“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Monday, August 3, 2015

Aeon Flux and the Summer of Rainbow Justice

"Following him [Horus] will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now; for the **Computation of Time is not here as There." - Aleister Crowleys old comment on Liber AL

I've been seeing some powerful sync occuring in relation to the Rainbow Wave that just washed over us this summer with the legalization of Gay Marriage. We are now seeing other Civil Rights* historic moments follow up in the removal of Confederate flags in the South. Interesting how Color has been a major theme in the news and supporters of marriage equality flooded facebook with Rainbows. I'm reminded of a a great 42 Jacky Robinson sync about uniting divided colors, I had a feeling that the celebration of this film marked our entrance into another wave of Rainbow initiation.


Personally the Rainbow sync has been something of a cosmic code or a large scale natural initiatory process that I have been tracing throughout time in history and pop culture via this blog here and my Youtube and Vimeo accounts. I have been tracing occurances of Rainbow sybolism and 42 related synchronicities as it seems to me that these symbols are key to the present stage of social and spiritual evolution under way on the planet.

Earlier this year we saw the whitehouse tweet this picture of Barack Obama beaming out Rainbows at 4:24pm precisely. I remember thinking to myself that this was going to be a Syncy summer season.

Sure enough the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality leading to a major wave of Rainbow energy flooding social media, consciousness, and society.  As I've followed in previous posts on this blog, I am charting the social and spiritual evolution of humanity as we make our way into the Aquarian Age which is the new and golden age that social and spiritual pioneers have identified themselves with since the 17th century. 

In sync with this dawning new astrological age I have also focused on the transformation that occured in 1904 when Aleister Crowley declared a New Aeon in scribing the Book of the Law and advanced an era of individualism and spiritual growth. We see Crowley making associations with his Aeon of the Child and the Age of Aquarius in his Aeon Tarot Trump if you look at the ankles of the arched Goddess Nuit. .

Take note that the symbol of Libra the Alpha and Omega area featured in this card. We see plainly that the Aeon of Horus is central to the Archetype of the Aeonic transformation, but we also see looming behind the scenes is the symbol of Libra/Maat, the Aeon to follow.
 Lets also remember in the Kerubim and the Powers of the Sphinx that Aquarius is the fixed sign of Air and is represented by the Man or Child/Angel. Lets also take note that Adam Weishaupt was said to have used the keyword of the era of his initiatory order of the Illuminati as being MAN. Also powerful to think of the founder of America being portrayed in the Capitol Dome called Apotheosis and shows George Washington sitting on a Rainbow, Man becoming God & Gnosis. 

The Apotheosis of Washington from the Capitol Dome at Washington DC

Notice that we are moving from the Age of the Fish (Pisces/Christ/Monotheism) and moving into the Age of Man (Individuality, Gnosis, Humanism, Justice).

And finally we can associate these Aquarian/Man/Civil Liberty/Gnosis themes with the United States Rosicrucian Experiment to create the New Atlantis, and for the Masons this would become the Third Temple and so we have a new age, a new spirituality, new social dynamics, a new land, and a new paradigm. A new order of the ages as well.

Finally this is where some really new and interesting data that came my way becomes something of a profound personal revelation that may have powerful implications in relation to the history of the mystery tradition.

The Goddess Maat who's 42 principles brought her to my attention years ago as I began exploring the 42 Enigma. The Tarot Card for Libra/Maat was initially titled JUSTICE and was chaged to "Adjustment" by Aleister Crowley to remove the anthropocentric definition and allow for a more broad undertanding of how the Archetype of Libra/Maat/Justice expresses itself in nature and humanity. Much of the themes of social spiritual evolution that I have focused on in this blog and in my previous years reading Anarchist Philosophy (A)  ( note that Anarchism is the Law of the nature of things, and its symbol is the Alpha and Omega, the symbol of Maat.

