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"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Michael Jackson, The Rainbow Bridge and The Moon

Sirius Dogs and a Crab or Lobster set in Water together in the Trump Tarot Card The Moon. We are in the Sign of the Crab Cancer, on the 4th of July Sirius came into Alignment with the Sun and we are approaching a Lunar Prenumbrial Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn on Tuesday 7/709, which is also the date of the Offical MEM(hebrew for water)ORIAL for Michael Jackson the Moonwalker.

the Moonwalker is going to be on Tuesaday 7/7/09 in L.A., it also happens to be a Full Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse for the West Coast Read below for Michael Jackson and the Rainbow Bridge as well as the more recent Moon stuff.

7/7/09 Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn, Moonwalkers Official Memorial in LA.

This full moon has its previous two Prenumbral Cycles in Recent History in August 2007 and February 2009.

In August of 2007 The Minesota Bridge Collapse happened

According to an Astrology website this Eclipse has its previous to Cycles in and before August 2007 and in and before February 2009. A wiki Snapshot for "2007" shows that the Minesota Brige collapsed during August 2007, today July 5th 2009 a Bridge Collapsed in Indiana, DIANA was a Godess of the Moon, In-Diana, in the Moon.

Bridge Collapses In-Diana which is the Birthplace of the Moonwalker Michael Jackson.

and Sam Rockwells Moon

Sirius Rises in Conjunction with the Sun only at 13 Degrees Cancer home sign of the Moon on July 4th Every Year. The Moon being symbolic of the Underworld in many myths, can also be seen Guarded by Anubis Dogs on "The Moon" Tarot Trump, the Movie "Moon" comes out July 17th which is roughly the beginning of the Dog Dayze of Sirius. We can see Michael Jackson and this Underworld and Dog Symbolism resurface later in the post as well.

Above is a shot of a Rainbow Bridge being Created by the Jackson 5 in their Video Can you Feel it,. which i featured in my last Video Project, Oz and Antahkarana and Can you Feel it?. I made that post in the beginning of June, and since coming across Michale Jacksons Rainbow connection have been collecting information relative to MJ and the Rainbow since then. This post is all stuff I gathered relative to MJ, Rainbow Bridge and Sirius WEEKS before he unfortunaly passed away. Read on for some high weirdness

So if youve been following the string of posts here at this blog lately you might notice that Ive been following the trail of Rainbow Bridges and the relationship between the Rainbow Bridge that connects our Chakras to the center of the Earth to the Center of the Galaxy. Through the works of Alice Bailey fellow Occultist and Theosophist of L. Frank Baum we found that this Rainbow Bridge is said to by guided by a most important Star, Sirius the Dog Star. Previous to finding these connections I also explored the death of a Police Dog at the WTC tragedy in 2001, a Police Dog named Sirius who was given a Rainbow Brige Ceremony on 4-24-2002. See my previous posts for a more in depth summary of Rainbow Brige connections.

So while researching the Rainbow Bridge I happened across a new blog post at the Dedroidify Blog which was commenting on the Illuminati and Pyramid style symbolisms of the music video. The Author at Dedroidify Blog made no mention of the Rainbow Bridge, but to my great surprise at the end of the Jackson 5 Video for "Can you Feel it" we actually see Michael Jacksons brothers build a Rainbow Bridge across the Ocean, which Michael then picks up and bends into a Rainbow over the heads of crowds of people who look up in awe. I was amazed at this synchronicity but was even more amazed to find later that the location featured in the Can you Feel it video was actually one of the Seven Wonders of the World ; Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah. Of course a breif Wikipedia search would bring to light that the natural Arch in the Utah desert happens to be Exactly 42 feet wide.

Amazed I decide to start looking into Michael Jacksons Rainbow Connections and he has more than a Couple. This Post was started on June 23rd, two days before Michael Jackson passed away.

While working on this post i Received a coment in my 42 Enigma Post from Transporter, a wild find indeed!

I Quote: "transporter_ii said...
Michael Jackson Born August 29, 1958 Gary, Indiana, U.S.

8+2+9+1+9+5+8 = 42

Died June 25, 2009 (aged 50) Los Angeles, California, U.S.

6+25+2+9 = 42"

In Rainbows....

Above is a Screenshot of the Rainbow Bridge created by the Jackson brothers in the Jackson 5 video "Can you Feel it". MJ had come up randomly in coversation in the room I was in minutes before browsing Droidys blog as well.

Michael Jackson raises up the Rainbow Bridge over the masses.

Rainbow and pyramid action.

Jacksons and Rainbows

Michale Jacksons Moonwalker features this Rainbow theme as well.

Michale Jackson goes over the Rainbow as the Scarecrow in the 1980s Musical film "The Wiz". Michael Jackson was also Buried without his Brain, further resonating the Brainless Scarecrow he once played.

E.T.s Spaceship departs from Earth in E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and leaves a Rainbow Trail. Note the Starshimmer and the Rainbow in this shot.

