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"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

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"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brazil the film and the synch web

Note the eye and the suns RAys above the skull. and the accent of the Z.

Brazil - Terry Gilliam - 1985

The films is a dystopian Orwellian 1984 Matrix reality and follows the story of a character named Sam Lawry ( Horus/Pan/Neo/Christ )as he struggles to correct an administrative error at the Ministry of Information. In this world he is a Neo, working at information retreival by day, Flying through the astral clouds as PAN by night/dreams chasing after an orange haired caged goddess. To understand the synchronicities with the mythological characters in this film see the mythologies of

The Egyptian Trinity

Sam Lawry is a widows son*, his mothers husband passed away only to leave her son Sam to carry on his legacy(see isis-osiris resurrection myths). She resonates with the Widow or Virgin mother in many myths/archetypes. His mothers name is Ida Laury she seems to be the Isis/Mary/ Venus archetype to me.

as she has Orange hair, which commuicates to me Venus, Virgo, Virgin, Aphrodite, Inanna etc.

In Greek Mythology, the first beauty contest was held in Mount IDA among the goddesses Aphrodite, Hera and Athena sparking the trojan wars. Ida is very concerned with keeping up her beuty with all her old girlfriends as seen above. The name Ida has Norse roots meaning deed or action.
At this point I would like to introduce the mythologies and mysteries of the Egyptian Trinity Mythologies. They are what we know today as the holy trinity in the christian religion.
Very simply the myth is a Solar Resurrection myth. Following the Sun god Osiris of the day, fertility, nature, the underworld etc. As he is tricked by his evil brother SET in some stories into a coffin or a box or a tree. He is tricked into the coffin and set out to see or buried or hidden, then Osiris' wife ISIS goes looking for him with the help of a dog*. She finds Osiris and reburies him only to have Set find him and spread him out into 13/14 peices representing the 13 moons in a solar year. Isis consults THOTH who comes into play here in order to work some magic and create a golden penis with the seed of Osiris in it the resurrect him in the form of the new risen son. Horus is then immaculately* conceived with the help of THOTH and goes on to DEFEAT his evil uncle/brother SET. Set is where we get our SATAN mythos from, and HORUS is where our Christ the immaculately conceived risen son and light and savior of the world. Osiris is a symbol of the death of the sun, Christmas/winter solstice. Isis is the virgin mary or nature. Horus is the new born SON/SUN Christ of Osiris. Set is the Darkness/Night/chaos/Evil or Satan.
Now that some of that has been absorbed. We move forward

Sam is in the process of personally returning a check to Ms. Buttle the wife of a man confused with a terrorist who disapeared. he realizes through a hole in the ceiling revealing the woman/goddess that he had chasing in the dream/astral plane and tries to catch up with her.

When he cannot catch up with her in the real world or the dream world because of the high tech matrix he is then confronted with Monoliths or Pillars in the astral realm and the Goddess in his dream representing with the Orange Venus-ian hair symbolising primal feminine/reproductive essense of nature is being strangled by technoindustrial civilization. The pillars or monoliths symbolizing phallacy and civilization burst from the utopian landscape below.

To see the significance of the 9-11 Pillars and the pillars that explode into the scene below watch the video above.
Sam/Horus/Hawk Flys on forward in the astral realm to save his goddess.

Sam is a Pan resonator in the dreamworld where he flies wearing green with pointed ears chasing after his Orange haired Goddess( Venus, Virgin etc.). His goddess is held captive by the technoindustrial beast of revelations or Chthulu beast and is being dragged at time by children and regular people chained and in pain.

In the film these people are actually being dragged by the chain/tentacles of a giant draped beast of revelations very similiar to HP Lovecrafts Cthulu. also like cloverfeild.
In order to hack his way through this matrix and save his enslaved earth goddess he is going to need the help of a hacker in the matrix. This hacker comes to him as he is having heating trouble in the film. In the form of Harry Tuttle/THOTH played by Robert DeNiro.

Harry Tuttle is his name and he comes into the picture as a guerilla technician there to help Sam/Horus fix up his place and move along. Tuttle Resonates here for me with THOTH of egyptian mythology,He also was the architect of the universe and of Magic, Science, Math and was considered the heart and tounge of Ra. In mythology Thoth magically restores Horus' eye after it is harmed in battle with his brother Set leaving it with magical powers. He also aided Isis in her Magic to ressurect Osiris. He can freely travel between this world and the underworld as a guide/messenger. All of the above he has in common with the messenger god of Greece Hermes. Hermes was the Greek messenger god mercury and he aided travelers and theives along journeys of this land and the underworld. TUTTLE as Thoth/Hermes is a Guide/Terrorist Hacker/Magician of the high tech matrix of this society. He aids people in their travels and repairs the Heat for Sam creating a strong bond between the two after Sam helps keep Tuttle safe from authorities. Note this film takes place on December 25th ie Christmas, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia etc.

Thoth and Horus are interrupted by another hacker or technician architect of the matrix and it happens to be Mario from the super mario brothers movie that this film heavily resonates with. Mario works for central services who makes sure NOBODY tampers with their stuff. Tuttle almost gets busted helping sam so they become indebted to eachother and work together. As tuttle would say " were all in this together".
After getting the help of Tuttle he navigates the matrix and confronts the Giant Cthulu beast unveiled as a solar death/rebirth diety.

The twin pillars of 9-11 featuring Mario, King, Koopa (KK) and the Reptillians.

He defeats the sun beast or the character SET in the egyptian osiris mythos. Right in front of a Solar Symbol of Rebirth/Osiris , Horus defeats Set and saves his Venusian Earth Goddess or the whom of the coming sun/son.

After its all over Tuttle/THOTH gets sucked back into the logosphere/architecture of the universe by a swarm of newspaper representing time/cosciousness/logosphere or language of RA or Creator. All in front of a Solar/Rebirth symbol.

This movie fits in pretty well with the tell tale risen savior archetype tracing back to the Osiris Mythologies of ancient egypt and other resurrection archetypes, Mithra, Jesus Christ, etc.

I just happened to watch this film a day or two after Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny with its biblical/magickal synchronicities. I hope to do more work related to consciousness, psychedelics, mythologies as well but these two just jumped out and begged me to do a synch profile since i hadnt seen anyone else do it yet. Get into it

So there we have it, a small glimpse into the logosphere where mythology and reality intertwine and we find the same recurring myths/archetypes being expressed to us and through us repetatively. Terry Gilliam is an interesting guy and has lots of occult symbolism in his films. many seeming very focused on the subconscious/dreamworld and alice in wonderlandy symbolism. He also just did Heath Ledgers last film where he played a clown as he did in his first film ever as well.

This blog will look alot better soon but im just trying my best to get this stuff together while i have the time i hope you enjoy it.


Jake Kotze said...

Thanks for highlighting some groovy stuff in a fine film!

I like the cuboid cage between the skyscrapers/pillarmids...

indras net said...

thanks alot for your comments jake, im glad you enjoyed the article. I hope to do some more well focused work on other projects soon but both the films on my blog happened to come to me in the past weeks and i couldnt let the symbolism slide. I really appreciate all of your work at BNWO it has inspired me so much in the past months ive been aware of the art of synchromysticism and it helps me integrate the art into my life everyday and inspire me on and on. I hope all is well and i look forward to more work. Be well Jake thanks again

ViølatoR said...

I watched the long version of this movie a while ago, really good. I watched it before I had a synchro-eye on things, but I did notice a lot of symbolism. Now I fear it's another movie I'll have to buy! Anyways, good job, I look forward to reading more articles here.