had made my above Sync video without any knowledge of this Hulk Hogan 9/11 Meme from years back, but apparently this got around and was controversial enough for mainstream radio to discuss the Meme.

Hulk Hogan and Wrestling resonate with Staged events and 9/11. In this episode of Its Always Sunny, Hogan inspires them to form "The Birds of War" wrestling group. The Bird and War spark my sync radar as the Tower Tarot Trump was once called War and features a Bird on it(bottom right).

WAR is the original name of "The Tower" Tarot Trump, featuring a Tower being Struck By Lightening, and in the Crowley Thoth Tarot(above right), this card is called the Tower and features a burning Tower with a Bird that resembles a what we could contextually see as a plane flying near to it. We can also see people jumping from the Tower in these cards, similar to the infamous and sad images aired on 9/11.

This Tarot card is a reference to not only War but the Bursting energy of Life Force itself, and the Dove Featured in the card on the right is the Dove of Spirit, Shekina, Kundalini, and Peace, but in context we can see how this card mirrors the 9-11 event in plane and metaphysical ways. The Tower Being Struck by lightening is also a symbol of Enlightenment, and the Spine/Tower being activated with energy by the Dove of Kundalini, the lightening hitting the Top or Crown of the Spine/Tower, Ilumination.

 In a way the polarities of 9-11 are in this card, the War of a plane hitting the Trade Centers, but at the same time the mirror or equal and opposite of the event, the Dove of peace, spiritual union, and enlightenment is striking the collective Spine/Tower of humanity- kickstarting a new wave of healing and enlightenment on the planet.

I explore some Synchronicities pointing toward this in this 2009 video featuring associations between the Tower/Spine, also known as the Rainbow Bridge of Energy Center Chakras in our body, and how this relates to the Number 42, 9/11 and our movement into Spiritual evolution.

Further along these lines, Flight 93 contains a number that is associated with our movement into a New Era in Consciousness and Spirituality.

 Occultist Aleister Crowley declared the new Era in Human Consciousness that dawned in 1904 as the "Aeon of Horus" or the World Age of the Warrior Hawk Deity, Horus the Child. Horus the Child of the Egyptian Trinity is a Warrior Hawk, aka a BIRD of WAR. The Number 93 is an important number in the Mysticism of this New Aeon, as it is the Value of Words like Will and Love in Greek. 93 is the Universal Life Force Current aka Kundalini, Soul, Spirit.(93 current - Flight 93- Plane- Bird - Dove - Shekina- Kundalini- the Tower- Enlightenment)

In reference to the Child Horus, Birds of War, and Twin Towers or Pillars, a Quote from Aleister Crowley comes to mind.

"Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe, for Eternity is in travail of a Terrible Child; she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put his father to flight." - The Cry of the 30th Aethyr by Aleister Crowley - The Vision and the Voice

Basically the above quote celebrates that the New Aeon post 1904 will shake the Pillars of Duality, or the illusory world of binaries and Division, highlighting Unity and Synthesis as the new Central formulae in mans current stage in spiritual Evolution. This is interesting because what we now have in the place of the Pillars(of the universe) is one UNIFIED Tower. Further moving into Sync with the Tarot again as well.

So this whole episode of Always Sunny featuring 9/11 Terrorist Hulk Hogan, continues to Sync, as we hear the theme conversation of the episode the Debate of whether or not wrestling is STAGED, just like the 9/11 event resonates with the debate over STAGED events.

The BIRDS of WAR is the name of the Wrestling group that 9/11 Terrorist Hulk Hogan inspires the formation of in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Birds of War(the Tower)reminds me of a controversial debate over the firing of Colorado Professor after the 9/11 event. This episode even features Roddy Piper, who fights the NWO via WWF and "They Live", resonating 9-11 and the Illuminati reptilian new world order conspiracy.

"Ward Churchill, former ethnic studies professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, wrote an essay in September 2001 titled Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens about the September 11, 2001 attacks, in which he argued that American foreign policies provoked the attacks. He described what he called the "technocratic corps at the very heart of America's global financial empire" in the World Trade Center as "little Eichmanns," i.e. as those who banally conduct their duties in the service of evil." - Wikipedia

Interestingly, Ward Churchill is in the News again, 11 years later.

After looking this quote up, I realized that this particular controversy actually just lost its Supreme Court Case on the Eve of this 11th 9/11 anniversary. Interestingly an Illuminati titled post is also linked to here.

Chickens and 9-11 resonate via Ward Churchill and this strange episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia,which by the end of the episode features Wrestlers in Chicken Suits going up against a Taliban Terrorist. I am amazed, Hulk Hogan - Wrestling and 9-11 twice in a row in totally different mediums.

Peace on Earth - Much Love

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Largest Land Sculpture on Earth Unvield - The Lady of the North Unveiled

Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I enjoy gathering "Signs of the Times" or pointers toward our movement into a New Age, or New Aeon, in Human history. One of the avenues of exploring these times for transformation that I have explored here is our movement into the Astrological Age of Aquarius. If you have read my work before, you might also understand it is my beleif that we are moving out of the Patriarchal Monotheist period marked by the Piscean Age and the Christist religions, and are now moving into an Age of Spiritual unity, a return to Androgynous Balance in relationship to Divinity. Thus some of my recent postings here have delt with the rise of the Goddess and Feminine current in our culture, as the necessary Enantiodromia as we move away from Patriarchy. Below I will explore how the Goddess, Nudity, and the North are all things we are moving into resonance with as we enter this period of "Age Change" or as some call it "the Shift".