Michale Jackson is Featured on the Soundtrack for the Movie E.T. the lyrics to the song Someone in the Dark contain references to Rainbows and E.T. Also if youve seen the last shot of the film you can see the Dog attempt to Leave with the Rainbow streaming Spaceship but then coming back down the ramp. This reminds me of the Sirius and Antahkarana process spoken of by Alice Bailey. Thinking about it I also think theres something to the Archetypal energy of Dogs as Human Guardians. Their strong senses and agility have helped aid man surpass his previous abilities and have served as guardians in the journey of life as well as hunting and warfare and protection. These archetypal energies resonate the Dog Star Sirius role in the Solar evolution of the cosmos as well as Spiritual and Astrological evolution in as recognized by numerous world cultures universally. I have alot more I want to share on these ideas but Im short on time but keep reading this gets very very interesting.

Michael Jackson plays EO in the francis ford coppola/George Lucas and is featured on the cover with a Rainbow connecting to his Crown Chakra.

MJs Glistening Rainbow shirt in the video for We are Here to Change the World from EO.

MJs Rainbow shirt in front of Two Pillars that predominate this part of the video.

Some form of a preistess between the Two Pillars, resonating with the High Preistess Tarot Card, whom happens to be the Path of the Middle Pillar in the Tree of Life, the Middle Pillar goes Over the Rainbow Bridge of Daath. The preistess is also said to represent the Veil of light which is the Vehicle for Spirit, the Veil of Spirit or Light is the Rainbow.

MJ dancing in the Video for Black or White, dances next to an indigenous dancer wearing a Rainbow Poncho.

The Cover of Michael Jacksons "Dangerous" album. Note the bottom right Archway with the All Seeing eye, and possbily Mr. Crowley too.

Now below are Screenshots from MJs video "Leave Me Alone"

In MJs video for Leave Me Alone, we can see the Gate to a Watery Underworld Guarded by the White Rabbit on the Left, Lepus/42.

Entering the Underworld MJ is greeted by Sobek resonating Lizards. And if you look closely you can see Anubis Guard Dogs with Binoculars guarding the Galactic Center Rebirth Mouth Stargate.

Sirius Anubis Guardians kickin it with Rainbow Jackson. Rainbow underworld travelers and Anubis Resonating Guardian Dogs again coming together. Just as in the Tarot Trump The Moon. Featuring the Beetle-Cancer god Kephera. The Moon rules over the Sign of Cancer but is attributed to Pisces in the Crowley system.

Note that theres a Spiral Tower and a Bridge behind MJs Archwayd Trailer, the Tower and the Bridge esoterically are the Spinal Column and the Activated Chakras of our Energy Body. Note the bottom right 1021142 views hehe.

Michael Jacksons official Spiritual Advisor Reverend Jessie Jackson started the Rainbow Coalition in the 1970s, . MJ and the Rainbow and Jessie Jackson all resonate the Dawning Age of Aquarius and many other contexts which ill explore with more time.

So speaking of Aquarius which resonates with A.I. Technology, Androgyny and racial Equality, all of which in my opinion resonate Jackons career and Lifetime, Dark skinned Child of the 1960s civil rights era, grown White male who dies in the year of the Aquarian Election 09. Anyway lets look at his Shiny Metallic (Tin, resonating the Suit of Air and Aquarius + technology, Jupiter and 42). This Metallic Glove is much like the Single glove worn by the Black Magician and Mad Scientist in the 1930s film Metropolis which features an Occult ritual Summoning of Babalon the Scarlet Woman who Rides the beast with 7 heads in Johns Revelations. This Babalon is an Artifical Intelligence infuse Robot Woman. Some of you might have seen that Madonna and Beyonces live performances contain references to this A.I. Babalon Ritual.

The mad scientists Tin Man glove and Babalon
Babalon riding the Beast. Note the Magicians Tin Glove and Babalons Tin Boobies . Madonnas picture below resonates Babalon Summoning.

Metropolis featuring the Tin woman Babalon.

Babaladonnas Tin Boobies.
Beyonces live performance Babalon Boobies present.

Beyonce wearing her Tin Man Metroplis glove.
In researching this Rainbow Sirius connection this Gem of information popped up. "Beyond the Rainbow" which shares the Secrets of the Sirius White Brotherhood Lodge and what the Author calls a Rainbow Alliance of Black and White magicians who have their own counterparts in outer Space. Click all these shots below and read them .

