“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Video: "Do you have any Tobacco?" + The Holy Moment

Do you have any Tobacco? from Kephera on Vimeo.

The recurrence of Boats, Canoes, Vessels and Chariots as symbolic of the Spiritual journey into the underworlds of other Dimensions of consciousness as well as out of body travel. Also the use of Tobacco plant used as a protectant in journeying into other dimensions or realities.

PS What are the odds that AFTER publishing this I would realize TWO 42s* on the side of the Waking Life underworld Boat upon reviewing the published version of my video, the Joy! Take a look at this unintentional Synch in this scene, where I was only Conscious of the Boat when Publishing.


Absolutely amazing to find another Underworld Layer to this beutiful Scene, the Boat to the Underworld in Tarot is represented by the Chariot Tarot Card which pictures a Golden Charioteer who looks alike a Crab hinting toward the Cards Zodiac Sign of Cancer, the Crab or Beetle which pushes the sun up from the Underworld. The Beetle can be Seen as a Scarab and a Lobster on the Moon Tarot Cards, the Moons home Sign is Cancer, the Crab/Lobster, and Aboard the 42 Underworld Boat there is a Lobster on the Dash next to the Charioteer.

Anyone who appreciates the Synchromystic worldview would really really appreciate this Scene from Waking Life this time around, who would have known that this scene would carry such heavy potency in Me/Wes lives! Beutiful really beutiful movie!! This Scene is called the Holy Moment, it may as well be titled : SYNCH

Music in the video is "42" By ColdPlay, and "Buffalo Hologram" by Brightblack Morning Light. Also the Chant of the Heart Sutra.

PS Update: Was Watching Death To Smoochie, and Vincent Shiavelli from Ghost(42nd Street) interacts with Rainbow Randolph played by Robin Williams, Rainbows are light reflected at 42 Degrees, further hes interacting with Tobacco in Death to Smoochy, Ghost, and One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

Much love to all, peace in out and all around! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Poltergeist 42 Spectral Stargate and Armoured mesh

I begin this post with the House adress featured in the upper right corner of this snapshot from the film Poltergeist in which Paranormal phenomenon occurs, the adress is 4267. A Spectral Light Stargate is opened in this house, the phrase "Spectral Light" occurs in the Dialouge of the film only inside this house/stargate. Looking at the 42, contextually 42 is the Angle that Light hits water at and creates a Rainbow. Quite universally the Rainbow is a form symbolizing the connection between the Heavens and Earth, A Bridge to the "Other Side", or a Stargate. We can think of the Wizard of Oz when one goes "Over the Rainbow". Looking further at the Numbers 6x7=42 too!

Remembering that Rainbows occur when light is refracted at 42 Degrees, and the Japanese cover of Poltergeist features a Rainbowesque Bridge of sorts.

Zelda Rubinstein, The SKITTLES LADY! is the Spiritual Medium opens up a "SPECTRAL" STARGATE in the scenes here. So far a 42(Rainbow Angle)Address, a Rainbow on Japanese Cover, now the Skittles Lady "taste the Rainbow" opening a Starg8 to the Otherside. Wowza

Zeldas hairstyle and occupation as seen and described above really brings to mind popular 19th century Spiritualist, Teacher, Occultist, and Medium-Alice Bailey. Alice was a very inspirational author and teacher, she is well known for her teachings on the "Antahkarana" also known as "The RAINBOW Bridge" which I have connected Michael Jackson to via his Rainbow Aura. Zelda and Alice share a Rainbow Aura, and a real similiar haircut!

Zeldas Rainbow Aura grows as she Opens the Spectral Starg8 to the other side again in a recent South Park episode, this is the first after Michael Jacksons Death in which MJ is featured. Michael Jacksons soul is stuck in between worlds and Tangina Barrons the Medium from Poltergeist (Zelda Rubinstein) is there to help open the stargate and get his soul to the Other Side.

MJs Body leaves the young boys body it had been occupying through a Lightning Bolt/O Face Tower and Michael Passes over to the Other Side. Zeldas Job was done, she helped MJ back over the Rainbow.

For deeper context connecting Michael Jackson to the "Antahkarana" check out this post and see this video and follow the user video scroll if your interested.