The Worlds largest Land Mass sculpture of a Woman was just revieled, and it is strikingly similiar to the depiction of the Goddess Nuit on Aleister Crowleys Aquarius Tarot Card. The only card in the Tarot to feature the Human body in its genuinely naked appearance. This is also enchanting because North in the Esoteric Arts is often associated with The Goddess. In Thelema we particularly celebrate the North in relation to Our Lady of Space- Nuit because it is in the Northern direction or quarter that the Night of Space is let down upon the Earth, it is in the Hour of Midnight, when the Sun is hidden in the North, that we experience the Naked Black Earth, and the Nakedness of the Heavens above us. It is through the Northern window into the infinite that we get to face the feminine goddess in her fullest expression, while the Fiery and Masculine directions are of the East and South, bringing us the Suns rising, and Apex over the Earth. Aquarius is also overhead in the dead of the Winter, again resonating with the Dark and Cold aspects of Earths relationship to the Sun in its Northern quarter.

We are looking at the Presidential election process again as well, and if you havent yet checked it out, see this video I put together about some of the Synchronicities between Barack Obama and the Astrological Alignments of his Election. He is a VERY Aquarian Age president, I mean that in good and bad ways, politicians can be the best and worst representatives of the times we live in. I personally was moved to see American History make such a gesture, but I was also not surprised when the same antics of the last president ensued. Baracks Election* alone marks an amazing time in history, but his actions in relation to the power structures inherent in "the System" are the same old story. I think if anything radical is going to happen in this country it will again be through the getures, and karmatic adjustments of the People, never in the power that is handed over to them who have friends to please in high financial places.

"The times they are a changin'" If we open our eyes we can see the signs as the point the way and narrate our collective journey back toward social and spiritual unity. Peace in and out.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

Recently I took note of Blondie popping up in my environment, not thinking much of it until I realized that my band actually just recorded our Album in the same abandoned 18th century Operahouse as she did.  Getting into that space and sleeping there for 3 days was a real trip, and I had a funny feeling that now that we're a part of its rich History, that I might want to have a look at what Blondies been up to.

Blondie just shot her video "MOTHER" in the back of Backstage Studio Productions, where my band It's Not Night: It's Space just recorded the first half of our full length record after having camped in the Operahouse for 3 days straight. This is Synchronistic because in my latest Posts I've detailed how my band seems to have an Aura that resonates with The Great Mother Goddess of Thelema: Babalon,the Scarlet Woman, Our Lady of Space. 
a Shot of our mobile studio in the back of Kingston NYs abandoned 18th Century Operahouse. What a cool and creepy place.

See my last post for interesting connections between my band and the MOTHER Goose archetype, which translates to the Lady in Red/Scarlet Momma.  Further resonation pops when I noticed DeBbie Harry(Blondie) playing the Lady in Red/Scarlet Woman in Videodrome. 

For instance by total chance our Liscence plate is 777 the Number of Babalon and it is her symbol which is the Seal of the Astron Argon, the Magickal Fraternity to which I belong. We bought a church van for traveling and decided to decal the car with "Church of our Lady of Space" for the heck of it. 

Debbie Harry aka Mother aka Scarlet Woman in Videodrome
Videodrome is a great film which features an archetype I am specifically attracted to, the Membrane between the worlds of Spirit and Matter, Imagination and Reality. I have associated Televisions and films with Membranes to other dimensions in my blogging and writings, Videodrom emphasizes this quality expressly as well. 

The Membrane itself being the fabric of totality continues to highlight why the Great Mother, or Mater/Matter, is attracted to this Membrane symbolism. The Goddess is the Womb/Membrane through which all things are born and return to, this is the Great Whore, the infinite membrane/womb of possibility. 

We can notice further interesting Synchronicity as we note DeBbie Harry sings "The Rainbow Connection" with Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Show. This song highlights the quality of the Rainbow that is shared with the Membrane/Great Goddess, and is another quality of Esoteric Symbolism that I have found myself attracted to.

 The Rainbow is a Symbol for a bridge, a connection, a membrane even, between two worlds, the Spiritual and Material, the Self/Not-Self, the Imaginal and the Real. Interesting to note how Blondie, Mother, Lady in Red, Rainbows, can all resonate? The Great Mother Goddess can also be Maya, Illusion, it is in the world of Matter(Mater/mother) that we can perceive the cycles of Life and Death that have for long caused man distress.

in  Videodrome the company creating the hallucinatory TV beam has a double rainbow resonating symbol, and a rainbow on the wall of their office headquarters too.

 It is through seeing the Eternity and Truth within Maya within our bodies and time sensitive realities, and in the face and flesh of the Great Mother/matter, that we can truely live in direct relation to Momma Matrix Most Mysterious herself, and not just the Shadow of her sold to us by Materialists and Patriarchs.The Lady in Red is the symbol of our return to connection with the Divine Feminine, a spiritual current supressed by the  Monotheistic Patriarchal powerstructures that want to maintain their patterns of power. More meditation on these subjects soon. Much Love Yall.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lipton Tea, Kundalini and the New Aeon

A recurring theme in my interests and my writings is the context surrounding the spiritual and social evolution said to be underway as we transition into a New Age or New Aeon on planet Earth. According to Western Astrology, the Mayan Calendar, and countless other cultural resources, this particular time in Earths cosmic story is a time of transition into a Golden Age of enlightenment, expressed as fractals in the social and spiritual renaissances and revolutions of the turn of the century. This age change isnt something that just happens on a particular date, but is woven throughout the History of our modern time and is directly related to our collective pasts. According to one of the most respected yet controversial occultists of history, Aleister Crowley,we are living in the early years of an age of Spiritual Enlightenment that would become the transition into the fully blossomed new age of Aquarius.

