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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Robert Anton Wilson Day - Sirius Rising

4lamat 11xul 108
Gregorian: 7/23/2008
Jewish/Masonic: 11/20/5768
I Ching Hexagram 18 Repair
8 Fold Path-5 Right Livelihood
DNA: Tat 38 TYR8
Tarot: Justice8 Heth
from SIPP

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to throw a quick article out there for everyone about the holiay today. Its Sirius day. In Egypt Sirius rose in Alignment with the Sun marking a new year as well as the annual flooding of the nile/mourning of Isis. Our old pal Robert Anton Wilson also had an interesting relationship with this constellation. If you dont know about this very interesting historical constellation that every culture had a special something for, read on. With love to Bob and all interconnected beings in Indras Net. Toward Cosmic Consciousness. 23 Skidoo!!!!

From an old Winter Solstice article I wrote
"Sirius is considered to be the spiritual sun, opposed to the pysical sun that warms us and brings life, serious rises first in the morning as the spiritual essence of the coming sun on the first Solar day in the Egyptian Calendrical system. Its the heart of the sun and was very important to egypt( and especially the illuminati) the blazing star, isis and is the star of magic, power, nurture etc.( primal feminine, mother mary, isis, kali, shiva, madonna, ishtar, ) it was also the first Pole star when the pyramids were aligned with Orion. the 5 pointed star that we have on our flag and all over the place is the egyptian star of Sirius/Sodphet. Also Robert Anton Wilson wrote in Cosmic Trigger about his interaction with what he beleived were Sirian beings during the days where Sirius rises in conjunction with the sun on july 23rd 1973 and the following synchronicities and revelations about the relationship between earth and sirius through time. He also writes of his syncronicities involving his book Illuminatus which is a sci fi fiction based around the illuminatis control of the world. In egypt on July 23rd the rising of the morning star sirius before the sunrise, is the day when the Nile river would flood and offer an abundance of water and fertility to the egyptian people, there would be a great feast that carried on through history and has been related to the gifts of the mourning of Isis after her husband Osiris a solar deity was murdered only to be resurrected. It is why sirius is regarded as Isis or the feminine or god star because it brings the prosperity of the flood of the nile and was the basis of the egyptian calendar new year measurements and rituals( including ritual magick that is in use today by the occult and illuminated jokesters molding and manipulating aspects of the world). Sirius also spins on its axis about 23 times a minute as well as rises before the sun on july 23rd during the dog days of summer(canis major, sirius star is the eye of the dog constellation) Theres a phenomenon around the number 23 and its mystical meaning and occurence in events and nature check this out The 23 enigma . Philip K Dick focuses on Sirius in his novel VALIS. as well as the popular indie rock group Coheedand Cambria. Theres a hollywood (holly-wood is the celtic magicians wand) movie called the number 23 with jim carry in it. There is also a tribe in Mali africa called the DOGON people, they claim genetic lineage to a water people from this planet sirius who bore reptillian skin and gave them the magic powers of technology and civilization. In 1950 a scientist studied the culture and mythology of the DOGON(sirius people, dog star canis major,minor sirius radio w/ the dog etc.) tribe and found that they beleived the heaviest and brightest star in the universe lay in the sirius constellation, sirius has 3 stars in its constellation, canis a major, canis b minor, and canis c minor, Canis B is the heaviest recorded object in the universe according to modern science as of the 1970s. So the indigenous tribe of mali africa had even more advanced knowledge of the stars and their weights and significance at least 20 years before modern science could measure these facts. The illuminati worships and works in conjunction with sirius and its energies(bohemian grove). The Bohemian Grove is where the most powerful males in the world meet ever year for 3 weeks starting mid july straight on through the dog days of sirius enjoying the highest quality of entertainment, ceremonial rituals, offerings to a 40 foot owl named moloch, music from the worlds best musicians. Some of most well known names in hollywood and history have been attending the encampment in the ancient powerful redwoods of california, attendees include current president bush, his father, ronald reagan, arnold schwartzenegger, clint eastwood,etc.

In memory of Pope Bob

I wish i had a more updated article on Sirius from myself but if that got your taste-buds goin then please endulge below.

I highly reccomend this website to see what Sirius has meant to many cultures.

a Compilation of Sirius information
Skim through this stuff especially the top

more to come, theres much magick to be had! it! SKIDOO!


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