“When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter into a great change.” - H.P. Blavatsky"

"There are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic Month(Astrological Age) and at the beginning of another" - Carl Jung

The soul needs an outer drama that can help awaken & pull into conscious awareness the inner myth & seeded story it carries within" -M Meade

"Forms are the symbols of formless divine principles; symbolism is the language of nature."- Manly P. Hall

"Every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle.""-Manly P. Hall

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The OA, Westworld and Apprehending the Archetype of the Invisible

I watched an incredible new series last night called the OA.  I couldnt help without knowing anything about it that it might already be a syncy and personally relevant reference to the Omega and the Alpha. For anyone who has been following this blogs charting of the entrance into the Age of Aquarius and the Aeon of Maat, the significance of the OA/Omega Alpha lies in Maats connections to the Scales of Justice and the Last Judgement/Weighing of the Heart archetype, the beginning and the end, karma etc. I finishd the series in one day with the help of a chest cold. It was a great show with some talking points worth highlighting in the charting of the Maat mysteries that this blog has been doing.

Right at the get go the OA begins to deal with the key elements of the Maat archetype, dealings with death, the afterlife, consciousness, morality and how events and people are connected through perceived meaning and destiny.  The show is basically about a woman who is abducted and experimented on because she has had near death experiences and her captor wants to exploit her and others for their access to other dimensions. The strangest thing about it is that I had a dream many years ago about a mad scientist who wanted to extract some substance from my consciousness that related to my own near death experience and personal mental struggles. I'll dig up the tweet/journal entry that I know it must be findable. I was also reminded of the same black school scientist in the film Beyond the Black Rainbow. My brief twitter synopsis was even retweeted by the director but getting back on track... this show is entraining with alot of personal themes.

"Thou art ASAR UN-NEFER ("Myself made Perfect"): Whom no man hath seen at any time."
- Aleister Crowley on the Holy Guardian Angel in Liber Samech

There is a great theme in the film where entering this transcendent afterlife astral duat realm that faetures what I think is a beautiful incarnation of Nuit/Maat.

In these scenes we see our main character biologically dead but encountering a starry initiatory goddess that grants access back from this astral plane and into her body.

The film bears many interesting gnostic themes that pertain to personal willpower and salvation from captivity but also just for instance how the main character basically gathers 5 Apostles all of whom eventually must work together in a ceremonial dramatic ritual  called "Movements" with their own part to play so that an interdimensional portal could be opened. I couldnt help but think of the importance of 5 in terms of Magick ritual movements where one works with the four earthly elements so that they might  invoke and come to contact with that 5th Quintessential transcendent element of Consciousness. The whole theme of the show is that Consciousness is Liberation.  There are heavy themes of cpativity and imprisonment on physical and psychological  or spiritual levels and so we see very fascinating gnostic themes of personal salvation arise. Amazingly the show concludes with the 5th and final Movmenet* aka New Gnosis aka Magick, being discovered only through the unified magick of the group dance ritual, and that is our key to getting out of this old age of Pisces and into Aquarius, the sign of community. We are exiting the individual era and movement into identification with consciousness and not just the human body. The OA and shows like Westworld demonstrate our initiation into this knowledge perfectly.

My Film a Thin Skin or Membrane series has been charting the course of these Maat/Astral/Afterlife mysteries and synchronicities, I reccomend seeing all 3 parts to understand why I feel the OA and these gathered medias all feel like a powerful projection of psychic content that we can tap into a live sense of understanding history, that we might help all find a greater holism and meaning in our personal and collective awareness.


The collective willpower element brought to mind a recent revelation that hast been stirring in how and why Life the Universe and Everything always seems to come back to 42 and personally for me the relationship there to Maat and her 42 principles/the duat.  Realizing that Maat was the ancient egyptian symbol for collective civic consciousness. Egypt was even divided into 42 parts in honor of this original goddess of equality and justice in community. So what we see is Maat/42 as an early apprehension of the collective state of being. This would also reflect and develope the Hebrew concept of the Shekinah which was also the Goddess/Feminine expression of divintiy just like Maat. Shekinah means Glory and referred to a special kind of Grace, Energy, and Power that could supposedly even be seen  in the form of a great pillar of light when Israel was united in Spiritual harmony. This all connects amazingly to the personal pillar of light that is each of our spines known as the Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana. Amazingly the Shekinah is also even quoted in Crowleys chapter on the Maat/Libra/Adjustment tarot card Adjustment.
"This woman-goddess is Harlequin; she is the partner and fulfillment of The Fool. She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, all possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time: all things are real, the soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are Truth: because they cancel out.