"in 1904, humanity would enter into a third aeon, the Aeon of Horus, which was controlled by the child god, symbolised by Horus. In this new aeon, Thelemites believe that humanity will enter a time of self-realization and self-actualization."
As Synchromystics like myself have noted that there are relationships between modern popular culture Stars in films and actual Stars and Constellations in the Night Sky. When we consider the history of astrology, and mythology we can see that humanity has used the cosmos as a source of documenting ongoing evolution and initiation into greater understanding of the world through things like Astrology and Mythic Drama. This blog has been a collection of Synchronicities inspired by acknowledging ongoing non-local connections between spiritual truths, mythology and historic events.

As noted in my 3 part video above - Film a Thin Skin or Membrane - different cultures seperated by history and geography beleive that as Earthly beings we also arrive from and exist in a Spiritual Reality and that we have Spiritual body, also known as the Rainbow Body, Body of Light and the Subtle Body. I find that if these aspects of not only our existential composition are true, there are often unconscious expressions of this reality, expressed in Art and Mythos. I find that understanding and acknowledging the presence of these spiritual and existential realities can serve to remedy some of the materialistic and scientific ideas that have too strongly disconnected us from our metaphysical nature.

The Sign of Cancer which we are in right now is given to the Chariot tarot Trump, which is also known as the Merkabah, or the Spiritual Body of Light. The Golden Chariot pictured here is a symbol of Soul Consciousness. The Summer Solstice is the peak time when light is upon the Earth for the longest period, before the night time hours slowly begin to return to take dominance.Cancer/The Chariot is also given the Hebrew letter Cheth, or Ch. Which is interesting because it also pops up in such words  like the Sanskrit Chit Shakti meaning the Energy of God, as well as yeChida meaning unity which all things are from. When we connect to the Life Force, also known as Kundalini, our bodies and Souls are enriched with the highest Light of consciousness.

The Chariot points toward our Subtle Body, like this new 2012 Lipton Tea commercial I saw the other day and linked below resonates with our Soul Consciousness and Summertime resonating with the Solstice at Cancer/the Chariot. We resonate with Spiritual Truth.

"A subtle body is one of a series of psycho-spiritual constituents of living beings, according to various esoteric,occult, and mystical teachings. Each subtle body corresponds to a subtle plane of existence, in a hierarchy orgreat chain of being that culminates in the physical form."

I enjoy how this Tea resonates with Ayauasca and other Spiritual entheogens  too.

"One passes through the veil of the exterior world (which, as in Yoga, but in another sense, becomes "unreal" by comparison as one passes beyond) one creates a subtle body (instrument is a better term) called the body of Light; this one develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses, usually by means of what is called "initiation:" finally, one carries on almost one's whole life in this Body of Light, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Universe."
-Aleister Crowley

The Chariot/Cheth is also the symbol for H(english) and 8 in Hebrew numerology. The connection to H is interesting because Cheth can be traced etymologically to mean Fence, Gate, Enclosure, Courtyard and so on. We can see the connection here to even the Chariot, as both the Chariot and the above definitions are something like containers of a kind, even so is our body for our soul and our soul for our spirit.

Cancers 2nd Decan is the Home of the Great Bear Constellation, Ursa Major, also known as Oso Blanco to G8ors and Shamans such as Jim Sanders and Juan Flores. 

"This may be why, in Chaldean and Platonic philosophy, Cancer is called the Gate of Men, the oldest constellation and the witness of the first acts of creation. As the eighteenth of the Hebrew Paths of Wisdom, called the House of Inflowing, it was the gate through which souls descend after passing through the pillars of Gemini. It may have marked the polar entrance of the earth through which the souls poured in, and perhaps, when at her northerly extreme, it will be the exit through which they leave. The soul, having passed from the monad into the duad, now extends itself out through the vehicles of name and form in the domain of Cancer."

Cancer is also the home of the Beehive cluster.

If we follow the idea that Pooh represents the Tao, then when we break down the Characters of Winnie the Pooh, and the 5 Elements of the Pentagram, we can see how  Honey(Bees, Bears, Honey all resonate with Cancer/the Chariot). We see that the Element of Spirit/Tao is given the action to GO and that Winnie the Poohs latest Movie was released on 7/15 making 7=G and 15=O in alphabetic numerology.

See last years post from the Solstice/The Chariot timeperiod for more on whats GO-ing on with our mythic movement into illumination and enlightenment.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Synchromysticism of It's Not Night: It's Space and our Kickstarter Mission Updated! Scarlet Summer

Hello Friends, Kevin/Indra's Net here. Its been a while since I've gotten to the blog, for I have been pouring my energy into my first book and my bands first full length album, both of which I look forward to sharing with you all before this year is out.

Right now I am working with my band to raise the funds to release our first full length album. We have created a  Kickstarter video(above) to share a bit about who we are and what our mission is for this album. I'm sharing this post not only to reach out to any of you out there who resonate with our mission to share psychedelic music but also to share with us new ground up cultural bonds and goals, made possible for artists like us through Kickstarter. Check out our video above to see how you can help create this record with us and allow us to hit the studio this summer. You can simply pre-order our CD or Vinyl for a reasonable price as your donation, or you can donate as much as you are inspired to. We have 15 copies of the Sync Book as 15$ level donation rewards!  We are eternaly grateful for any donations and are honored to share this process. The prospect of putting out an album with the help of friends from all over the world whos support and inspiration both energetically an monetarily allows this album to exist, is truly exciting to us. Every penny goes right into the recording and materialization of this record, we only want to honor the music that comes into the world through us as vessels who are uceasingly inspired by this amazing universe we live in. Our fund-drive ends on June 14th, so if you are interested get involved in this record now! If we dont meet our goal we get nothing whatsoever.

