“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cross my Heart and hope to Die-Soul meets Body

I was excited to see some 93 flow enter the Synch stream here recently as I just finished a book I think anyone with an interest in what Crowley has brought into the times were in should really check out J. Daniel Gunthers latest book from 09 "Initiation in the Aeon of the Child". This book really demystified alot of what many assume about Crowley and his Initiatic or "Magickal" work with the laws of Thelema and the founding of the teaching brotherhood of the A:.A:. If he interests you, I say do some homework on him and youll see through much of the hype, I beleive he is a very important historical figure whos strongly affected the present. Personally I only study Thelema in books and on the internet, but this book contains some really beutiful stuff that even us who arent initiated can understand. Lets roll.

Last year I was writing alot about the "Antahkarana"-The Rainbow Bridge between Heaven and Earth, esoterically resonating the Spine as the Rainbow chakra tower that connects Soul and Body or Heaven and Earth. This Rainbow as a Bridge archetype is recognized throughout world culture, even going back to the Rainbow Promise that God made with Noah, promising he would never flood the Earth again. The Rainbow attracts the idea of the "Other Side", "Over the Rainbow" etc. Rainbows are Light refracted at 42 Degrees.

Now Jupiter the "Heavenly Father"s astrological symbol is a Crescent overcoming a Cross, Spirit overcoming MaTter, and aesthetically resonates a 4 and a 2 or or a 2 and a 4, 24,42.

So Jupiter resonating 42 and the Union of Spirit and Matter, we now can connect that to the "Rainbow Bridge" of Soul and Body, or Spirit and Matter. This brings us to Alchemy, in which the goal of the work is the "Spiritualization of Matter" or turning Lead to Gold. This process of Spiritualizing Matter and turning Lead to Gold goes through many stages, which have colors attached to them, thus the whole process is the transmutation of Matter through the Rainbow, what Alchemists called "The Peakocks Tail" effect where the matter being worked with would go through a rainbow spectrum of stages in transformation.

Above is a shot from Alejandro Jodorowksys "The Holy Mountain", featuring a rainbow Bridgeg that leads to an Alchemist between the Two Pillars of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This image is also a mix of the "Hight Preistess Tarot Card, and its Sucessor The Emperor. The High Preistess represents Cosmic Unconscious Wisdom, the Higher Inuition and the Rainbow Bridge over the Abyss of Daath upon the Middle Pillar of the tree. Now this also is a process on the spiritual plane of the Alcheist, going through the spectrum of the Rainbow in transformation can also be interpereted as the Balancing of the Chakras toward the balanced Union of Soul and Body.

Now 42 in Egypt was the number of Gods to be faced and satisfied in the Courts of Maat in the Underworld or Afterlife called the Duat. So once again another 42 and the archetype of two worlds, Spiritual and Material, Afterlife and the Physical world etc. We can now say that the Rainbow, Egyptian Otherworld, Jupiter, and Alchemy all resonate uniting Spirit and Matter or Heaven and Earth which attracts the Rainbow or 42. Now to sum much of this up, I mention Saggitarius, the Sign of the Bowman (David Bowman=DB=42, goes to Jupiter-42). This Astrological House is ruled by Jupiter, and is symbolized by A Centaur Aiming its Arrow(the will) toward the Heavens or the Divine. Now we can add Saggitarius into the mix and say that the Half Animal/Physical and Half Man/Divine being ruled by Jupiter is also an attractor between the Bridge of Heaven and Earth. Now the Thelemic path revolves much around the Kabbala and the Tree of Life, and Amazingly Saggitarius Tarot Card Unites the Opposite spheres of the Sun and the Moon, and resides on the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, also known as the "Rainbow Bridge". This Card symbolizes the Spiritualization of Matter, and the Alchemical Process of VITRIOL. Visit the Center of the Earth and you will find the Hidden Stone. As pictured written across the Rainbow behind the Goddess Diana who is mixing Alchemical Sulfer and Salt, the Rainbow Bridge emenating from the Cauldron of her Root Chakra and up and over her shoulders, if you look closely an arrow Issues from the central stream rising from the fire and water mixing in the cauldron, this Arrow is the Will of Man to become divine or transcend animal nature.

Here we can see the Saggitarian Flow of the Middle Pillar or Rainbow Bridge continue with the Bow of Diana upon the Lap of the High Preistess as she whirls an Astral Rainbow. The Arrow continues upward after being Issued from Saggitarius or the Art Tarot Card/Path Betweeen the Spheres of the Sun and Moon. The preistess is on the "Other Side", Art is the Balance between the two, the Rainbow starts in Art and Ends in the High preistess when traveling from the Bottom of the tree to the top.