She is the goddess Maat; she bears upon her nemyss the ostrich feathers of the Twofold Truth."

So interestingly again we are reminded that the Fool or Aleph is the partner of the Harlequinn Maat who is Lamed, we have AL the two key elements of Liber AL vel legis.  Maat rules over law and order so we see her doubly invoked in Liber AL and the word Legis or Law as well. The fool representing the male force of creation and Maat or adjustment representing the goddess that births that creation into many colored form.

To continue referring to how media is highlighting our initiation into this Aeon of Horus/Maat and Aquarius I would also like to mention how the show Westworld also had dramatic Thelemic themes in it as well.  Lets think about the name Westworld and how it relates also to the astral plane as the West is the direction where the Sun Sets/dies and goes into the underworld where Maat resides. So in a sense we see people going into this kind of astral double of the world and looking at consciousness as this self arising force that uses matter to manifest itself.  The impersonal thus collective or tribal nature of awareness or consciousness is highlighted powerfully and relates us back to the Maatian mysteries current moving through media. Consciousness is our transcendent salvation and we can only know this by our own journies into our own Westworlds and release ourself from our own mental captivity through listening to our deepest will and manifesting it.

"Arnold: When I was first working on your mind, there was a pyramid I thought you needed to scale, so I gave you a voice, my voice to guide you along the way. Memory, improvisation, each step in order to reach the next step, but you never got there. I couldn't understand what was holding you back. Then, one day, I realized I'd made a mistake. Consciousness isn't a journey upward, but a journey inward, not a pyramid, but a maze. Every choice will bring you closer to center of send you spiraling to the edges, to madness. Do you understand now, Dolores, what the center represents? Whose voice I've been wanting you to hear?"

Consider the powerful connection here to the Holy Guardian Angel or ones personal Genius or Daemon, that which brings us direct communication from our deepest purest self. This silent center, this teacher whos speech is in silence, is what the initiates of Thelemic mysticism must forge their own contact with as one manifests their joy and their will in this reality.  It seems as though Westworld is continuing the perfect reflection of the Gnostic themes of personal Salvation through knowledge and conversation with the Heart / Tiphareth / Christ Savior. 
"The Holy Guardian Angel is representative of one’s truest divine nature. The term is equivalent with the Genius of the Golden Dawn, the Augoeides of Iamblichus, the Atman of Hinduism, and the Daemon of the gnostics.

In the system of Magick, the single most important goal is to consciously connect with one’s HGA, a process termed “Knowledge and Conversation.” By doing so, the magician becomes fully aware of his own True Will. For Aleister Crowley, this event was the single most important goal of any adept:

It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step—crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple. (Magick Without Tears, Ch.83)"

- Thelemapedia on the Holy Guardian Angel
"Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days. A purpose."

"Let the woman be girt with a sword before me:" - Liber AL Vel Legis reintroducing the goddess/feminine current via the return of the great mother/whore BABALON

As I have explored in past posts on this blog about how the Aquarian Age that we are entering ( who's first decan is Libra aka Maat) we have explored that this age would unify the binaries of our society, androgyny would become more pronounced and the rigid black and white perspective of the past would give way to a greater transcendent understanding of reality and the human being. The return of the feminine energy after the age of imposed patriarchal male power is highlighted by not only Hilary Clintons running this year but many films and television shows that have been highlighting the feminine as well. In the world of magick and mysticism we understand that after the imbalanced patriarchal age of christianity that we are presently returning to alignment with the repressed goddess/feminine and thus our culture and psyche produce the signs and forms that communicate this return to psychic unity in our culture.

Thats all for now, more thoughs to come, much love.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Boleskine Burning, Childhoods End and the Aeon of Maat

34. But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awakethe lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globed priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Hawk-headed mystical Lord!

To fully appreciate the syncyness of this event today check out my last post Aeon Flux.

 Crowley performed the invokation of his Guardian Angel at Boleskine, and Childhoods End which just aired on Syfy was originally called Guardian Angel .