I highly reccomend you read all of those screenshots from the Book "Beyond the Rainbow". If you havent read them it explains that in the high ranks of the Sirius Silver Star White Lodge Brotherhood there are people working together to speed of the Evolution of man and exponentialize the possibilities of Being. He calls these agents of the White Lodge the Rainbow Alliance, who he claims have activated their Rainbow Bodies, which are also Reptillian Light bodies. This book and Author have alot that we need to delve into. The PDF is HERE read it!
I have alot on my mind about this Rainbow Bridge subject that I hope to share after some good contemplation. But I do have a strong feelign about these themes. A movie called Shorts is also comingout soon about a boy who finds a Magickal Rainbow Stone that can grant him any wish he desires. The Rainbow Stone resonates with the Occultim Lapedim the Philosophers Stone which is at the center of the Earth. Ill share more on these subjects but Watch the trailer below
Note the starshimmer on the Rainbow Stone, resonates with the E.T. shot as well as Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon cover, and Dark Side of the Rainbow. Ive got a lote to excrete here sooner or later and im excited to explore these themes with you all. Summer love and Rainbow Light to all of you, Be very well, my best wishes, Namaste.

Swami Satchidanand speaking about Alchemy, the Center of the Earth and the Philosophers Stone Occultim Lapidem.


Dennis Igou said...

Bad rainbows good brotherhoods. I have some doubt about secret brotherhoods and their ability to include all beings in their agendas. The dark side exists to show us beings the good side. The Yin and Yang are essentialy different sides to the same coin? How would we know the good without the bad? Embrace both sides, know thyself. Do onto others that which is not hatefull to yourself. Kiss the snake! Dennis

Indras Net said...

Thanks Dennis! I certainly agree that all that is blossoming here is one, and the all serves as an obeject for the one to realize itself within, above below within and without!

Tony D said...

great post! you are definitely on to something.

Gersh said...

michael jackson played a character in a disney movied called Captain Eo, Eo, "coicidentally" also being the Babylonian name for the Devil!

Captain EO clip:

Watch towards the last minute of this video for the MJ EO relationship.
MJ's death a sacrafice?

Gersh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indras Net said...

Hey Gersh! Thanks so much for this tip, it became even more fruitful when i realized MJs Glistening Rainbow Shirt in the music video part of EO called we are here to change the world, The cover of the film also features a rainbow entraining with his crown chakra! What a find Gersh thanks! I appreciate your reading this and sharing these contexts. I hope to have a bunch written this weekend to suppliment thesethemes. ANyways thanks alot for your input, my best wishes- Namaste -Kevin

ViølatoR said...

Just catching up on your absolutely fantastic synchro research here. Very interesting stuff. I had connected the Garden of Eden to the Emerald City of Oz via the 4 rivers and it's general shape (as well to the abyss/hell/underworld), and in that comparison picture was another version of Eden said to lie in the Hollow Earth (center of the earth?). I actually quoted a previous post of yours before that picture :D

It's so odd how all my reading on the Philosophers Stone never turned up any connection to rainbows, because clearly I was not the person fit to share that information, I'm glad you've uncovered all this stuff and I will probably quote you some more in future posts!

The only alchemical rainbow symbol I know is the stage known as Peacock's Tail (Cauda Pavonis) where the material undergoes rapid color change. The Peacock and it's tail are goddess (Diana?) symbols, per A Few Shots to Shaman's research.

FilmNoir23 said...

Great work, some very interesting connections here!

indras said...

Violator- Thanks alot for the kind words, Im looking forward to following your work as well. Ill definatyl have more to share soon, Be very well man!

Film Noir- thanks for the feedback! Best wishes- Be very well!

The Hermit said...

Alright I finished this one... And once again we magically linked... Can't even do post anymore with out being un original. Well, poor me, it's to be expected.

Was reading about the Peiladians of Billy Myers the other day, and how they said we would all raise in our bodies or something. Reminded me of the Rainbow Alliance.

The Hermit said...

Alright I finished this one... And once again we magically linked... Can't even do post anymore with out being un original. Well, poor me, it's to be expected.

Was reading about the Peiladians of Billy Myers the other day, and how they said we would all raise in our bodies or something. Reminded me of the Rainbow Alliance.

Indras Net said...

Hey there Hermit, Im glad to hear were synching up, I imagine this will probably become more frequent as we move forward here haha, That Plaedian connection is interesting, Im interested in the Bear, Ursa major, black sun and the plaedes, the plantard family and priory of sion connection and the california flag.

Im working on sharing another dimension of synchs im experiencing, "Et in Arcadia Ego" has been brought to my attention via just finisihing Volume 1 of the Invisibles, where its mentioned with references to the invisible college of secret cheifs, also just flipped though Holy Blood Holy Grail and was shown more invisible college connections, now Goro Adachi has connected this to MJ, which brings Diana, and thus princess Diana into the mix which then connects us to the Merovingians and the Invisible College. Et in Arcadia Ego- "Even in Paradise, I exist" Even in Neverland, Death exists. This phrase is on the Plantard Family Crest with the Ursa Major/minor Bears. Anyways Ill get into that stuff another time.

Thanks for reading, My very best wishes to all, Namaste much love, peace

JG said...

I have no doubt in my mind that MJ was conscience of magick and used it to his advantage.

I believe that Thriller has an intention behind. He is using Fear to reach us all, because we all have that in common.

Really look into MJ's eyes. He's talking to YOU. To each of you. He knew what he was doing. There's no mistake.

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