As mentioned above Zelda Rubinstein the Poltergeist Medium was also the Skittles Lady from the "Taste The Rainbow" Commercials, theres more!

Zelda Rubinstein stars as IRIS the Latin word for RAINBOW in the film UNDER THE RAINBOW. So beutiful!

Seen here Zelda prepares to open the Spectral Light Stargate in the 42 House, much talk of the other side. Must see

This all strongly connects to 42s Rabbit Hole connection to the Duat/Tuat of the Egyptian afterlife, as shown in this video I put together.

As i was writing this article, the Television is on and I heard someone say "Were transporting 42 Million". This was in the Commercial for Armored a new movie coming out.

Thats all for now :)

Peace and love in out and all around! <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009

UPdate! Skittles Poltergeist MJ, and The Lightning Theif 2010

Hello all, much love, Im rushing this string of connections out as its late at night, but I hope you enjoy and be very well!

Looking at the Japanese cover for Poltergeist we can see what resembles a Rainbow of Sorts. This films focus on " The Other Side" and "Theyre Back" has left a big mark on PoP CulTure.

The Poltergeist 3 poster reminds me of the Tower Tarot Card which is Symbolic of Enlightenment striking the Spinal Column. This with the 7 Activated Chakras and Colors make the Antahkarana or the "Rainbow Bridge". Thus Towers and Lightning can be connected to the Rainbow.

The Tower Tarot card reflecting the Spinal Column and Kundalini life force.

Poltergeist 2 The "OTHER SIDE" directly pointing towards that place which I beleive 42 and the Rainbow Bridge are calling from. its hOMe, Note the Telephone, which can now be connected to Ayausca and DNA and phoning into mother earth and the "Other Side". VIA Jimmy Jupiters* lovely post @ the Synch Whole

Poltergeist Features a Spiritual Medium named Zeleda Rubistein. She is a MEDIUM or a BRIDGE to the OTHER SIDE in many roles.

Zelda also happened to be the voice of the " Skittles. Taste the RAINBOW" Commercials. WOW/MOM.

Zelda also stars as an actress in the film "Under the RAINBOW" playing a character named IRIS, which is latin for RAINBOW!!

To my awe/delight/amazement Zelda Rubinstein was also in the first South Park episode to feature Michael Jackson since his death in July. The Whole episode is a spoof on Poltergeist, as one of the Characters younger brother gets possessed by the trapped spirit of Michael Jackson, Zelda helps the boys create a remedy to Rectify the Spiritual Lead or Attachment that MJS soul still had on earth, by entering him into a Beauty Pageant.

At the Pageant MJs stolen body wins as a young girl and frees his spirit through an O Face of Lightning/Spirit, allowing Michael to Ascend the Rainbow Bridge.
Watch the Whole South Park Episod Here.

Amazing as I loved how resonant the Episode was months ago just with the whole Poltergeist flow and the "Other Side" theme, but now to find that the Skittles Taste the Rainbow Lady is in the Mix Im Astonished. I was Blown away again when i realized that Heather O Rourke, the young girl from Poltergeist the Alice Resonator, actually did commercials for the old Cartoon show "Rainbow Bright". WOWza

If youve been following this blog you would see a meme of Rainbow Bridges and much Michael Jackson talk, as in June I released a video about Michael and the Rainbow Bridge, a month before he passed away! Im still constantly in awe at the intricacy and elasticity of the flow here.

Michael Jackson bears a Rainbow Shirt in Captain EO

MJ also played the Scarecrow and went Over the Rainbow in the 80s Musical, "The Wiz".

Michael Jackons Moonwalker Video game also featured the Rainbow Meme.

Update!: A Film called The Lightning Theif will be out in 2010, further resonating the Lightning/Jupiter Theme of 2010.