I'm also working on an article called  A Secret Door which refers to the Spiritual House in all of us that Boleskine represents. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beyond the Veil 2015

"That people should succumb to these eternal images is entirely normal, in fact it is what these images are for. They are meant to attract, to convince, to fascinate, and to overpower. They are created out of the primal stuff of revelation." - C.G. Jung 

With all of the time travel hype as of late with the Back to the Future date I had some thoughts floating around in my mind about events and spacetime and how these mysteries are the focus of some of the more popular science fiction ideas that have been surfacing in literature and films. This continues to tie into where my last post left off about the mysteries of the Aeon of Maat so you might want to catch up with that post to fully appreciate this post. As usual with this blog I try to vivify the archetypes and themes that I perceive moving through pop and how they relate to / are very extensions of our collective mystical heritage. Throughout the course of my posts over the years I have charted particular themes and symbols of social and how they relate to the spiritual evolution in pop consciousness, particularly the potential of current events and synchronicities as windows of organic insight that we can find "meaningful" through our own lenses and  associations. The latest stargate that has opened up for me recently comes with feelings of a kind of matured relationship to synchronicity awareness and it feels like there is more awareness of the highly weird highjinx of reality infused in the pop paradigm. I'll get to these recent thoughts on Sync at the end of this little stream of consciousness.

I was recently skimming through Facebook and saw an article where a photographer claimed that he might have photographed a ghost in a long exposure shot he took. The picture shows a pair of boots seemingly not connected to a body. This connected me to some thoughts I had about time travel, the recent alternate timeline themes of Back to the Future and the Berenstained reality and the membrane themes I've been following all these years. The thought that in some sense we are always making some kind of electromagnetic/photographic imprint on the membrane/aethyr/akasha/astral plane and how maybe ghosts and other pheneomena relate to layers of reality/time occurring in one particular space.

So I think started thinking of how as "Every man and every woman is a star" and how many mystical traditions associate Spirit with a kind of Light/Fire and associate the universe/space with a kind of ocean/void/water/membrane. In this sense just like movie Stars we are all burning our imprints into the Aethyr and Membrane of the world and our psyche. We can think of how our Spirit/Star/Fire gives us Character and the universe as our Film/Membrane to embed our LIFE/FILM stories/starries into. Remembering that Rainbows (42) are created with the marriage of Light and Water. This Marriage is the creation of the Hue Man also known as the Divine Child/Crowned and Conquering Child/Conjunctio etc. We can also think of how popular the Eye is as a spiritual symbol and a reference to the divine perspective. The Eyes center is called the Iris which is latin for Rainbow, naturally the Iris allows the spectrum of light into our perception. The 42 and the Eye are very much connected.

(Dark Side of the Rainbow aka Syncing Oz to Floyds Darkside)

With all of this floating around in mind I happened to be watching an old favorite youtube video of a 1950s housewife on an LSD test. She says remarkable things that predate Leary and the Hippie generations far out cultural references about getting high and taps into what in my opinion is the currently potent archetypes that lie in the spiritual world that is occulted by our culture(psychedelics are known to do just that). Not only does she talk about Love (Love is the Law) she talks about Light (lvx) as well as the very membrane/astral plane/prima materia/nox that I mentioned above(the duat of Maat). The moment she goes through the veil is beautiful and I reccommend watching this whole thing.

"I've never seen such infinite beauty in my life, it's like a curtain or a spider web"

Add caption

The Film/Membrane/Curtain

Then I happened to notice that Alice Through the Looking Glass will soon be released in theaters. Alice in Wonderland has symbolism that synchronistically relates to the themes of the Astral Plane/Duat/Underworld/Akasha etc. This poster feeds perfectly into my ideas about Water as a symbol for the Aethyr/Membrane/Astral Plane.

All of these themes on my mind and I of course happen to be watching a Halloweeny movie with my girlfriend called "After" from 2012 and noticed some wild syncs. The characters in the film are in a shared dream whilst in a coma after a bus crash. In this time they both enter an inner/quantum entangled world where they both experience a kind of dark night of the soul/underworld journey.

 The young boy in the film is shown writing a comic book called "Beyond the Veil" and shows the characters youthful artworks predicting events later in his life.

I also found this resonant with part of an article my my buddy PJ about the Aethyr in his book Scientific Illuminism.

