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Friday, May 1, 2009

Updates 5/2: Sirius one of the only Animals to die in service on 9-11 and the Rainbow Bridge to OZ

"In Memory of Sirius" one of the only of the animals to die in the 9/11 tragedy.

Well heres an interesting Tid-bit that I thought just had to make its way into the synchrosphere. Raybeam of the great Synchromysticism Forum and Blog released a new Video Who the Fuck is Paris Hilton?" I highly reccomend checking this video and all of the Synch forums threads work lately.
Raybeam mentions in his video that the only Documented Animal to die in service on September 11th 2001 was a Police Dog named SIRIUS! On that Note all I had to do was Google Sirius and September 11th and I came across some wild stuff indeed.
Note K-9 = 9/11. K is the 11th letter of the AlephBet, Sirius was BADGE NUMBER 17! He also Graduated from police doggie school right smack in the middle of the Dog Dayz of Sirius the Star. According to the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey Sirius also resonates the numbers 14 and 17. We can also note that "THE STAR" Tarot card # 17 appears to Depict Isis/Sirius Flooding the Nile river, also denoting the Dawned Age of Aquarius. The Mystery Schools of the Western traditions do say that "The Star" Major Tarot card, see Roman Numeral 17 , this IS the Sirius Star. Quite snug.

Now wait it gets even better. Sirius was found on 2/22/02 and on April 24th 2002 thats 4/24/2002 a Rainbow(42) Bridge Ceremony was held for Sirius with the Official New York and New Jersey Police Department and Port Authorities Memorial Salute for Sirius the dog.
During this Memorial Salute a Painting was Unveiled called a "Salute to Sirius" painted by a New Yorker. The Painting can be seen below.
Now look at the STARS right above SIRIUS' the Dogs Head. A Comment below also noticed the Artist who painted this was named Susan STONEBRAKER StoneBreakers are also Freemasons, well get to them later.
Yes that constellation located above the Crown of SIRIUS is the CONSTELLATION CANIS MAJOR THE DOG CONSTELLATION! featuring the brightest Star in the Night Sky, SIRIUS! Featured right next to the Pillarmids.
the Dog Constellation Canis Major with the luminous Sirius star at the top, This Police Dog was Obviously named after this constellation.
Seen here is the Sirius K9(11-9) Memorial Pin, A friend Noted the Antennae coming from Sirius Pineal Chakra as well as the Piscean-Fish resonation of the Ribbon shape, the two towers being joined together also resonates the Piscean Jupiter glyph )-( two Fish bound together as one. hah I love that hes Number 17.
NOw heres where it gets even stranger, as it turns out the Memorial that was written for Sirius has Obvious references to the Dog Star, the Brightest Star in the Night, the Guardian (Anubis, Underworld Dog God/Guide) just readd this whole thing.
Okay so heres a shot from the Memorial Website for Sirius, now the song Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz plays in the background as your reading this too, see it for yourself here and here. New York and OZ have met many times before in the synchrosphere, as the letters N and Y are one letter away from O and Z. (l-m-N-O-p....w-x-Y-Z). Now lets not jump ahead of ourselves, lets read this memorial to Sirius.
Features allusions to Canis Major like-
" Brightest Star on Earth*, Closest to our Hearts"-
(Sirius=Brightest Star visible from Earth, Hearts=Tin Man-Seeks Heart-Oz-Over Rainbow-42 degrees creates rainbow-Jupiter looks like 42-Monolith found on Jupiter in Space Odyssey)
" Shine above in distant skies, Guardian as you always were"- (Anubis=Sirius=Underworld Guardian in Egypt). And the closing line is a hit.
(Run free over the Rainbow into the Emerald City is more like it)
A friend also reminded me of Totos role in Oz and going over the rainbow, (Note: In a future Post , we explore the real Toto and Rainbow connection to Sirius)
Green is the color of Rebirth and Sirius plays an imporant role in rebirth and New Years in many countries.
So now how else do the Rainbow, Green, Bridges, Sirius, September 11th, and the Wizard of Oz come together.
As Jake Kotze has pointed out the 1980s Musical " The Wiz" contains very interesting Synchronicites relative to 9-11, Oz, Rainbows, Twin Towers and Bridges.
In the film the 4 Initiates take the Brooklyn Bridge *( thanks) which is a Yellow Bricke Road to the Emerald City or OZ or NY.