In my previous posts such as The 6th Day Galactic Underworld Aquarian Initiation. among other astrological posts in my archives here, I note that when the ruling planets of the sign of Aquarius - Saturn & Uranus - have linked up throughout the past couple hundred years how synchronously our culture goes through great civil evolution. In the 1700s we saw Saturn and Uranus pair up during revolution and human rights and liberties at the center of the storm, A new form of Ethical humanism and democratic advances were also made. In the 1800s we saw the planets pair up again at the same time Abraham Lincoln was in office and slavery was ending, then again we saw the planets pair up with extra help from Pluto in the 1960s and the new Age unveiled itself and became clear, we saw the civil rights act, womens rights, gay rights, and all kinds of humanist civil rights demands coming to a head. Then in 2009 as I noted here on the blog Barack Obama the first black president was elected on the very day of a special Saturn and Uranus Aquarian Alignment. Here we are again having just seen the end of a Uranus and Pluto set of alignments that began in 1966 just make its final alignment in March of 2015 and social evolution is spiking again.

Now the amazing thing to me about all of this in relation to the Rainbow/42 sync code, is that Astrology puts forth that every time we enter a new age on the sidereal zodiac, that the age has 3 decans or stages, and in the case of Aquarius it is the decan of LIBRA (Maat/Scales/Justice/42) that we are going to first enter once we are in the Aquarian Age. Justice and Equality are at the heart of all of these issues here and how appropriate that both Libra and Aquarius are signs that have to do with the tribal and communal nature of humanity. I do not strictly or strongly ascribe to the literal interpretation of Astrology, but the Synchroncity is powerful and consisten with these patterns, and eventually one does not feel like they are making jumps so much as maybe picking up on natural phenomena.
"Because the ages progress in reverse order to the normal progression of the zodiacal signs, they encounter their respective decans in reverse of the normal order.  For example in the Age of Aquarius the first age-decan is Libra, followed by Gemini and finishing with Aquarius.  At the end of the Aquarian Age Aquarius is also the ruler of the last decan so Aquarius has double the strength compared to the first two-thirds of the Aquarian Age.

Libra age-decan***Gemini age-decanAquarius age-decan"
- from The Dawning of the Aquarian Age

Now things get interesting in relation to Prophecy when we consider the contents of Aleister Crowleys reception of the Book of the Law and it's explicit reference to the which will follow the present Aeon of Horus. 

"But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awakethe lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globed priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Ha wk-headed mystical Lord!" - Liber AL Vel Legis III:34

Crowley continues to reaffirm the connections between an Aeon to follow that of Horus being of Libra/Maat/Justice, as we read below in his Book of Thoth and Commentaries on Liber AL.

"Behind this letter is a symbolic representation of the Sign  of Libra; this is the forth-shadowing of the Aeon which is to follow this present one, presumably in about 2,000 years-“the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place”. The present Aeon is too young to give a more definite representation of this future event." - the Book of Thoth

"Following him [Horus] will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now; for the **Computation of Time is not here as There." - Aleister Crowleys old comment on Liber AL

"Note the close connection between Leo and Libra in the Tarot, the numbers VIII and XI being interchanged with XI and VIII. There is no violent antithesis as that between Osiris and Horus; Strength will prepare the reign of Justice.** We should begin already, as I deem, to regard this Justice as the Ideal whose way we should make ready, by virtue of our Force and Fire." - from Crowleys New Comment on Liber AL

Lets also recall that the Element of Air will now reign as the dominant astrological element of the Age, as Aquarius is the fixed Air sign and that Libra/Maat is the Air Decan that we will first enter as we make this transition.

"Now this Ox is the letter Aleph, and is that Atu of Thoth whose Number is Zero, and whose name is **Maat, Truth, or Maut, the Vulture, the All-Mother, being an image of Our Lady Nuit, but also it is called The Fool, who is Parsifal, ‘der reine Thor’, and so referreth to him that walketh in the Tao."

Below we will see that Crowley partners Libras Tarot Trump with the Fool again and we see specific mention of the dynamic expression of the world as a unity experienced as duality, this is also the Gnosis of the Rainbow- "the colours are many but the light is one."

"This woman-goddess is Harlequin; she is the partner and fulfilment of The Fool. She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, under the phantom-show of Space and Time: all things are real, the Soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are Truth: because they cancel out.
She is the goddess Maat; she bears upon her nemyss the ostrich feathers of the Twofold Truth."