I thought to myself it might be cool to reflect on some of the Sync we've shared as a band, and the overarching theme even taps into recent Sync Whole posts, which I'll touch on later in this post.

A screenshot from one of the first books I happened to pick up at my bandmates house upon meeting him. It reads "Sirius, Indra, and Nibiru... one and the same? When I opened this pic it was 666k

It was in 2009, shortly after my spurt of lengthy "Rainbow Bridge" synchronicities that I would end up meeting my now good friend and bandmate Mike the first time, we had really fun and psychically connected jams that surprised the both of us. After our jam I had a flip through his lovely book collection featuring subjects I shared interest in such as philosophy, fiction, alchemy, mysticism and art. One of the first books I picked up was called "The Lost Star" and I turned to a Chapter called "Sirius Indra and Nibiru".  This grabbed my attention as Indra is my chosen blogger name(for he is the god of the interconnected jewled web of all things) and Sirius is a classic sync node which my work has played with extensively. From the first time my bandmate and I started playing, it was as if our music was coming from somewhere else, from our first practice to this day we continue to have psychic musical communication and improvise music that seemingly writes itself through us.

In 2010 we would end up getting together with other musicians, some of whom didnt end up sticking with us in the long run. Mike said to me one weekend " I saw a dragonfly flying toward the Carpicorn constellation, our next bassplayer will be a Capricorn". And sure enough the next member to join our band was our buddy and bassplayer Tommy, and he is indeed a Capricorn. Thus completing has completing the Triad that is INN:IS.

We ended up naming our band "It's Not Night: It's Space", based on a story shared about a Star Wars conversation between my bandmate and his brother, wherein it was noted that while it is daytime on one planet, there is a dogfight happening in what appears to be night but is really just Space. The saying "It's Not Night: It's Space" arrives from considering the Earths relationship to the cosmos. Our name acknowledges the Capernican understanding that day and night are conditions particular to planet Earth and its rotation around the sun, so what we perceive as night, is really just earth being exposed to its true relationship to the ever present infinity of space.  When we consider night, were refe
rencing a finite earthly condition, what we call space is an infinite condition with its own story and paradigms limitless.

As a Thelemite I enjoyed this story and the idea behind the name contributed by our drummer, I immediately thought of what is called the "Good News" the new age declared by Aleister Crowley in 1904, embarking the New Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child.

". . .the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for as it is now known that night is but the shadow of the Earth, so Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from its bearer." 
- (Heart of the Master - Aleister Crowley)

Mr.Crowleys Capernican assertion that although our bodies are given to us by and share the condition of Earths  cycles of death and birth, our Iam-ness is also given to us by the ever burning Eternal sun, whom we must also share some eternal condition with. The declaration of the New Aeon was an upgrade in consciousnesses subject and object relativity and the created new gnosis informed by the scientific and spiritual knowledge available at his time. Carl Jung who coined the term Synchronicity as a "meaningful coincidence" beleived that the synchronous aspect of life reveals that subject and object are interdependent and thus truely can only exist as one thing, a self referencing unity. .

I also noticed some Thelemic synchronicity with our band name in the "Vision and the Voice" by Aleister Crowley.

"the veil of the Aethyr is like the veil of night, dark azure, full of countless stars. And because the veil is infinite, at first one seeth not the winged globe of the sun that burneth in the centre thereof. Profound peace filleth me, — beyond ecstasy, beyond thought, beyond being itself, IAIDA. (This word means "I am", but in a sense entirely beyond being.)"...(continues)

We also happen to have a song called Iamness, featuring sounds and quotes from some thinkers we are inspired by.

"Yes; there is peace. There is no tendency of any sort, much less any observation or feeling or impression. There is only a faint consciousness, like the scent of jasmine.
The body of the Seer is rested in a waking sleep that is deeper than sleep, and his mind is still; he seems like a well in the desert, shaded by windless palms. 

And it is night; and because the night is the whole night of space, and not the partial night of earth,  there is no thought of dawn. . "  (Liber 418 - Aleister Crowley)

I would also later find out that the totally random drummer I connected with in New Paltz actually vacationed in Florida with my cousin for two weeks something like 8 years before we ever met and formed a band. It turned out that they met because they were the boyfriends of two sisters, whom would eventually invite their partners on said vacation. Later my bandmate would reconnect with my cousin and reminisce about their trip and the trippy connection they both have to eachother again through myself and our band.

One of the first songs we wrote is a song called VITRIOL. Which is an anagram for "Visita Interiore Tierre Rectificando Invienes Occultim Lapidem". Visit the interior parts of the Earth, rectify your energy there, and there you will find the Hidden Stone(of the Philosophers)". This Stone of the Philosophers has been said to be symbolized by a Rainbow Stone. VITRIOL basically is code for look inside yourself and you will find the key to your own happiness and wisdom. VITRIOL has also been referred to as the Acid that dissolves all, as well as the Elixir of Life, and is also analagous to the union acheived through the Alchemical Marriage and the process that allows for the Elixir that is Ayauasca to be brewed.