Upon crossing the bridge they end up in a Pyramid Filled Labyrinth which features the Twin Towers connected at the middle by a Giant Bridge. This Image to me resonates Pisces Duality Unified or Bridged, the symbol for Pisces itself is like )-( two fish or crescents or arches bound together, Jupiter rules Pisces and was also the location of the Stanley Kubrick 2001 Odyssey Black Monolith which the Hilton Hotel was modeled after and sat dead center at Ground 0 September 11th. See my Last Video for Piscean Transition an The WTC Monolith stuff.
We can see OZ/NY where the Kaba stone would be between the Two Pillars over the Rainbow.
Rainbows and the Twin Towers have been popping up alot more in the Synchrosphere recently, Jake Kotzes great video JenBow provides us with more Rainbow/Twin Towers symbolism.
A snap from Jakes video featuring a shot from "When Harry Met Sally" with Billy Crystals yellow car between an Arch and before the Twin Pillars.
A University of Chicago sticker is then flashed on the back of Crystals Car just as its pulling away from the Twin Pillars, the Arch in the rainbow and the CresCent in ChiCago also resonate with Jupiter/42/Rainbowz.

Now this is a Shot from Jake Kotzes Original GangStar with a shot from "GodSpell" the musical, the main character fashioned after Jesus crosses the George Washington Bridge with the Twin Towers in the shot, with a Carriage/Chariot bearing Checkers and Rainbow/Arch/Crescent as well as the Holy Dove/Spirit.
The Twin Towers can be seen interfacing with the Rainbow in the lower right corner on Jesus Rainbow Checker Chariot on the Brooklyn * Bridge.

Rainbow Brooklyn Bridge and OZ in "The Wiz"
Interestingly Jake Kotze has pointed out that the Twin Towers also reflect the Masonic/Kabbalistic Two Pillars Jachim and Boaz, as seen above, The Two Pillars as well as the 5 Pointed Blazing Star of Sirius are major Icons in Freemasonic Symbolism. The Pillars and the Blazing Star of Sirius can be seen in the image together above, so before the Twin Towers and Sirius the Dog were together at all Secret Societies have been worshipping these images next to eachother for Ages. The Pentagon was also attacked on 9-11 and the Pentagon is a Masonic Star symbolizing Sirius the Dog Star.
Another interesting bit is that soon after the death of the Sirius 9-11 Martyr Memorial another Dog was Named Sirius in memory of the original, hes now a Seeing Eye Dog, He actually Graduated from the Seeing Eye Doggie Academy in MorrisTown Weird New Jersey, a UFO and other weirdness Hotspot according to the Secret de Soleil .
Seeing Eyes, Sirius, and Twin Pillars very common in Freemasonic art like this.
The Two Pillars of Freemasonry and the Stairway to Sirius -the Blazing Star of the Masonic tradition. American Southerner, 33rd Degree Mason and founder of Scottish Rite Masonry Albert Pike says this about Sirius and the Blazing Star.
"The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star." - Albert Pike 33° (Morals and Dogma, page 486)
"The sun and moon ... represent the two grand principles ... the male and the female ... both shed their light upon their offspring, the blazing star, or Horus." Albert Pike 33 (Morals & Dogma, pp. 13-14)
Seen Below is some Masonic Artwork featuring the Twin Pillars Jachim and Boaz as well as the prominent Masonic All Seeing Eye, as seen on the back of your American Dollar Bill.
Pillars, Stars, Seeing Eyes, Sirius, Masons.
SO now we have sufficient context tying the Blazing Dog Star Sirius and the Twin Pillars as well as the Rainbow Bridge to Oz/NY, How else are Sirius and New York Aligned? Well heres a shot from Janes Addictions Perry Pharells "Wish Upon a Dog Star" Music video, featuring Perry and his band flying around in a Buckminister Fuller Hexagon Dome.
That hexagonal Dome might look familiar. In this song the lyrics " With all my Love I over flow the river Nile", Sirius was Egypts New Year Star as it rose before the Sun would rise into the Dog Dayze of Summer and Flood the Nile. Now lets take a look at the Y-2K MillenniuM Ball from New Yorks MM 2K celebrations.
The Hexagonal Y2K MilleniuM Ball in NY, Looks at like like Perrys Dog Starship right?

Richard Hoagland at his website also found that on the Eve of 2K the Millenium Sirius was Exactly at 33 Degrees Above New York City. OZ wasnt the only place to party like a Dog Star.
Hoaglands Images of France I beleive Illuminating a Phallace for the 2K Celebrations, below those images is the Dogon Tribe from Mali Africas numer Sirius glyphs, as they clame their culture originated from slimey beings from Sirius who taught them technology and gave them precise astrological knowledge that only now Modern Science can confirm.
Update:5/2- I also recently received some info from Blogger Sub Species at Semioticology who has found numerous Sirian Architectures surrounding the 9-11 Twin Towers. I reccomend chcking the great work out here.
Another resonater of the 9-11 Stargate and the Dog Star Sirius is the ONe and ONly KeaNEO Reeves who plays in a Band called Dog Star.
1999s the Matrix Featuring KeaNeo Reeves and September 11th 2001 ID expiration date.
KeaNeos band DogStar Resonating Sirius.
Neo Reeves also travels down the Rabbit Hole in the Matrix connecting the constellations Lepus (the white rabbit constellation right next to canis Major, and Sirius the Dog Star)
Sirius-Canis Major and Lepus the Rabbit Hole located beneath Orion.
Stay very well all and enjoy every moment of BEING this SPRING
Thanks to Raybeam and Jake Kotze and VALIS*
See more Rainbows Sirius Toto and Oz here


Christopher Knowles said...