We get more from Crowley about this Aeon of MA or Maat in his New Commen on Liber AL.
Hrumachis is the Dawning Sun; he therefore symbolizes any new course of events. The "double-wanded one" is "Thmaist of dual form as Thmais and Thmait," from whom the Greeks derived their Themis, goddess of Justice. The student may refer to The Equinox, Vol. I., No. 2, pp. 244-261. Thmaist is the Hegemon, who bears a mitre-headed scepter, like Joshua in the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry. He is the third officer in rank in the neophyte ritual of the G\D\ following Horus as Horus follows Osiris. He can then assume the "throne and place" of the Ruler of the Temple when the "Equinox of Horus" comes to an end. (p. 289)"
And then we look at Charles Stanfield Jones who solved the Riddle of AL - and to understand why this is significant we consider that the Book of the Law was first titled, Liber L Vel Legis rather than Liber AL. This is relevant because the Hebrew Letter L or Lamed is the letter associated with the Sign of Libra and the Goddess Maat. So the Law spoken of in the Book of the Law already hints at the importance of the Goddess Maat and I should mention that it was delivered to Aleister Crowley who founded the order A.'.A.'. who's publication is called the Equinox and whos Symbol is the goddess Maat paired with a Ram (Libra and Aires = Equinoxes), a Sheild, and the Eye of Horus.  

" On the 8th of April, 1948, Aleister Crowley’s most important student, one Frater Achad (that is, Charles
Stansfield Jones, 1886-1950), gave written notice that the Aeon of Maat had commenced at 1:11 p.m. upon
April 2nd, 1948, saying, “This day may be considered the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.” Achad
surely believed that the “Incoming of the Aeon of Truth and Justice” had been “foretold in the book
Q.B.L.,” which he had issued privately in 1922."  
—A Wanderer of the Waste, compiled by L. F. Whitcomb

I cannot know if Achad intentionally announced the Aeon of Maat on the 2nd day of the 4th Month (4/2 ie 42) in the gregorian calendar on purpose, being that Maat has 42 principles of truth and justice. Either way it is amazing to se that this first declaration of the Aeon of Maat was by Achad on 4/2 at 11:11 and that this officially ushered in the Age of Aquarius as well. I find it amazing that nowhere does Achad even mention that his declaration would entrain with entry into the Libran/Maat decan of the Zodiac. 

Other occultists such as NEMA have declared the Aeon of Maat and have been working on fleshing out the principles of such an Aeonic transition since 1974. See Wikipedia on Nema https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nema_(occultist)

So what we do know for sure, is that the last Adept who produced the proofs of his grade and begame the Logos of the Aeon by uttering the new spiritual Law that was Liber Al Vel Legis, said himself that the Aeon of Maat was to follow that of Horus and this was a natural evolution of Aeonic energy that should imediately be integrated and sought as an ideal to be embodied. We cannot exactly trust fully in the claims of other mystics about the changing of the Aeon because there is unfortunately no proof that these individuals were adepts capable of uttering new spiritual laws. Its important to note that Achads Liber Penumbrae is the Foreshadowing of the forthcoming Aeon of Maat, and was not the utterance of new Law. We can also remember that all prophets are true save that they know a little and that all prophets are also fools and thus capable of expressing the spiritual current.

This blog has unconsciously been channeling the themes of social spiritual evolution toward the ideal justice of a new humanitarian age, while doubly focusing on the mysteries of the Astral Plane and the relationship between the Goddess Maat and the Rainbow, as well as the 42 archetype. See my Film a Thin Skin or Membrane video series launched in 2010.

Film- A Thin Skin or Membrane Part 1 from Kevin Halcott (@indradhanush42) on Vimeo.

I have spent years exploring the synchronicities in my life that reveal the nature of Synchronicity aka Karma aka the laws of nature and life, the laws of maat, the adjustment and interconnectivity of all things which Maat symbolizes. Synchronicity particularly deals with cause and effect and reveals seamless union between all things, proving that all things are one and effect eachother. This is what the Goddess Maat represents, the order which is the sum of all chaotic processes, the unity dance of nothing under the guise of unity comprehended through duality. Synchronicity consciousness is an extension of Maat-ian / Libran awareness where cause and effect are dissolved as well as self and other. Maat representing law and justice also rules over the tribe, the state, and the laws that govern them. Again how fascinating that the symbol for Anarchy is the symbol of Maat/42/Alpha Omega. So when we move into a Maatian age, and a Libran astrological decan in time, we will see these themes resonating strongly in our culture. This is exactly where we are now, and the American Rosicrucian Atlantian experiment was the beginning of a new social order, lead by none other than a Man who was depicted as becoming a God. And lets not forget that Man being God is the ancient Gnosis that was revived by Aleister Crowley and beautifully put into place in the tradition of prophecy in the inspired work of Liber Al Vel Legis.