Mans desire to overcome animal nature has is the story of civilization, technology is the manifestation of mans desire to transform the nature around him according to whats inside of him. This is also why the Tin Man is very saggitarian because he represents the higher aspects of the Centaur, because the bowman aims upwards he represents man who has overcome his body through consciousness, and Artificial Intelligence and the Transhumanist movement is the embodyment of the Saggitarian Tin Mans energy, lovely that Tin is the Metal of Jupiter, and Jupiter rules Saggitarius.

Now I breif you with all of that 42/Bridge between Animal and Man and Spirit and Matter stuff because having understood all of that Last year, I was amazed this Winter to find while reading "Initiation In the Aeon of the Child", a 4 page section of the book (centered around page 142, Jupiter Numbers), which communicated every seperate 42 connection I mentioned above and Wrote about in 2009 having no foreknowledge of the Initiatic System of The A:.A:. and Thelemas focus upon Saggitarius, the Bow and Arrow and the Rainbow. If you have any interest in Crowleys Methods or Esoteric Sciences please read on, if you dont, you probaly wont find this all interesting.

This Chapter ill be sharing is called Myself Made Perfect or Asar Un Nefer. We start at the paragraph "The Two Arrows", already pointing us toward the Importance of Saggitarius and the Bowman. This Journey of Initiation starts beutifully at the Bottom of the Tree of Life, fittingly starting in the Earthly 10th and final Sphere on the tree called Malkuth, meaning Kingdom, symbolic of the Material world, also the Material Body. The Aim of Initiation is to realize ones Divinity, to Spiritualize Matter, to "Gain knowledge and power of the Nature of ones being". This must start first with the physical world as it is if we plan to transmute it to Gold. So this first stage starting at the Bottom of the Tree is Identified with the Alchemical Process of Nigredo or Death-Putrifacton, this begins the process of what is called "Fixing the volatile" or perfecting ones nature, reminding me of the film thats coming out "How to train your Dragon", the Dragon to me symbolizing Energy and Mastery of the Earthly world and the Animal Nature of the Self and its Desires, this very much resonates with the process of Nigredo. This beutifully connects us to Saggitarius and the Animal Half of the Centaur which he aims to Evolve away from- his lower animal nature. The Above Saggitarius Tarot card "Art" or "Temperence" is the Hebrew Letter Samekh which Means Serpent. How to Train your Samekh beutifully resonates with the Bowman-Saggitarian Jupiter flow of 2010

Note what looks like Inscense burning upward from the Hat of the person here, and the Samekh-Serpent-Saggitarian Nature of How to Train your Dragon as we read along.

This also being the Year of the Tiger, reminds me of the Tiger Rug that Shiva is seated upon, symbolizing the Sublimation of Animal Desire.

Shiva having completed the Nigredo process is evolved beyond Animal Nature, we can interperet this image of Shiva as a symbol of the satisfaction of the Saggitarian Aims, no longer is Shiva half animal like the centaur, but Shiva is seated upon the Skin of the Dead Animal. This sublimation of the Animal self is symbolized by the Alchemical Process of the Whitening, the purification process after the Decomposition of Nigredo. In the System of Thelema the Initiate progresses up the tree through the alchemical Process of Albedo or the Whitening, and then finally the Rubedo or the reddening at the top of the Tree or Holy Mountain. Click the Image below and read along.

Above is described the path of Saggitarius, the path of the Hebrew letter Samekh. This path connects the Sphere of the Moon-Yesod to the Sphere of the Sun Tiphareth, also communicating the Unity of Opposites, as well as the Upward aim of the Arrow or the will toward Divinity. The Authoralso mentions that this Upward arrow toward the Divine is symbolised by the Burning of Inscense, reminding us of the poster of How to Train your Dragon

Above on page 142 we can see the Twin Current of the Vapors coming from the Alchemical Vessel, these Vapors resonating with the Thelemic Currents of Love and Will, as well as the Antahkarana Bridge between Heaven and Earth. On page 143 on the right we can See the Lunar Archer aiming at the Sun, resonating with the Saggitarian unity of Opposites. All of which describe a twin currents of Upward and Downward nature, in Alchemy its Vapor, in the Antahkarana its the Negative Karma that is sent to the center of the Earth which Burns up and Energy then Rises up and into the Center of the Universe, or VITRIOL wherein the Center of the Earth is the location of the Hidden Stone which transmutes energy, wherein the Saggitarian Arrow of Divine Will rises up and into G<3d. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WJOyqmg_gpc/S67g9Hhml0I/AAAAAAAACgY/vY9N6z0oT3k/s1600/Chakras-God-Chakra-Earth-Chakra-Connection-Antahkarana-Meditation.jpg">

Rainbow Tower of the Spine which Unites Heaven and Earth as well as the Rainbow Spectrum of Chakras. Read along if you will.