"The scientific conception of ether today is radically different from what the scientist of fifty years ago meant by the luminiferous ether. So much so, that judged by his standards and speaking his language, the modern idea of ether and its radiation waves are not realities at all. And yet, strangely enough, remarks Sir James Jeans in The Mysterious Universe, the ether is one of the most real things “of which we have any knowledge or experience, and so is as real as anything possibly can be for us.” The entity, which the experimental physicists today would define as ether, must be one, which would respond qualitatively and quantitatively to their instruments and mathematical equations. On the other hand, when the Theurgists refer to the magnetic and electric substance of the Astral Light, a metaphysical condition or state of substance is implied, one which at present cannot be measured or observed with physical instruments, although its existence is corr4obarated in identical terms by a succession of trained seers and magicians. It lies, as already stated, on an altogether different plane of existence and consciousness, and its particles vibrate in such a way and at such a high rate of motion as to be quite invisible and imperceptible to our ordinary exterior sense-apparatus. Recent years have seen in the realm of scientific speculation the development of the electro-magnetic theory, which for practical purposes of physics discards as unnecessary the Victorian hypothesis of an all-pervading undulating luminiferous ether. In its stead, there has been set up as on a lofty throne, crowned and worshipped with devotion, and even more abstract mathematical conception—the Space-time manifold or continuum. One group of scientists are wholly in favour of retaining the ether hypothesis; while several others, no less well-known and no less authoritative, are equally certain that no such subtle structure an ether is existent or even possible. They admit it only as a theoretical frame of reference, in which case it assumes the role of a working hypothesis, without any degree of objective actuality. Yet an examination of the scientific definitions of both of these scientific groups reveals the fact that by the Ether and the Fourdimensional Space-time Continuum one and the same concept is entertained. Sir Arthur Eddington, in one of his recent works, when making reference to these two scientific concepts, expressed the belief that both parties mean exactly the same thing and are divided only by words. Sir James Jeans, in his previously mentioned work, observes cautiously with regard to this obscure question, that it seems appropriate to discard the work “ether” in favour of the more modern term “manifold” or “continuum,” although the essential principle of function is almost entirely unchanged. Elsewhere in the same learned book the statement is made by the erudite scientist that all the phenomena of electro-magnetism may be thought of as occurring in a continuum of four-dimensions—three of space welded to one of time—in which it is impossible to separate the space from the time in any absolute manner." - Isreal Regardie

Eliphas Levi would then go on to state that this Aethyr or ‘menstruum’ as Aleister Crowley referred to it, was pliable and could be affected by a theurgic process so clearly argued in Isreal Regardie’s tome as mentioned above. Scientifically speaking, we could then deduce a certain conservation of energy that implies an innate regulation of shall we say, particle matrices. And Dr. Aspden validates this with his own deductions. He then goes on to suggest that this takes a certain precedence as shall we say, the horizontal matrix in contrast with the vertical, which we have already connected to light6 : Nature is actually able to regulate physical quantities universally and hold them stable to such accuracy, notwithstanding environmental fluctuations, wherever we in the universe. This surely suggests a fundamental mechanism and a reference or control medium, having a universal metric binding all matter together as part of a common system. This seems to be the primary role of the so-called ether, with the light propagation characteristic assuming secondary importance. " - Paul Joseph Rovelli

I began to realize that my relationship to Sync has been for me a particular kind of unveiling seemingly shaped by my natural curiosities about the nature of being. I began to realize that the work of many others also reveals their insight into the particulars based on their perspective. We are beyond the messianic complex times where we think ourselves anyone is chosen by the universe, we are all chosen, and we are all here co-creating this reality and thus syncing together. In this way we are all our own prophets and shamans in this time. If we follow those strange attractions and curiosities we can reveal insights into the nature of self and being for others to experience, reflect and know for themselves too.

"That people should succumb to these eternal images is entirely normal, in fact it is what these images are for. They are meant to attract, to convince, to fascinate, and to overpower. They are created out of the primal stuff of revelation." - C.G. Jung 

I came across this great article by Iona Miller on Facebook just after having the above thoughts on Sync as personal revelation and prophecy.

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Film- A Thin Skin or Membrane Part 1 from Kevin Halcott (@indradhanush42) on Vimeo.

Peace & Wellbeing

Monday, August 3, 2015

Aeon Flux and the Summer of Rainbow Justice

"Following him [Horus] will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now; for the **Computation of Time is not here as There." - Aleister Crowleys old comment on Liber AL

I've been seeing some powerful sync occuring in relation to the Rainbow Wave that just washed over us this summer with the legalization of Gay Marriage. We are now seeing other Civil Rights* historic moments follow up in the removal of Confederate flags in the South. Interesting how Color has been a major theme in the news and supporters of marriage equality flooded facebook with Rainbows. I'm reminded of a a great 42 Jacky Robinson sync about uniting divided colors, I had a feeling that the celebration of this film marked our entrance into another wave of Rainbow initiation.