Think about how the Aeon of Horus was a time of chaotic change, the birthing of a new consciousness, the vengeance and war of the world was was about to be unleashed, the power in all was realized, and the godhood in all was realized over time as well after the 1960s. The age of individuality was also unleashed and gave way to incredible social evolution, as well as the social darwinism that America has championed in its right wing for a long time, resulting in much of the forseen war of the Aeon of Horus. It is natural then as Crowley even points out, that all of this Force and Fire would have to be practice in JUSTICE, and that beautifully demonstrates how Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law is a responsibility to enact ones True Will, that Golden Thread of personal developement, expression, and transcendence that is the mystic goal and the accomplishment of the Great Work spoken of by the mystery schools. Love is the Law is also highly implicit in the Libran energy as the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, Venus is Love and Libra is the Law. So naturally we can see how this age of Karmic responsibility, social responsibility, ecological responsibility, scientific responsibility, and a need for a totally harmonized system of society is the evolution of Pisces into Aquarius, and of Osiris into Horus into Maat. We have realized Spirit and now we are moving into the mysteries of the Spiritual reality, hence all of the afterlife sync that I have found in relation to 42/maat/Rainbows.

We must even begin to think of how vital all social philosophy has been in this dawning Aeon of Maat and consider how much thinkers and gnostic saints like Neitsche and Blake were key to the expression of the energy of the Aeon of Horus. Then we can begin to think of all the social justice figures who have come since the Aeon of Horus and how our progressive society celebrates these people almost as if saints in the process of creating the ideal world of our collective dreams. Carl Jungs self knowledge contributions and his contributions of Synchronicity conciousness are perfect Maatian expressions of consciousness following the gnostic revelations of the early 1900s.

Just a few weeks ago, right when the Supreme Court made ruled in favor of JUSTICE for the Tribe, I was taking my Initiation into the Grade of Zealator in the A.'.A.'. and would be encountering the Initiation Ritual "Liber Cadaveris" or "Passage through the Duat" that very weekend.

I found it incredible that the world was filled with Rainbow Justice on the very weekend that I was actually receiving the instructions for my Spiritual journey into the Astral Triad of Yesod and thus the Egyptian concept of the Astral Plane known to them as Maats Duat. And in the Cabalistic tree of my initiation I would now be pericing the veil of Quesheth or the Rainbow! Followers of my blog and personal journey will understand how syncy that really is.

It was years ago while writing my piece for the Sync Book that I realized Crowley already synthesized the concepts of the Rainbow and Maats Duat in his work LIBER 242 **. 

"Fashion thyself by austere craft
Into a single azure shaft
Loosed from the string of Will; behold
The Rainbow! Thou art shot, pure flame,
Past the reverberated Name
Into the Hall of Death. Therein
The Rosy Cross is subtly seen."How wacky is that? I think this line may even refer to the grade of Zelator in reference to the single azure shaft, this would be the foundation, the middle pillar, which is more fully realized as one reaches intitation into the Astral Triad at Yesod. Notice that the Rainbow is mentioned and immediately after the Hall of Death (being the hall of the afterlife where Maat judges the dead).

Heres some shots of the literature that I received the weekend of my initiation, highlighting the peircing of the Raibow veil, and the importance of recognizing the Social Evolution that signals the dawning of the Aeon of Maat.

The Zelator Grade work in Aleister Crowleys AA synthesizes the Egyptian Duat archetype with the Cabalistic Veil of Queseth archetype, I did not know any of this while working on my Film a Thin Skin or Membrane series where I synthesize these concepts through popular art.

Seen here is a document from the order known as the IOA or Invisible Order of Adepts who are seeking to actualize the Aeon of Maat.

More to come soon!

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