It was in Summer 2010 that I would end up traveling to Winnipeg to share the Summer Solstice and a few Cups of Ayauasca aka Vitriol with my dear g8or buddies Jake and Jim aka @Seallion and @Syncwinnipeg. My experience in Winnipeg was truely impactful and absolutely infused my life with energy an inspiration that I still feel to this day, and was chanelled to create our first EP "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". 

We had some beautiful Synchronicity in gathering artwork for our first record. We would end up coming across the rustic and mystical artwork of Travis Lawrence of Infinity Prints. He drew up an image of his choosing based on our music and delivered to us a rendition of the Alchemical Marriage of the King and Queen. Being interested in the Tarot and having much of my Sync work focused on the Rainbow Bridge and the 14th Tarot Trump Art, I was certainly satisfied with this cover design. Note below the word Latin anagram for Vitriol is spelled out on a Goleden Egg that is also a rainbow arch around the Moon Goddess Diana.

 Here we can see the Art Tarot Trump, symbolizing the Alchemy of Masculine and Feminine, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. This Trump/Path connects the Spheres of the Sun and Moon on the Tree of Life, and represents the consummation of the Achemical Marriage pictured in its Zodiacal opposite, Gemini-The Lovers. The Alchemical Egg featuring VITRIOL as a Rainbw, perfect. We were very satisfied by how the alchemical characters on our cover art synced with our Sun and Moon themed album, and for me was a perfect Sync with the Marriage of King Ayauasca and Queen Chacruna which produces the healing Vitriol Elixir brew shared by Shamans. This was also synchronistic because on our album we featured a sample from one of the Icaros of @Syncwinnipegs teacher Juan Flores, featured in Jims NOSIS documentary.

Juan Flores, the peruvian Shaman and teacher of our good buddy Jim. Juan is a big part of Jims documentary NOSIS and is also featured at the end of the It's Not Night: It's Space track above called "Iamness". Juan has explained that Ayauasca is an Alchemical Marriage as well.

Ayauasqueros Juan Flores and Jim Sanders. During my time in Winnipeg Jim performed two beautiful Ayahuasca ceremonies with me, he is a gifted natural Shaman and a beautiful singer.

For the back cover we had an even more Synchronistic contribution by our artist Travis. This was another alchemical peice, that of the Alchemical Egg, chosen by Travis without any infuence from us.

Travis had no idea that at one point in our writing period before our first EP I had an interesting Salvia experience-wherein I actually spoke with the character on my Aquarius Tarot card, the space goddess herself- Nuit. The card became a window into the psychedelic spiritual plane of reality, and suddenly I realized that she was speaking to me without words, Nuit would beckon me to create something beautiful, to  celebrate her joy and to share it with others. I replied "I will bring back friends!".

 At the time I was working on painting a foot tall sized Easter Egg, covering it with prayers and symbols from different wisdom traditions. I wanted to make this Egg something of a Talisman, a symbol for the universal current. Upon sharing my Nuit experience with my drummer, he thought, "maybe you should finish that Egg?"

I did finish the Egg, and we found it a grounding and proper center-peice for our practices and live shows. This Egg sorta became a symbol to us of our receptivity and dedication to the music that we receive from "parts unknown". The picture of it above is a shot of it accompanying us in the Studio for "East of the Sun & West of the Moon".

The Moon, the Egg, Vitriol, the Rainbow, were all swirling into our narrative quite naturally.Which brings us to our 2nd interesting Sync node in our story. The birth of our song Moon Goose.

We chronicled the Sync of having written a song called moon-goose and some of the strange coincidences that followed thereafter in the post "Momma Goose is on the Loose". Where we explored how INNIS was stargazing one night and noticed a large cloud near the Moon shaped like a Goose. A great song was birthed that night and we decided to honor this Moon Goose cloud spirit through our song. Starting that day a long ongoing string of Goose synchronicities did ensue.

When we walked out back we were both caught by the beutiful Crescent Moon, it was in a vertical position reminding me of a Horn, and was touched by the tail end of a Cloud. Looking at the Cloud I realized that this cloud looked like an amazingly detailed Goose taking flight, seemingly flying away from the Moon. We joked, its the Moon-Goose! and had a good laugh over it, deciding to title our latest song from sundown "MoonGoose".

I went to bed and the next Day I woke up and got myself some breakfast at the main street Bistro in New Paltz. I happened to unconsciously sit beneath a painting of a Goose being pulled over title "Your Goose is Cooked".

Later the next day I showed this to my bandmate and he was amazed to see the cop car as when he left my house the night we created MoonGoose he was pulled over and harassed by the Police, he was straight and sober and they accused him of being high, allergenic, and having watery eyes, while shining lights in his eyes and etc. We shared a jolly laugh over how silly the Goose and cop and suspected stoneyness entrained.

To my further Amazement later that night I decided to have a look at Goose September 2010 on Google to see what the collective metabrain had to offer about the Goose in 2010. As it turns out just a few days before MoonGoose was written, on August 30th 2010 Glenn Beck had a Synchromystic Contact event with Geese at the Lincoln Memorial which was modeled by the architect after the Roman Temple of Zues who was associated with the Planet Jupiter. Memorial in Washington DC on Martin Luther Kings " I have a Dream" Speech anniversary.