On the left here on page 144 we can see Archers aiming for the Center, the paragraph beneath susynchedly mentions the 42nd Spell of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, this book describes the journey of the Soul through the Courts of the "Other Side"or the Duat, wherein the goddess of Truth Maat Weighs the Souls Heart upon a Scale in balance with an Ostrich Feather. So here we have the Saggitarian Archers path ruled by Jupiter /42, and then a proclaimation from the Egyptian Book of the Dead saying "My Chest is the Chest of Neith"(also pointing toward the heart-42). The Author mentions the Bow and Arrow of Neith being symbolized as an X and often also associated with the Crook and Scourge which Osiris holds crossed over his Chest. X is the 24th letter in the English Alphabet, resonating 42, as well as X being the 10th Roman Numeral appearing on Jupiters Tarot card "The Wheel of Fortune".

The Author also mentions the crossed bow and arrow of Neith, who ruled over the body part of the Chest or Breast in the book of the Dead, has the Crook and Scourge across the chest also reminds us of "Cross my Heart and hope to Die". The Author also reminds us that the Central Sphere of the Tree of Life Tiphareth- The Sun is symbolic of the Heart of Man and the Center, considering Saggitarius the author also Mentions Cupid and his Arrow aimed at the Heart, also reminding me of Jake Kotzes work pointing out that Saggitarius' arrow in the stars Points directly at the Heart of the Milky Way.

The above pages describe a beutiful encryption in the Tree of Life, the central Path of Saggitarius which Aims toward the Central Sun, the path being Symbolic of the Arrow, is surrounded by the 3 paths beneath the Sun, Qoph(the Moon) Shin(The Aeon) and Tau(the Universe). These paths all rule the Earthly realm of the Tree of life, but amazingly also Spell the word Quesheth or Bow in Hebrew! So the Arrow of Samekh Saggitarius is Aimed by the firm hand of Yesod at the Heart or Sun-Tiphareth.

Finally the last page sums up the Rainbow Promise between God and Noah in Biblical times, and continues on about the Rainbow Process of the Alchemical Peacocks tail, and how these formulae play into the ideas of Crowleys proclaimed current Aeon of Horus, wherein Love is the Law, Love Under Will. Theres No better symbolism for Love than the Heart, and the Will is beutifully represented by an Arrow.

I also want to show one more of Crowleys work for more connections between the Jupiter Saggitarian Arrow and the 42, that is his Vision of the Arrow of Saggitarius. Beutifully mentioned in this vision is that the Saggitarian Arrow of Samekh is plumed with the Ostrich Feathers of Maat(Ostrich eggs incubate for 42 days), Maat being the Goddess who weighs the Heart after 42 Laws or Gods are met. This is from a Visionary Meditation of Aleister Crowley from his book "The Vision and the Voice".

Its up to Us, Evolve or Devolve in 2010, I greet the Archer in all of you!

Im feeling 2010 is the Year Soul meets Body, 2012 is when they become Singular(ity 11:11)

I also have to reccomend putting the following song on in the morning all this year for tiger power!

"Weve got something to learn from the Other Side, weve got somethin to give and nothin to Hide! Ride the Tiger!"

"Riders of the Rainbow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

Thats all for now folks, much love, ride the Tiger!



Dennis said...

The answer to every thing is 42. Dennis

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

I'm a Tiger and a Saggicorn (12-20) and my eyes have been happening upon more of the Jupiter writings lately. I have become very focused on "spiritualizing the matter" as well. I just finished a longer piece on Dark City where my research led me into the astrological and alchemical layers embedded within it. Jupiter is prominent along with Saturn, Neptune and more. I should check out the Aeon book (as opposed to Jung's Aion which I cite in my latest post). Check it out if you like. I write to learn. Great post again! Keep it on... Much love.

Harun FonniC said...

Whilst reading this post, my mum in the background is and was watching a BBC program named "Over the Rainbow". Checkt the episode(2/11). FreaaKy Eh. :)

Nice article mateY. SyNCoo_RA-MA!


Indras Net said...

:) happy to share with you all <3

Dennis: it feels like it this year right hehehe, thanks for reading freind, be very well

Ryan- Loved your post about Dark City! I need to see that, thanks for reading and be very well

Harun- Lovely to sync with you, episode 2-11 like 11 11 hehe, thanks freind, be very well

ViølatoR said...

Great stuff man, and a great compilation and explication of what you worked on last year. And that book sure sounds interesting!

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