“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Friday, April 10, 2009

Part 2 Video Timewarp Dance- Jupiter and Aquarian Artificial Intelligence/Update: Happy 42 day

An experimental video of collected contexts relative to the transition from the Astrological Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius and the rise of Aquarian Artificial Intelligence and Technology. Music by Kraftwerk and Acid King. This is a continuation of Part 1 which can be seen Here .

These are just themes that appear to be running parallel to me, study Astrology and see if you can find your own parallels. NO-thing is True and Everything is POSSIBLE.

Update: April 15th 2009

Its a great day, I just wanted to note that today is the Major League Baseballs commemoration of Jackie Robinson being Number 42 of the Brooklyn Dodgers, all MLB players on feild Jerseys bore the Number 42, and other Robinson and 42 events were held. I would also like to note that he was an Aquarius, and also took part in the evolution of equality in culture and sports in the process of the Aquarian transition. , Also today on the date that he was celebrated there were also hundreds of tax and bailout protests across the country, and history says 342 chests of tea were thrown in the water on that historic day of the Boston Tea Party.


Be very well all,
enjoy the spring


Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant vids!! Awesome Kev, your really sharing some great knowledge here and excellent interpretation skills!

Guess I need to brush up on my astrology more than my transhumanism!

Keep up the amazing work my friend.
Peace in 2012

Santiago said...

Would it be fair to say that Will Smith is actually a "willsmith", an alchemical forger using the power of his will, combined with the "magic" of film to open Aquarian portals in our collective consciousness?

Indras Net said...

Mike, Gracias brotha, I think its really interesting the way these themes weve been following have come together, thanks for the kind words, your stuffs brilliant too, Peace to you in 2012 man!

Santiago, Thats a great observation there I do think that would be a fair observation, thanks for reading and sharing, be very well!


Leon Basin said...

Hey, great post. How are you doing?

Indras Net said...

Thanks Leon, I am doing wonderful, I appreciate the feedback, how are you?

Little Jon Kidd said...

Jim Sanders would love this!

Whatcha workin on these days?