Personally the Rainbow sync has been something of a cosmic code or a large scale natural initiatory process that I have been tracing throughout time in history and pop culture via this blog here and my Youtube and Vimeo accounts. I have been tracing occurances of Rainbow sybolism and 42 related synchronicities as it seems to me that these symbols are key to the present stage of social and spiritual evolution under way on the planet.

Earlier this year we saw the whitehouse tweet this picture of Barack Obama beaming out Rainbows at 4:24pm precisely. I remember thinking to myself that this was going to be a Syncy summer season.

Sure enough the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality leading to a major wave of Rainbow energy flooding social media, consciousness, and society.  As I've followed in previous posts on this blog, I am charting the social and spiritual evolution of humanity as we make our way into the Aquarian Age which is the new and golden age that social and spiritual pioneers have identified themselves with since the 17th century. 

In sync with this dawning new astrological age I have also focused on the transformation that occured in 1904 when Aleister Crowley declared a New Aeon in scribing the Book of the Law and advanced an era of individualism and spiritual growth. We see Crowley making associations with his Aeon of the Child and the Age of Aquarius in his Aeon Tarot Trump if you look at the ankles of the arched Goddess Nuit. .

Take note that the symbol of Libra the Alpha and Omega area featured in this card. We see plainly that the Aeon of Horus is central to the Archetype of the Aeonic transformation, but we also see looming behind the scenes is the symbol of Libra/Maat, the Aeon to follow.
 Lets also remember in the Kerubim and the Powers of the Sphinx that Aquarius is the fixed sign of Air and is represented by the Man or Child/Angel. Lets also take note that Adam Weishaupt was said to have used the keyword of the era of his initiatory order of the Illuminati as being MAN. Also powerful to think of the founder of America being portrayed in the Capitol Dome called Apotheosis and shows George Washington sitting on a Rainbow, Man becoming God & Gnosis. 

The Apotheosis of Washington from the Capitol Dome at Washington DC

Notice that we are moving from the Age of the Fish (Pisces/Christ/Monotheism) and moving into the Age of Man (Individuality, Gnosis, Humanism, Justice).

And finally we can associate these Aquarian/Man/Civil Liberty/Gnosis themes with the United States Rosicrucian Experiment to create the New Atlantis, and for the Masons this would become the Third Temple and so we have a new age, a new spirituality, new social dynamics, a new land, and a new paradigm. A new order of the ages as well.

Finally this is where some really new and interesting data that came my way becomes something of a profound personal revelation that may have powerful implications in relation to the history of the mystery tradition.

The Goddess Maat who's 42 principles brought her to my attention years ago as I began exploring the 42 Enigma. The Tarot Card for Libra/Maat was initially titled JUSTICE and was chaged to "Adjustment" by Aleister Crowley to remove the anthropocentric definition and allow for a more broad undertanding of how the Archetype of Libra/Maat/Justice expresses itself in nature and humanity. Much of the themes of social spiritual evolution that I have focused on in this blog and in my previous years reading Anarchist Philosophy (A)  ( note that Anarchism is the Law of the nature of things, and its symbol is the Alpha and Omega, the symbol of Maat.

In my previous posts such as The 6th Day Galactic Underworld Aquarian Initiation. among other astrological posts in my archives here, I note that when the ruling planets of the sign of Aquarius - Saturn & Uranus - have linked up throughout the past couple hundred years how synchronously our culture goes through great civil evolution. In the 1700s we saw Saturn and Uranus pair up during revolution and human rights and liberties at the center of the storm, A new form of Ethical humanism and democratic advances were also made. In the 1800s we saw the planets pair up again at the same time Abraham Lincoln was in office and slavery was ending, then again we saw the planets pair up with extra help from Pluto in the 1960s and the new Age unveiled itself and became clear, we saw the civil rights act, womens rights, gay rights, and all kinds of humanist civil rights demands coming to a head. Then in 2009 as I noted here on the blog Barack Obama the first black president was elected on the very day of a special Saturn and Uranus Aquarian Alignment. Here we are again having just seen the end of a Uranus and Pluto set of alignments that began in 1966 just make its final alignment in March of 2015 and social evolution is spiking again.