This was wacky and strange, stranger was that Beck supposedly wanted to have Jets flyby in a V shape over as the Ceremonies began, he couldnt get permission. But what did happen was as the Ceremony began a flying V of Geese did a flyover, bringing Glenn Beck into a Synchromystic talk about how "This is No Coincidence! These are Gods Geese!". Steven Colbert caught wind of this and on September 7th, just 5 days before I saw the MoonGoose and made his own special on the Goose as a messenger/Prophet of God. Th this beleif is already held by Chinese mythology, which I will get into after sharing Colberts Goose Special.
So remembered recently also that I had been excited about the Equinox because Jupiter the Giant Orange Planet is its closest to Earth and thus Brightest in 47 years. This makes me happy because the Film "2010 The Year we Make Contact" features the Planet Jupiter becoming a 2nd Sun for Earth in the year 2010, this becoming a symbol of galactic peace and unity for the people of Earth. This also tickled my sync sensors because I had been entraining with how PEAChEs contains PEACE, and enjoyed how sweetness and Peace go together very well. Also tying this together better is that Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band said when asked about his stance on Revolution quote "There ain't no revolution, only evolution, but every time I'm in Georgia I 'eat a Peach' for Peace."- Duane Allman

We can see the Moon+Goose on the Empress Tarot card, the card being the Object of Aleister Crowleys Poem "Peaches". This great bird is considered a Pelican according to Crowley, I see more of a Goose though, interestingly Crowley also wrote a Kabbalistic translation of Mother Goose. But here we see the Queen of the Peaches, the Underwater Empress on the Venus planetary Card. The beutiful thing about this card is that it is also one of the Major 22 Tarot cards attributed Hebrew letters, of which this card is given Daleth translating to DOOR. Crowley calls this card "The Door To Heaven" and "Heavens Gate". The Goose is the Peach is the Queen is the Door to Heaven.

I also recently read a Tweet from Jim Sanders @Syncwinnipeg on Twitter, reminding me that The Equinox (as I write this we are now in Libra but this started in Virgo) is not only the week of the most Giantness of Jupiter the Peach in 47 years but that it was also World Peace Day on the very next day September 21st! So we have Giant Peach Jupiter and World Peach Day, and as mentioned above to connect the Goose to the Peach its noted that in Ancient Chinese Mythology Geese are the Birds of "The Queen of the Immortal Peaches". Connecting our Glen Beck "Restoring Honor" God Geese Flyover narrative with the Equinox Giant Peach/MoonGoose narrative properly.

It doesnt stop there, on World Peace day (or World PEACH Day), a plane Emergenct Landed on Highway I-85 in Georgia. Georgia being home of the Peaches and contextually connected to Peace and Peaches by Duane Allmans Quote " I eat a Peach for Peace every time Im In Georgia".

"Kathleen Bergen with the Federal Aviation Administration said Matthew Conway was flying his six-passenger 1996 Piper Saratoga to Peachtree-DeKalb Airport shortly before 5 p.m. Monday when the engine failed over Interstate 85, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday."

Our drummer mike happend to have a cool statue of a Chinese wise man, one who guards the Peaches of  Immortalithy.

I wondered turning the statue over, what other Sync symbols might entrain with the Peaches of Eternity.  
Sure enough I flipped the statue and it was stamped with the mark of Spirit, the Synchromystic 42.

 A few days later a loal paper printed an article about Geese issues in the village.
I noticed the Goose Free Suny part first, and then caught the authors email, Malter42, another cool Sync wink.
The Queen Mother of the West
In The Journey to the West, an important Medieval Chinese story, the Queen Mother of the West, tends the orchard where the Immortal Peaches grow.She is depicted surrounded by either flying winged-people or Geese. 

· In Ancient Egypt as well as in Ancient China the Goose was considered a messenger between Heaven and Earth. 

· In the Roman empire, the Goose was the sacred animal of Juno(wife of Jupiter!), a goddess of light, marriage and childbirth, who was later considered adviser and protectress of the Roman people.- http://www.sevenstarshiatsu.com.au/taichi/goose.html 
( from blog post "Momma Goose is on the Loose")

 We also explored how during the time of writing Moon Goose, we were inspired by the Giant Peach/Peace of Jupiter, which brings to mind Crowleys Poem about the Goddess, also known as the Empress of the Tarot, and Babalon. His poem about the Great Mother is called "Peaches".

Crowleys version of the Empress tarot card even appears to feature a Goose. It is likely a Swan which is a more common symbol of femininity, yet we can also think of the bird as Mother Goose, further entraining with The Great Mother/Babalon.

Here we can see how a modern Thoth tarot deck translation has the The Empress Tarot card(III), the Goddess, and a Swan(almost a Goose), the Great Mother, also known as the Scarlet Woman, Babalon, and Mother Goose(below). The Empress' hebrew letter is Daleth meaning Door. The Great Mother is the Door to Heaven.

The Empress, Trump number III= Mother Goose
A beautiful Tarological confirmation of the connection between the Goose, and the Great Mother. The Moon is the archetypal symbol of the Divine feminine, the Mother, and is recongnized as such by cultures and traditions spanning across time. The Peach

Continuing along with the Peach being "The Empress/Daleth/Door To Heaven, we can see In the film James and the Giant Peach, James approaches the Peach as a real time human being in the physical world, and upon entering the peaches heavens gate, which strongly looks like a birth canal and resonates the Yoni(as it is the Peach) he is brought into the world of Spirit.

As Jim Sanders pointed out on Twitter, climbing into the Giant Peachs hole or Heavens Gate which shows a darker deeper red/orange we can see how the Giant Peach resonates with Jupiter, the Largest planet in the Solar System that is Orange like a Peach, and has a large Red Spot on it. Magickally the Jupiter Peach transforms the Physical world into a world of living spirits and creatures. Speaking of the Giant Peach, this is very pertinant right now because Jupiter is at its closest to Earth in 47 years so it is also the biggest and brightest it will be, making it a Giant Peach! Notice the Yoni/Peach Hole/Heavens Gate of Jupiters Red Spot.

