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"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Poltergeist 42 Spectral Stargate and Armoured mesh

I begin this post with the House adress featured in the upper right corner of this snapshot from the film Poltergeist in which Paranormal phenomenon occurs, the adress is 4267. A Spectral Light Stargate is opened in this house, the phrase "Spectral Light" occurs in the Dialouge of the film only inside this house/stargate. Looking at the 42, contextually 42 is the Angle that Light hits water at and creates a Rainbow. Quite universally the Rainbow is a form symbolizing the connection between the Heavens and Earth, A Bridge to the "Other Side", or a Stargate. We can think of the Wizard of Oz when one goes "Over the Rainbow". Looking further at the Numbers 6x7=42 too!

Remembering that Rainbows occur when light is refracted at 42 Degrees, and the Japanese cover of Poltergeist features a Rainbowesque Bridge of sorts.

Zelda Rubinstein, The SKITTLES LADY! is the Spiritual Medium opens up a "SPECTRAL" STARGATE in the scenes here. So far a 42(Rainbow Angle)Address, a Rainbow on Japanese Cover, now the Skittles Lady "taste the Rainbow" opening a Starg8 to the Otherside. Wowza

Zeldas hairstyle and occupation as seen and described above really brings to mind popular 19th century Spiritualist, Teacher, Occultist, and Medium-Alice Bailey. Alice was a very inspirational author and teacher, she is well known for her teachings on the "Antahkarana" also known as "The RAINBOW Bridge" which I have connected Michael Jackson to via his Rainbow Aura. Zelda and Alice share a Rainbow Aura, and a real similiar haircut!

Zeldas Rainbow Aura grows as she Opens the Spectral Starg8 to the other side again in a recent South Park episode, this is the first after Michael Jacksons Death in which MJ is featured. Michael Jacksons soul is stuck in between worlds and Tangina Barrons the Medium from Poltergeist (Zelda Rubinstein) is there to help open the stargate and get his soul to the Other Side.

MJs Body leaves the young boys body it had been occupying through a Lightning Bolt/O Face Tower and Michael Passes over to the Other Side. Zeldas Job was done, she helped MJ back over the Rainbow.

For deeper context connecting Michael Jackson to the "Antahkarana" check out this post and see this video and follow the user video scroll if your interested.

As mentioned above Zelda Rubinstein the Poltergeist Medium was also the Skittles Lady from the "Taste The Rainbow" Commercials, theres more!

Zelda Rubinstein stars as IRIS the Latin word for RAINBOW in the film UNDER THE RAINBOW. So beutiful!

Seen here Zelda prepares to open the Spectral Light Stargate in the 42 House, much talk of the other side. Must see

This all strongly connects to 42s Rabbit Hole connection to the Duat/Tuat of the Egyptian afterlife, as shown in this video I put together.

As i was writing this article, the Television is on and I heard someone say "Were transporting 42 Million". This was in the Commercial for Armored a new movie coming out.

Thats all for now :)

Peace and love in out and all around! <3


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Oh, how beautiful.... Just thinking the other day. The kid from the shining wears a 42 jersey. 42nd street holds the cross over from hell in Little Nicky... 42 is behind Patrick Swayze in Ghost. That new video game Left 4 Dead 2.... All about dead people.... I bet money on some 42 action in The Sixth Sense. Even if not then you have the constant color Red in it...

Jon Kidd said...

I was trying to find a scene in Poltergeist where the girl is talking on the phone. I don't know if I was imagining it but I couldn't find the scene.

Nice 42age Rabbi.

Indras Net said...

Thanks Shaman- 42nd Street is playing at my college Campus right now haha, Yes brotha the 42 totally points toward the "Other Side", as does the Rainbow Bridge, Rabbit Hole, Jupiter, the textures of flow are just wild and lovely. Great call on left 4 dead 2, I definatly wanna see whats good in 6th sense. I just caught Rainbows and 42s in No Country for old men the other night too, a suprise to me haha. I also just watched the film Wrist Cutters, with amazing Underworld symbolism I plan to share @ da sync h whole soonly. Thanks for your thoughts brotha, beutiful times to share. Namaste

Jon Kidd! or shall I say Peter Pan, The Phone Shots are on the Cover to the 2nd Poltergeist called susynchedly "The Other Side" haha, PhONing hOMe, its on my previous post if your interested in seeing, thanks for sharin brotha! Peace in!

Jim Meeks said...

Those who are dead are not dead
They're just living in my head
And since I fell for your spell
I am living there as well
Time is short
And I know there must be something more
- by Coldplay

ViølatoR said...

Hehe, this and The Shining were part of my Halloween movie marathon, so yeah I saw those 42's. I forget if there was one in the 6th Sense tho. I did just see a horror movie called Evilspeak where one guy wears a red shirt with a 42 on it... Something about Halloween, when the veil is at it's thinnest and the rainbow bridge connects to the Otherside more clearly...

Arrowsmith said...

Great stuff Kev.

Last night, before reading this post, I played a quick game of ZELDA for the first time in years (my daughter just got it for her nintendo DS) and noticed that the main character is named LINK.

The plot of the game revolved around princess Zelda being captured by a Ghost (42) Ship which results in Link having to go rescue her.

Will Morgan recently uploaded his new post called 'Just my Luck LINK'.

You mention ZELDA. Will mentions LINK. I like the symmetry!

If memory serves correct, the character Link has the ability to transition back and forth between the 'real world' and an alternate 'shadow world'. It seems to fit nicely with this rainbow bridge which allows our realm to access the Otherside.

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Potelgeist is fabulous, but there are a lot of scenes we couldn't see never. I would like to download those scenes, due to the fact my younger brother is a big fan of it.