Now the amazing thing to me about all of this in relation to the Rainbow/42 sync code, is that Astrology puts forth that every time we enter a new age on the sidereal zodiac, that the age has 3 decans or stages, and in the case of Aquarius it is the decan of LIBRA (Maat/Scales/Justice/42) that we are going to first enter once we are in the Aquarian Age. Justice and Equality are at the heart of all of these issues here and how appropriate that both Libra and Aquarius are signs that have to do with the tribal and communal nature of humanity. I do not strictly or strongly ascribe to the literal interpretation of Astrology, but the Synchroncity is powerful and consisten with these patterns, and eventually one does not feel like they are making jumps so much as maybe picking up on natural phenomena.
"Because the ages progress in reverse order to the normal progression of the zodiacal signs, they encounter their respective decans in reverse of the normal order.  For example in the Age of Aquarius the first age-decan is Libra, followed by Gemini and finishing with Aquarius.  At the end of the Aquarian Age Aquarius is also the ruler of the last decan so Aquarius has double the strength compared to the first two-thirds of the Aquarian Age.

Libra age-decan***Gemini age-decanAquarius age-decan"
- from The Dawning of the Aquarian Age

Now things get interesting in relation to Prophecy when we consider the contents of Aleister Crowleys reception of the Book of the Law and it's explicit reference to the which will follow the present Aeon of Horus. 

"But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awakethe lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globed priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Ha wk-headed mystical Lord!" - Liber AL Vel Legis III:34

Crowley continues to reaffirm the connections between an Aeon to follow that of Horus being of Libra/Maat/Justice, as we read below in his Book of Thoth and Commentaries on Liber AL.

"Behind this letter is a symbolic representation of the Sign  of Libra; this is the forth-shadowing of the Aeon which is to follow this present one, presumably in about 2,000 years-“the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place”. The present Aeon is too young to give a more definite representation of this future event." - the Book of Thoth

"Following him [Horus] will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now; for the **Computation of Time is not here as There." - Aleister Crowleys old comment on Liber AL

"Note the close connection between Leo and Libra in the Tarot, the numbers VIII and XI being interchanged with XI and VIII. There is no violent antithesis as that between Osiris and Horus; Strength will prepare the reign of Justice.** We should begin already, as I deem, to regard this Justice as the Ideal whose way we should make ready, by virtue of our Force and Fire." - from Crowleys New Comment on Liber AL

Lets also recall that the Element of Air will now reign as the dominant astrological element of the Age, as Aquarius is the fixed Air sign and that Libra/Maat is the Air Decan that we will first enter as we make this transition.

"Now this Ox is the letter Aleph, and is that Atu of Thoth whose Number is Zero, and whose name is **Maat, Truth, or Maut, the Vulture, the All-Mother, being an image of Our Lady Nuit, but also it is called The Fool, who is Parsifal, ‘der reine Thor’, and so referreth to him that walketh in the Tao."

Below we will see that Crowley partners Libras Tarot Trump with the Fool again and we see specific mention of the dynamic expression of the world as a unity experienced as duality, this is also the Gnosis of the Rainbow- "the colours are many but the light is one."

"This woman-goddess is Harlequin; she is the partner and fulfilment of The Fool. She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, under the phantom-show of Space and Time: all things are real, the Soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are Truth: because they cancel out.
She is the goddess Maat; she bears upon her nemyss the ostrich feathers of the Twofold Truth."

We get more from Crowley about this Aeon of MA or Maat in his New Commen on Liber AL.
Hrumachis is the Dawning Sun; he therefore symbolizes any new course of events. The "double-wanded one" is "Thmaist of dual form as Thmais and Thmait," from whom the Greeks derived their Themis, goddess of Justice. The student may refer to The Equinox, Vol. I., No. 2, pp. 244-261. Thmaist is the Hegemon, who bears a mitre-headed scepter, like Joshua in the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry. He is the third officer in rank in the neophyte ritual of the G\D\ following Horus as Horus follows Osiris. He can then assume the "throne and place" of the Ruler of the Temple when the "Equinox of Horus" comes to an end. (p. 289)"
And then we look at Charles Stanfield Jones who solved the Riddle of AL - and to understand why this is significant we consider that the Book of the Law was first titled, Liber L Vel Legis rather than Liber AL. This is relevant because the Hebrew Letter L or Lamed is the letter associated with the Sign of Libra and the Goddess Maat. So the Law spoken of in the Book of the Law already hints at the importance of the Goddess Maat and I should mention that it was delivered to Aleister Crowley who founded the order A.'.A.'. who's publication is called the Equinox and whos Symbol is the goddess Maat paired with a Ram (Libra and Aires = Equinoxes), a Sheild, and the Eye of Horus.  