This Trailer amazingly has the themes of "the Other Side", and even more beutifully depicts the TOWER of Struck by LIGHTNING of the Tarot. The 16th Trump the Tower is said to be Symbolic of the Spine-Tower-Phallus which is being Struck by Divine Lightning or Enlightenment-Kundalini, as represented on the Crowley card by the Snake and Dove. The year 2010, or "the year we make Contact" has been strongly associated with the Planet JUPITER who is the God of LIGHTNING! The trailer says "In 2010 "the gods are alive! Mythology is Alive!". Toward the end of the Trailer what appears to be the Empire State Building or Tower with Rising Lightning Kundalini from the bottom Up, reaching its pinacle at the tip and then transmuting physical reality into "the other Side". The Tower and Lightning Enlightenment are strongly connected to the "Rainbow Bridge" of our bodies Chakras, also known as the Antahkarana or Bridge between Heaven and Earth or the physical and consciousness dimensions. I feel 2010 will be a strong year in collective awareness and enLight(ning)ment can further resonate with the Rainbow Bridge-42-Rabbit Hole and Lepus Duat connections that i have been connecting here. See the Trailer below.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

FoLOWing the Moonwolf

Its October and the life of summer is dissapearing into the underworld of the earth and our unconsciousness.

October 16th Marks the release of "Where the Wild Things are".

In this story a young boy enters the world of his imagination ( esoterically Imagination is a Lunar energy, ie LUNAcy) . This young boy enters an Imaginary land while in his WOLF pajamas, Wolves Howl at the Moon which rules over the FLOW of cycles of Time and Energy. His crown to me resonates the Lunar resonation with Spirit, the Crown Chakra and the "Heavenly Mandate" of Kings. The Underworlds of many mythologies resonate with this Imaginary land, the dimensions known as the Astral Plane, Dream Time, Oz, the Matrix, Hell etc. These are all reflections of the realm of the imagination or the Astral Plane which in the Kabbalistic Tree of life is the sphere of the Moon or Yesod.

In Egyptian mythology, the Moon was also associated with the Underworld where the god Osiris would depart on a Boat with the souls of the dead at night. We can see the Wollf/Flow King on the Underworld Boat afloat in the waters of the Unconscious. I see Wolves as connected to Earth/Primal consious/unconsciousness.

Michael Jacksons video Childhood also demonstrates Underworld Boats/Imagination/Moon FLow and more.

We can see the dream realm as the dimension where our mind (crown) is King(crown) over the Hopes and Fears imagined. This Primal inner self can be seen as the "Double" of our Physical self. As we all have our own perceptions of who and how we are beyond physical form, I beleive that all of this Lunar Moon Flow consciousness can be connected to our collective process of returning hOMe to our Earth mother and our connection to the inner (lunar) Femine.

This movie came out in the US on October 16th, During the 42nd week of the Year. Readers of this blog might have read previously my posts or videos connecting the Number 42 to the Astral Plane/Rabbit Hole and Rainbow Bridge. All of these to me are reflections of processes that are occuring here in the physical, but have there origin in the Inner Spiritual plane that we have access to during the hours of the night when the Moon rules.

October also hosts the Annual Dream Festival around me in upstate New York, this year the promotional art had the Rainbow connectring to the WatersFlow. The Rainbow is created by light refracted at 42 Degrees, and October hosts the 42nd week of the Year hehe.

Another new film Featuring the Moon and Underworld/Vampires coming into KKonsciousnezz.

On October 10th 2009 NASA fired a Rocket into the MOON for the First Time!

Funny to me that this was also John Lennons 69th Birthday, and the 69 symbol of Cancer the BEETLE whos planetary ruler is the MOON.

The Trump Tarot card for Cancer the BEETLE diety, whos Planet is the Moon. This card depicts the ASTRAL Chariot, the Merkabah. As Explored here, this is another connection between the MOON and the ASTRAL PLANE. This has been connected to the Yellow Submarine.

Bombing the Moon on a Beatle HolyDay, reminded me of South Park when Imaginationland was Bombed, remembering the Moons connection to the Astral Plane and Dreaming/Imagination.

Dogs/WolFs Howling at the Moon as October is also the bringer of Samhain, the day of all souls in the Celtic Pagan Calendar. This is when the Undead or those of the Underworld and the night walk the streets.

ZOmbiez and Zombieland also resonate to me the unleasing of the Underwold/Spirit plane on Earth.€

Michael Jackson, the Aquarian New Man Messenger of the Rainbows film also came out this month, it features his live performances at the O2 Theatre, O2 reflecting OZ, mr Jackson played the Scarecrow in the Wiz Musical.

