“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Pineal Throne of the Soul

The most divine gift of all buried at the heart of the great temple.

The throne of the soul

Our Pineal Gland.

Named Deriven from the Pine comb.

This gland is a main hub of our endocrine system. That is it sends out commands or biochemicals that create our mood, perceptions, feelings, emotions, awakeness sleepines so on. It is our Circadian Antennae receptor for signals from the sun at the heart of our galaxy waking us up when light peirces our hemisphere and unveiling the holomorphic universe around us.
It controls the release of DMT, the chemical released just after birth in our brains, during our dreaming hours, and in death. The pineal gland is stimulated by the circadian rhythms of the universe and delivers melatonin to bring us into the underworld of sleep and dreams. It is also a very powerful psychedelic chemical used by shamans in central america who call it the death vine or ayahausca or yage. The death vine contains the chemical Dimethyltryptamine when mixed with a beta harmoline plant mixture and allows for the experience of waking DMT distribution from our pineal gland. This chemical allows for the feeling of direct experiences of the forces and operations of the universe, light, sound, wind, water, fire etc. and allows the adept to experience reality with the eyes of a child. Non objective reality or Tao, Hunab Ku, the all to some; No-thing.

This gland was long considered the 3rd eye or 6th ajna chakra in the east, it was the single eye that jesus speaks of.

Know to us as the Pineal Gland in modern science.

Ajna in Hindu spiritual science

The christian single eye


http://www.crystalinks.com/eye.html - The Eye

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland - Wiki Pineal Gland

Dionysus' staff topped Pineal

Pineal Pope staff - Roman

Staff of Osiris- Egypt

Tamuz pineal wand Assyrian

Bacchus Pineal staff Greece

Bacchus pineal staff


ViølatoR said...

Did you make that picture of the brain? Reminds me of some pics I got from a video about the pineal gland and shamanism before: "Third Eye", "Winged Staff". I was going to reply after I saw the videos but I just had to restart my computer so I hope these pics arn't in these videos!

Oh I heard not too long ago that scientists or whoever now think that the circadian cycle of sleep/awake is determined more by temperature than by light.

indras net said...
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ViølatoR said...

The videos load extremely slow for some reason, so if anyone is having that problem, just double click on it to open it in a new tab and it will load faster.

Anyways Indras, yah I like that brain picture. I like pictures like that, which combine a bunch of common or associated symbols so it's easier for me to see how everything connects, even if it's just free association. I've made my own tree of life pic, and one with ying-yang stuff on it. I think it helps when concentrating on something a little occult or obscure.

indras net said...

Thanks again for the feedback. I love making symbols/sigils to help internalize the esoteric symbolism i come across. Although im sure that any adept in kabbalah/hermeticism/esoteric arts might correct some of the analogies but it definatly helps me to internalize and magnify the unified nature of dual energies/operations of the universe. Especially when sourcing from cultures/traditions so far away from eachother chronologically and geographically its amazing. Id love to see some of your images as well. I like the throne that I applied to the pineal gland and malkuth, to my understanding the physical/below sephirot are the way things are physically manifested but inevitably contain the ethereal/spiritual nature of the operations carried out ie. the pineal gland is merely a physical form of the brain but it contains so much of the operations that create reality, to my understanding at least seeing as malkuth=kingdom=throne and someone quoted the pineal gland as the seat of the soul. i appreciate the dialouge be well man

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