F-ing AWESOME!!!!!

Christopher Knowles said...

F-ing AWESOME!!!!!

StrangEye said...

I know you seconded that already Chris but here's a third for this one...

F-ing AWESOME !!

LIM(e) Family...

Great work Indras!


dutchsinse said...

also worthy to note that the "salute to sirius" was done by the artist DEBBIE STONEBRAKER !!!


Terry said...

haha, lovely.

aferrismoon said...

Brilliant finding

George Washington Bridge - George Walker Bush

I'm not sure but perhaps Sirius appears 'green' when it sparkles and/or the dawn in Egypt at that time can have a greenish-glow due to atmospheric conditions.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I sit and wonder how much more weird, perfectly sychronized events in the world, and in my personal life are going to happen before I come out of complete shock..., I mean.. since we see them (my friends and family seem oblivious)what does that mean? Just keep "Paying" ATEN-tion? Or am I being tricked into this FAUXcus?

Indras Net said...

Wow thanks everyone, great finds on the Stonebaker and Seeing Eye synchs. What a wild bundle of synchs in one basket huh? Anyways Spring love to all of you, I hope were all enjoying some fresh air when were not swimmin the synchrosea! FEEL GOOD YALL!

Sub Specie Aeternitatis said...

Brilliant post! This has a resonance factor of the nth degree. I'll be including a link to this post on my blog and this forum as I recently did a 9/11 piece based on Chris Knowles' 'Stairway to Sirius'.
If it's O.K. with you I'll use some of your info, but make it clear where it came from, with linkbacks.

My head is spinning with this! It's added a whole new dimension to my ideas.

Mike Clelland! said...

The author is confusing the George Washington Bridge with the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

also - The Brooklyn Bridge is the focal point of Budd Hopkins book WITNESSED, where it's implied that the head of the UN is abducted from the streets on Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does that dog look like the same dog on the show LOST (Vincent)?

But Siriusly...Great post!

Indras Net said...

Thanks for dropping by Anon!

Thanks Mr. Clelland for the correction it has been ammended :)

ANon(2) That does look alot like the Lost dog, as well as my Dog Carley, the dog from the movie Marley and Me, and I beleive the same type of dog hangs with with will smith and listens to bob Marley in I am Legend. Weirdnezzz, thanks for dropping by yall be very well

Jake Kotze said...


The 911 StarG8 ushered goD/Dog into the Earth/Heart.

The dude with the rainbow and Twin Towers in the scene of Godspell you mention is playing John the Baptists (later he becomes Judas).

Thanks for all the kind words

L8er G8or

ViølatoR said...

Siriusly good post! Amazing how the hits keep coming.

Gate Keeper said...

Amazing post!Shall Sirius shine bright!

Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant Kevin!

I wanted to come by and post but was having mondo computer issues.

Loved this post my man! Great eye!


The Hermit said...

You know I haven't check this out yet because I was on vaca when you wrote it... I was going to this page to link it in my up coming post and low and behold there is DIA.... Denver International Airport... Which I just flew back into little more than a week and a half ago... Checked out those crazy murals. See them all the time though so didn't catch a picture. Much love.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

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deb said...

Hello. I am Debbie Stonebraker, the artist who painted Salute to Sirius.
Wanted to correct that I am from Missouri.

Here is more for you:

My last name is Stonebraker...which has 11 letters.
Sirius' badge number was 17. My birthday is June 17.

The dog star Sirius constellation in the background of the painting was intentional.
Be blessed.

Indras Net said...

Hello Deb! Wow I am very excited that youve read my work here, I love your painting of Sirius, as I have a Yellow Lab myself and also a love for the Sirius Star. Wow even your personal Numerology synchronizes with Sirius, thats lovely,thanks for reading and stopping by, I enjoyed all your portraits at the website, and your Dual-Paw logo, as Sirius the Dogstar is a Dual-Star system hehe. Keep up the beutiful work with our doggy friends, and thanks again for dropping by, much love and blessings :)

Ernie M said...

G-rate CONnections. I will tell you one of the Masons biggest secrets of all times. Their images are not as they appear. They are to be mirrored and reversed. Look at my background on my youtube page 'Ebendimention'. This goes for all ancient carvings, paintings by Da Vinci, William Blake, etc. They also use 'dualism' in the words. The biggest 'Spell' is in the 'Spell-in-G'. The truth literally is IN the words themselves. Word is Logo/symbol in Greek. Look at how revealing the logos are of today. G-rate B-log. ~E

Aquiles holladay said...

http://vimeo.com/16044789 this video seems to be about sirrius and some sort of Kabba and i think i see ruins of world trade center.

video made by Enlightenment.

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