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"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sacred Letters Sacred Numbers Hebrew and Sacred Geometry

9ben 16xul 113
Gregorian: 7/28/2008 Jewish: 11/25/5768
I Ching: 38 Contradiction 8-fold Path: 6 Right Effort
DNA: Ttc 43 PHE Tarot:Chariot7 Zain
Sacred Letters and Sacred Numbers Hebrew and Sacred Geometry

I highly reccomend this video to anyone with 15 minutes and or the desire to understand the union between our nervous systems and the living universe we are swimming through. This video demonstrates an incredible fact. That the book of Genesis as hand written in the Hebrew Language demonstrates a perfect mathmatic pattern, with the use of number letter translation the geographic form expressed by the book of Genesis is the perfect expression of mathmatic Toroid. From this Toroid can be extracted another mathmatic spiral pattern. The essense of this shape or mathmatic formula that is embedded in the lettering of the book of Genesis comes a form seen above coming off of a Toroid. Hold a flashlight to the shape and behind it on the wall you can find every letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is said that the written language of Hebrew also came first from hand-gestures/body language. The synchronicities between the body gestures and the form as well as innumerous objects like the flame or candle, a tree, a house, there are many synchronicities uniting this very form with the nature of our modern Greek Alpha-Bet ( Aleph-Bet) and many other post Chaldean cultures. I highly reccomend the work of the Meru Foundation as they lift the veil and surface the divinity and unity of our experience with the living organism that is reality. Click the Image above to watch it, then read below.
Sacred Geometry Cymatics Language and DNA
a Toroidal structure of the Universe

Seen above is the Toroid also expressed as the seed of life in Sacred Geometry.
You can spot the Toroid expressed in the Universe Card of the Thoth Tarot Deck circa 1938-43.
by: Aleister Crowley Occultist/Lady Frieda Harris Artist

Seen below is the Anceint spiraling serpents of the Cadeuces and the Modern DNA model.

The divine proportion or golden mean is expressed by the spiral and can be found in many ancient cultures. It is the language of creation.
an Ancient Celtic spiral knot

The Golden spiral/mean and the ancient Ouroboros also are Modern and Ancient spiral themes.
The Cern Large Hadron Collider LHC has a huge Toroidal Magnet
Learn more about this interesting stargate technology, aptly named Atlas, as well as Alice.

The sacred spiral that is also embedded in our DNA is embedded in the Toroid formula as well. It is the forumula and language of creation. The Toroid and spiral also resonate strongly with the Ouroboros and ancient cultural symbol representing the cyclic nature of time, life and death, creation/destruction. We are worms in the fabric of space/time absorbing reality and excreting patterns of understanding.
The Sacred Geometric Flower of Life

Temple of Abydos Ancient Egypt

Leonardo Davincis Notes

Turkish Flower of Life

Indian Flower of Life
Hebrew, DNA, and Cymatics
In addition to the numerical and functional analogies between the amino acids and the Hebrew alphabet there is a category coincidence as well. The letters of the Hebrew language in the Sefer Yetzirah are arranged into 3 categories.
3 "Mother" letters: Aleph, Mem, Shin
7 "Double" letters: Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, Resh, Tau
12 "Single" letters: He, Vau, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun,
Samekh, Ayin, Tzaddi, Qoph

The amino acids and punctuation codons have many chemical properties by which they can be categorized, but the simplest property describes how they behave within their watery environment of the cell. The amino acids can be described as either hydrophobic (water hating) or hydrophilic (water loving).
12 Amino Acids are Hydrophilic: Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine,
Glutamine, Cysteine, Asparagine, Arginine, Aspartate, Glutamate,
Lysine, Glycine

8 Amino Acids are Hydrophobic: Valine, Isoleucine, Proline, Leucine
Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Alanine, Methionine

Since Methionine also serves to mark the starting point for translation on the mRNA strand, I put it in the "Punctuation" category along with the 2 stop codon groups.
Therefore the 64 codons of the genetic code, those that code for amino acids and those that serve as "Punctuation" (start & stop), can be put into the same number of categories with the same number of items in each, as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
3 Punctuation groups (2 stop groups, 1 start group [Methionine])
7 Hydrophobic Amino Acids
12 Hydrophilic Amino Acids

It is also claimed that the letters of the hebrew alphabet can be sung aloud or vibrated amongst a plate with crystal sand on it and the forms of those letters would appear in Hebrew and Sanskrit, as well as Geometric Forms for Octaves of Soundwaves. Heres an exerpt-
"He made use of crystal oscillators where one could change the frequency or amplitude of sounds, at will, and his invention of the ‘tonoscope’ enabled human voice resonances to be made visible, without the intermediary of any electronic instruments. One could see the visible images of a song or a vowel. Not only could you hear a melody, a letter, a vowel or word – you could see it! Remarkably, Jenny found in particular that when the vowel of an ancient language – Hebrew or Sanskrit - was pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbol of the vowel itself! Reminiscent of Gematria, unlike modern languages! "
This is also covered in Len Horowitz Pirates of the Sacred Spiral. He uncovers the mysteries of ..
Hebrew and DNA with Cymatics and Sacred Geometry.
Demonstrated above is the vibration of hebrew tones and cymatic equivalents
I highly reccomend watcing this full video, Click the Image below