" On the 8th of April, 1948, Aleister Crowley’s most important student, one Frater Achad (that is, Charles
Stansfield Jones, 1886-1950), gave written notice that the Aeon of Maat had commenced at 1:11 p.m. upon
April 2nd, 1948, saying, “This day may be considered the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.” Achad
surely believed that the “Incoming of the Aeon of Truth and Justice” had been “foretold in the book
Q.B.L.,” which he had issued privately in 1922."  
—A Wanderer of the Waste, compiled by L. F. Whitcomb

I cannot know if Achad intentionally announced the Aeon of Maat on the 2nd day of the 4th Month (4/2 ie 42) in the gregorian calendar on purpose, being that Maat has 42 principles of truth and justice. Either way it is amazing to se that this first declaration of the Aeon of Maat was by Achad on 4/2 at 11:11 and that this officially ushered in the Age of Aquarius as well. I find it amazing that nowhere does Achad even mention that his declaration would entrain with entry into the Libran/Maat decan of the Zodiac. 

Other occultists such as NEMA have declared the Aeon of Maat and have been working on fleshing out the principles of such an Aeonic transition since 1974. See Wikipedia on Nema https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nema_(occultist)

So what we do know for sure, is that the last Adept who produced the proofs of his grade and begame the Logos of the Aeon by uttering the new spiritual Law that was Liber Al Vel Legis, said himself that the Aeon of Maat was to follow that of Horus and this was a natural evolution of Aeonic energy that should imediately be integrated and sought as an ideal to be embodied. We cannot exactly trust fully in the claims of other mystics about the changing of the Aeon because there is unfortunately no proof that these individuals were adepts capable of uttering new spiritual laws. Its important to note that Achads Liber Penumbrae is the Foreshadowing of the forthcoming Aeon of Maat, and was not the utterance of new Law. We can also remember that all prophets are true save that they know a little and that all prophets are also fools and thus capable of expressing the spiritual current.

This blog has unconsciously been channeling the themes of social spiritual evolution toward the ideal justice of a new humanitarian age, while doubly focusing on the mysteries of the Astral Plane and the relationship between the Goddess Maat and the Rainbow, as well as the 42 archetype. See my Film a Thin Skin or Membrane video series launched in 2010.

Film- A Thin Skin or Membrane Part 1 from Kevin Halcott (@indradhanush42) on Vimeo.

I have spent years exploring the synchronicities in my life that reveal the nature of Synchronicity aka Karma aka the laws of nature and life, the laws of maat, the adjustment and interconnectivity of all things which Maat symbolizes. Synchronicity particularly deals with cause and effect and reveals seamless union between all things, proving that all things are one and effect eachother. This is what the Goddess Maat represents, the order which is the sum of all chaotic processes, the unity dance of nothing under the guise of unity comprehended through duality. Synchronicity consciousness is an extension of Maat-ian / Libran awareness where cause and effect are dissolved as well as self and other. Maat representing law and justice also rules over the tribe, the state, and the laws that govern them. Again how fascinating that the symbol for Anarchy is the symbol of Maat/42/Alpha Omega. So when we move into a Maatian age, and a Libran astrological decan in time, we will see these themes resonating strongly in our culture. This is exactly where we are now, and the American Rosicrucian Atlantian experiment was the beginning of a new social order, lead by none other than a Man who was depicted as becoming a God. And lets not forget that Man being God is the ancient Gnosis that was revived by Aleister Crowley and beautifully put into place in the tradition of prophecy in the inspired work of Liber Al Vel Legis.

Think about how the Aeon of Horus was a time of chaotic change, the birthing of a new consciousness, the vengeance and war of the world was was about to be unleashed, the power in all was realized, and the godhood in all was realized over time as well after the 1960s. The age of individuality was also unleashed and gave way to incredible social evolution, as well as the social darwinism that America has championed in its right wing for a long time, resulting in much of the forseen war of the Aeon of Horus. It is natural then as Crowley even points out, that all of this Force and Fire would have to be practice in JUSTICE, and that beautifully demonstrates how Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law is a responsibility to enact ones True Will, that Golden Thread of personal developement, expression, and transcendence that is the mystic goal and the accomplishment of the Great Work spoken of by the mystery schools. Love is the Law is also highly implicit in the Libran energy as the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, Venus is Love and Libra is the Law. So naturally we can see how this age of Karmic responsibility, social responsibility, ecological responsibility, scientific responsibility, and a need for a totally harmonized system of society is the evolution of Pisces into Aquarius, and of Osiris into Horus into Maat. We have realized Spirit and now we are moving into the mysteries of the Spiritual reality, hence all of the afterlife sync that I have found in relation to 42/maat/Rainbows.