Another really fun sync was to find out it just so happens that a band called Moongoose was formed in recent years.

Strangely MoonGoose is Ex-Members of the band SPACE

How weird is that? MoonGoose is ex Members of the band SPACE

 Mother Goose/Mama Space seems to be calling out through our music and the related context.

To continue this theme of how we resonate with and attract the symbols of the cosmic feminine.
In 2011 we bought ourselves a used Church Van. To honor its previous incarnation we decided to make our van the "Church of our Lady of Space" shuttle, for fun. We dont really have a church, but hey if you love Space to your in it.

Now I mentioned I'm a Thelemite but im presently I'm not one with the kinda cash to spend on custom liscence plates, but as synchronicity would have it, the number of the Great Mother Goddess, 777, ended up on our liscense plate quite accordingly. I like how FST is kinda like fast too.
In the Astron Argon, or A.'.A.'., Aleister Crowleys initiatory system and fraternal order of which I am a member, 777 is recognized as the number of the Great Mother Goddess Babalon. Who is identified with all things divine feminine, the fertile earth, and the womb of space, and really every-thing..
" BABALON, as the Great Mother, represents MATTER, a word which is derived from the Latin word for Mother. She is the physical mother of each of us, the one who provided us with material flesh to clothe our naked spirits; She is the Archetypal Mother, the Great Yoni, the Womb of all that lives through the flowing of Blood; She is the Great Sea, the Divine Blood itself which cloaks the World and which courses through our veins; and She is Mother Earth, the Womb of All Life that we know. - Sabazeus and Helena" - Thelemapedia Babalon

Babalon and the Starcup can be seen on this Tarot trump. I think we will see our culture resonate more and more with the great mother goddess as we attune to the cycles of Age change during this 2012 season. Note the Purple for later. The Green revolution and the movements for equality are clear signs that we are resonating with the Great Mother. What the bible sees as the end of the world by the return of the Mother of Abominations, many occultists see as the prophecy of the return of the Goddess tradition and the end of the Piscean age, not the whole world. We are also reconencting with Lunar/Feminine time through the Mayan Calendar interests peaked by this years mythic quality. The Beast on which Babalon rides is not the anti-christ, but the Solar force, the father god. 666 is the sum total of numbers on the Magick cube for the Sun, and is not anything dark at all in fact. Our band has always noted the fact that we play heavy and loud music, but it is not purely male agressive force music like heavy metal, we have very feminine finesse to our grooves and melodies. We'd like to think our music is just the right balance of energy, Yin and Yang, or  Anima and Animus as Carl Jung would call it.

If we do our homework we can see that the return of the Lady in Red is not a bad thing at all, but just a reconnection and reharmonization with the Great Cosmic Feminine. 

"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
Revelation [17:4-17:5] 

 Heres some purple sync I've been noticing lately. The Purple sync actually started with a conversation between a friend and I about how sparkley purple would be rad for thevan, then I just saw it popping more an more.

Speaking of Babalon, whom is depicted as the Great Mother Goose/Goddess in the Empress Tarot Trump. Venus is in fact the planet given to this Tarot Card, Venus is Transiting in front of the Sun this week, thus we can now add Venus into this 2012 return of the Great Mother theme.

The Empress- The Tarot card of the Planet Venus(see her sheild) - The Mother Goddess.

Venus by Botticini, through her red hair and her association with the Goddess Cults of Greece we can also easily associate her with Babylon/Ishtar/Babalon the Scarlet Woman,.

"One of the goddesses associated with Babylonia was Ishtar, the most popular female deity of the Assyro-Babylonian pantheon and patron of the famous Ishtar Gate. She is the Akkadian counterpart to theSumerian Inanna and the cognate to the northwest Semitic goddess Astarte. The Greeks associated her with Aphrodite (Latin Venus), and sometimes Hera. Ishtar was worshipped as a Great Goddess of fertility and sexuality, but also of war and death, and the guardian of prostitutes. She was also called the Great Whore and sacred prostitution formed part of her cult or those of cognate goddesses. Many have associated Ishtar with the figure in the Book of Revelation of Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations."- Wiki Babalon

Venus jis making big news in this Summer of Age Change. Venus will be making its transit across the face of the Sun in just a few days. How cool is that, The Goddess Venus getting as much attention as the sun in the Heavens in 2012. I perceive a great Sync here, as we read above the return of the Scarlet Woman is not something to fear for some folks, many perceive Johns Revelations as a Gnostic Vision of the return of the Great Mother Goddess in humanities spirituality again. 
Venus- The Scarlet Woman will be taking the stage this week as we see her Cross before the Sun. It is in this mythic year that many people beleive the end of the world as we know it could arrive, I find it interesting that Venus whom we can associate archetypically with the Goddess/the Scarlet Woman will be making her appearance about 6 months before the last day of the Mayan Calendar. Many say that the Earth is planning to purge itself of humanities messes through an onslaught of natural disasters in this year. I personally do not think this is the case necessarily, but I do beleive we are having a more conscious and dramatic affect on the world all the timed and are indeed learning how to relate to the Earth as a living being, as highlighted by the growing "Go Green" movement.

Venus on the Tree of Life is given the GREEN Sphere known as Victory.
Netzach is given the Planet Venus and the color Green on the Tree of Life. Netzach translates to Victory, Love, and Eternity among other things.

Venus/Aphrodite is seen below coming from oyster from the Sea.