Click the image above to watch his enlightening work .
these themes can also be explored below in popular consciousness
Cymatics and more from Steve Wilners Labyrinth of the Psychonaut
Graham Hancock also covers the Toroidal nature of Time-Space and Space-Time as well as Sacred Geometry and Cymatics

For further exploration
Cymatics: Bringing Matter to Life

more to come blessings to all


Michael Skaggs said...


Great work, I did see this in the investigation work on Rosalyn Chapel which I found incredible cool. It does make sense, more sense that the Pineal as a Stargate, more like a resonator to "create" reality? Since we are reality creating entities, it would seem logically (oh no I sound like Spock!) the Pineal "crystal" combined with the power of the fire in the Heart Chakra, would produce vibratory energy projecting it into the fabric of reality. Again, I am just reaching from previous knowledge combines now with what you present.

Great work my friend, this is inspiring..though, why the deception of the Book? I mentioned this to a friend too how I thought the corresponding numbers to all the passages had another meaning to them.

Be well!

indras net said...

I think the deception was likely the same deception perpetrated by the crusades and inquisitions and such. I think some dastardly adepts usually try and keep sacred wisdom in the hands of their families or bloodlines and divinity needs to be hidden within the patterns and poetry of the books and the original oral traditions. Its incredible that a book like Genesis has actually lasted this long and actually contains these amazing anomalies and stories. The Roslyn Chapel is really cool, especially the depictions of Masonic Knoose Initiation many many years before they surfaced as a public organization. I really enjoy when this kinda work surfaces, although this had been around for 10 years at least now and you still wont hear a thing about this. Keep up the great work at the agendas be well skaggz- kevin

ViølatoR said...

Oh my god I was going to do a post on some of this stuff! Stealer! Damn synchro bloggers always read eachothers minds! Anyways now I'll have to finish reading it and see what I was missing from my post. :D

anadæ said...

Excellent assertions, Professor Indras Net! I once had had this particular visionary experience my(s)elf ... God rode upon a levitating globe, yes, like right out of a medieval woodcut, right through the portal of my east window, the thread of His garments being comprised of endless words (the Word?) the characters of which were themselves comprised of more words, ad infinitum. Our own DNA is, indeed, encoded just like that ... an infinity of variables & possibilities.

Have you ever heard of E.J. Clark & Dr Brooks Alexander Agnew? The former author is purported to be thee world's foremost 2012 scholar and, yo, she's an anesthesiologist! Isn't that ironic? She's working so hard to waking us all up with the keen observations in her writings! LOL!

Dr Agnew & she wrote their 3 volume magnum opus together, "The Ark of Millions of Years". I'm in the midst of the final volume, "Unlocking the Secret", which I'm certain you'll find quite the eye-opener (yeah, for all three)! Go here:


Dr Agnew has also spearheaded the movement for clean & renewable energy with his own separate website, locateable here:


Really brilliant writing you put together here, Kevs! Thank you for being yet another inspired & gallant soul ( :-)}

indras net said...

Violator, Hey man good to see you back around. I loved your 101 post and its really stuck with me. 5th dimension? What do you think. Im glad I made some room on your plate for some other interesting work as the port always delivers. Hows your summer going? blessings buddy

Anadae, that vision sounds amazing and left me with some artistic inspiration. Im not familiar with those authors but look forward to exploring their work. Work like this from the Meru foundation is a blessing and Im on the hunt for other inspiring works so if youve got anything id love to see/hear it. I appreciate all of your kind words and feedback. I really keep the blog for feedback, I wanna make sure Im not just wandering down some fruitless rabbit hole as well as hoping to lend my 3rd eye to the synchrosphere and add some inspiration and perspective. Thanks again and blessings to ya fellow light-warrior! Kevin

aferrismoon said...

just saw a docu on Water and the ideas of Dr. Emoto Masuru [ or Masuru Emoto]. Speaking in a prayer-like why can rearrange water's structure.
Seemed to synch in with some of this.

Vincent said...

Very Interesting...


indras net said...

thanks for the link vincent, I added it to the post if you dont mind just let me know. Great stuff thanks for that. be very well freind

indras net said...

thanks for the link vincent, I added it to the post if you dont mind just let me know. Great stuff thanks for that. be very well freind

Mariam said...

Interesting to know.

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Great work!

Anybody knows where could I find the "hebrew tones and cymatic equivalents" video?

I would really appreciate it a lot.

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