MJ the Moonwalker has also been in connection with his inner WolFlow, as demonstrated in Thriller.

the O2 OZ Stadiumwas also known as the Millennium.

DJ FLOW WOLF inda House!!

After writing this post I stopped at the Supermarket for some grub and WOLFFS jumped out and caught my eye.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Twitterbuggin it! Indradhanush42

Just wanted to throw out there for anybody interested Im gonna be on Twitter sharing some thoughts and pics kickin it in real time and sharing stuff I never got to posting on here. Ill be posting longer rants and shizobabble on here still of course. Much love all E><3

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updated with Bandwith!: My-Self Interviewed on Sounds from Sherwood Podcast : A Conspiracy of All Things

Hello Family! Heres a link to my first Podcast Interview Ever!

A Conspiracy of All Things (That's Alright Brother That's Just Coincidence)

I hope you enjoy! Im really happy with it and Will Morgan of a Few Shots to Shaman did a lovely job interviewing and mixing it up and putting together some great artwork! Thanks to Will, the Synch Whole, and the Sounds From Sherwood Podcast. I'll definatly be posting the rest of these great podcasts as they come along. I linked to some videos below here Be very well all!

If the above link is down, check these links here below and click play full song. ALSO! scroll down for videos that pertain to themes mentioned in the Interview, I also reccomend if your interested checking out my Vimeo and Youtube videos if youd like to explore the themes aforementioned.

A Conspiracy of All Things pt1 -

and Part Two is here

A Conspiracy of All Things pt2 -

I also just spent an amazing night at Alex Greys new COSM gallery and property up here in UPstate New York under a beutiful full moon. This evening was absolutely Transformative for me, I was able to meet Alex and gift him a lovely organic raw coconut shake from where I work and listen to his true words of wisdom spoken from his highest heart. Amazingly During this Ceremony Alex decided to share a new Vision he had received, this was of a Green Jesus holding the Earth in a Vesica Pisces/Eye over his Heart, and around the Earth was a protective RAINBOW!. If your not familiar with his work please visit http://www.Cosm.org . Later in the night I was blessed to meet a beutiful 3 year old boy, his name was SIRIUS and his middle name was BLUE as Sirius is the Blue Star. I look forward to continuing to connect with the newly formed Upstate Chapel of Sacred Mirrors community and plan on Volunteering there very soon, please if your in the NY area visit this Chapel, the land is beutiful and the space is lovely. After coming home very inspired, I found an interview on youtube of Alexs explaining where he channels his Visionary Art from, he speaks more beutifully and intricately about what I mention in the podcast above about Art and the Nature the nature of these Astral or Imaginal Archetypes, or "houses" of intelligence where these divine archetypes originate in the Mental and Spiritual plane before they are brought into the Physical. Eternal Love! ART IS THE RAINBOW BRIDGE! <3

To my great Joy, after this interview I also found out that Jose Arguelles and others around the world have been working on a Project called The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, this is amazing and Beutiful, Ive had no awareness of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge and 2012. Beutiful stuff, I hope you enjoy!

Much L<3ve>

Id like to share some videos related to the themes mentioned, you can also see my videos by clicking on the toolbars links on the right over there. Enjoy!

Here Swami Satchidanand talks about the Antahkarana, as the Tower of SPiritual energy, that flows through our spine as kundalini, and connects us to our Lower Self whos Chakra is at the Center of the Earth where negative energy or spritual Lead is burned up, and the purification of that Energy or LEAD aka Black Gold, is then turned into Enlightenment or Spiritual Gold when it moves up our spine and illuminates our energybody before going back up and out into the center of the infinite universe/god.

Here Drunvalo Melchizidek from a completely different system of Initiation talks about Anchoring in our Divine and Higher Self, in order to do so, we must unite with our Lower Self, or the Consciousness of the Earth as he puts it, when we take our Consciousness down into our Lower Self, our Higher Self then Enlightens us with the reflective Path of Higher Understanding. These two systems all point toward turning inward and gathering our Lower Negative Karmic Mass, and when reflecting on that the Gold of Wisdom and Understaning is unveiled.

more to come family, LOVE, LOVE and LOVE! May we all greet eachother from the Highest of Hearts! <3