The Great Mother, aka Babalon is also known as the Great Sea. The divine feminine energy is universally associated with the element of Water. I thought this poster for the 2012 film symbolizes perfectly the Waters of the Great Mother consuming symbols of Male Patriarchal power like the Obelisk/Phallus. 
I perceive the return of the Great mother as the return to our conscious relationship to Gaia and the universe as a living breathing spirit within whom we are given our beingness. All of these symbols of death and destruction that attract to the idea of Mother Earths power are the result of our Egos being threatened by the    understanding of natures power and our physical mortality.
Babalon astride the Beast by Gnostic Saint William Blake. She holds her iconic Symbol the Cup.

Wikipedia tells us further about the Great Mother
"She is considered to be a sacred whore because she denies no one, and yet she extracts a great price—the very blood of the adept and his ego-identity as an earthly individual. This aspect of Babalon is described further from the 12th Aethyr:
"This is the Mystery of Babylon, the Mother of Abominations, and this is the mystery of her adulteries, for she hath yielded up herself to everything that liveth, and hath become a partaker in its mystery. And because she hath made her self the servant of each, therefore is she become the mistress of all. Not as yet canst thou comprehend her glory.
Beautiful art thou, O Babylon, and desirable, for thou hast given thyself to everything that liveth, and thy weakness hath subdued their strength. For in that union thou didst understand. Therefore art thou called Understanding, O Babylon, Lady of the Night!"
The concept contained within this aspect of Babalon is that of the mystical ideal, the quest to become one with All through the annihilation of the earthly ego ("For as thy blood is mingled in the cup of BABALON, so is thine heart the universal heart." The blood spilling into the graal of Babalon is then used by her to "flood the world with Life and Beauty" (meaning to create Masters of the Temple that are "released" back into the world of men), symbolized by the Crimson Rose of 49 Petals." - Wikipedia Babalon

"And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON."
 - The Gnostic Mass by Aleister Crowley

I beleive we are experiencing what Carl Jung would call Enantiodromia. When particular forces in our psyche and culture pre-dominate for a period, there is naturally going to be a swing in the other direction. I personally beleive that the 2012 movement, and the Green revolution are results of this counter-swing from the Male dominated Patriarchal timeperiod of the past Aeon, wherein the Earth and the divine feminine are constantly denied in mans yearning for heaven. We now know, in these beautiful times that Heaven and Earth are one, as we are now learning in different ways to accept our Earthly responsibilities, those of Love, community, and an awareness of our place in this delicate ecosystem.
Just as we have gone through a golden age of materiality and ecological carelessness through enantiodromia we will also experience a golden age of spirituality and a refined relationship to our ecosystem.
Enantiodromia. Literally, "running counter to," referring to the emergence of the unconscious opposite in the course of time. This characteristic phenomenon practically always occurs when an extreme, one-sided tendency dominates conscious life; in time an equally powerful counterposition is built up, which first inhibits the conscious performance and subsequently breaks through the conscious control." - Carl Jung
We can even see an Enantiodromia in our cultures 2012 interest in timekeeping, moving away from the Solar/Male timekeeping methods and people are beginning to tap back into the Natural feminine rhythms of Mother Earth, Momma Moon and Lady Universe.
The Rainbow Serpent and Mayan Moontime

Notice all the Venus/Aphrodite/Scarlet Woman resonating characters with Red Hair in this funny Venus Transit news report I caught on Reality Sandwich. 

Venus is in fact the only planet whos planetary symbol can incorporate every Sphere on the Tree of Life. 

To see more interesting diagrams such as these, and an interesting look at astrology, see http://neros.lordbalto.com/ChapterNine.htm

Updated 6/4 - The Great Queen and Big Benben

On the same date that I was writing this post acknowledging a celebration of the divine feminine in 2012, and having just pointed out the 2012 poster featuring the Castration of the Obelisk by the Great Mother/Sea - it turns out that Great Britain has decided to rename Big BEN "The QUEEN Elizabeth Tower". BEN is a most important wink here because Obelisks are rooted in the Phallic symbol and.myth of the Benben. The Primordial Stone that rises from the Waters of Nu.

Queen Elizabeth is an Earthly resonator character of the Great Mother Goddess, and she has stamped her feminine energy on the phallice of Big BEN.

Interesting to me how Big Ben resonates with the Obelisk. I just posted this photo from the 2012 international poster the other day, having no idea that Great Mother Elizabeth was about to take over her own Phallice.

"Obelisks stood outside temples and represented the benben, the sacred sun symbol. They had small pyramids on top, which were often covered with gold. When the sun lit the pyramid, the god entered his temple. Two obelisks once stood at the Sun Temple at Heliopolis." - Pictures of Egypt

Aleister Crowley and many other teachers who understood the Life Force and Kundalini acknowledged that   access to these forces was made possible through the union of two (seemingly)opposite energies. These two energies united create what we can call the Solar-Phallice. The active and erect energy expressed by the phallice is not a phenomenon limited to the male paradigm.
The Ace of Disks, Heaven and Earth as one. This symbol is considered a Solar Phallic Glyph and 
contains both Solar an Lunar symbolism.
"This important sigil shows the symbol of the Sun and Moon united above two circles, 
upon which are the numerals 666, which is the number of the Beast.
 It is referredto as a ‘solar phallic glyph’, and was one of Crowley’s signatures." 
-Thelemic Glossary

Much Love yall - KevIndra

For more 2012 resonation with Revelations and Babalon see the last SyncWhole last post - Lady in Red