We must even begin to think of how vital all social philosophy has been in this dawning Aeon of Maat and consider how much thinkers and gnostic saints like Neitsche and Blake were key to the expression of the energy of the Aeon of Horus. Then we can begin to think of all the social justice figures who have come since the Aeon of Horus and how our progressive society celebrates these people almost as if saints in the process of creating the ideal world of our collective dreams. Carl Jungs self knowledge contributions and his contributions of Synchronicity conciousness are perfect Maatian expressions of consciousness following the gnostic revelations of the early 1900s.

Just a few weeks ago, right when the Supreme Court made ruled in favor of JUSTICE for the Tribe, I was taking my Initiation into the Grade of Zealator in the A.'.A.'. and would be encountering the Initiation Ritual "Liber Cadaveris" or "Passage through the Duat" that very weekend.

I found it incredible that the world was filled with Rainbow Justice on the very weekend that I was actually receiving the instructions for my Spiritual journey into the Astral Triad of Yesod and thus the Egyptian concept of the Astral Plane known to them as Maats Duat. And in the Cabalistic tree of my initiation I would now be pericing the veil of Quesheth or the Rainbow! Followers of my blog and personal journey will understand how syncy that really is.

It was years ago while writing my piece for the Sync Book that I realized Crowley already synthesized the concepts of the Rainbow and Maats Duat in his work LIBER 242 **. 

"Fashion thyself by austere craft
Into a single azure shaft
Loosed from the string of Will; behold
The Rainbow! Thou art shot, pure flame,
Past the reverberated Name
Into the Hall of Death. Therein
The Rosy Cross is subtly seen."How wacky is that? I think this line may even refer to the grade of Zelator in reference to the single azure shaft, this would be the foundation, the middle pillar, which is more fully realized as one reaches intitation into the Astral Triad at Yesod. Notice that the Rainbow is mentioned and immediately after the Hall of Death (being the hall of the afterlife where Maat judges the dead).

Heres some shots of the literature that I received the weekend of my initiation, highlighting the peircing of the Raibow veil, and the importance of recognizing the Social Evolution that signals the dawning of the Aeon of Maat.

The Zelator Grade work in Aleister Crowleys AA synthesizes the Egyptian Duat archetype with the Cabalistic Veil of Queseth archetype, I did not know any of this while working on my Film a Thin Skin or Membrane series where I synthesize these concepts through popular art.

Seen here is a document from the order known as the IOA or Invisible Order of Adepts who are seeking to actualize the Aeon of Maat.

More to come soon!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Obvious and the Invisible - Something Immovable - Leonard Nimoy and the One World Antahkarana Center

"By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night." 
- Exodus 13:21

"Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe, for Eternity is in travail of a Terrible Child; she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put his father to flight. The Obelisks are broken; the stars have rushed together: the Light hath plunged into the Abyss: the Heavens are mixed with Hell." 
- Aleister Crowley the 30th Aethyr

Hello, Kevin/@INDRADHANUSH42 here, its been a while!

This blog post is in honor of Leonard Nimoy, an artist who's work has played a key role in our collective initiation into Cosmic Consciousness. In the picture above we can see his bust resonating with what is known in the Esoteric Tradition as the Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge. Tibetan mystics taught that this Antahkarana is every persons link to their Spiritual Essence, and that energetically this exists as a Tower of Spiritual energy that flows through our bodies between the Center of the Earth and the Center of the Heavens. 

"It is no accident that the pot-head generally refers to his neural state as "high" or "spaced-out." The transcendence of gravitational, digital, linear, either-or, Aristotelian, Newtonian, Euclidean, planetary orientations (circuits I-IV) is, in evolutionary perspective, part of our neurological preparation for the inevitable migration off our home planet, now beginning. This is why so many pot-heads are STAR TREK freaks and science fiction adepts. (Berkeley, California, certainly the Cannabis Capital of the U.S., has a Federation Trading Post on Telegraph Avenue, where the well-heeled can easily spend $500 or more in a single day, buying STAR TREK novels, magazines, newsletters, bumper stickers, photographs, posters, tapes, etc., including even complete blueprints for the starship ENTERPRISE.) 

The extraterrestrial meaning of being "high" is confirmed by astronauts themselves; 85% of those who have entered the free-fall zero gravity describe "mystic experiences" or rapture states typical of the neurosomatic circuit. "No photo can show how beautiful Earth looked," raves Captain Ed Mitchell, describing his Illumination in free-fall. He sounds like any successful yogi or pot-head. No camera can show this experience because it is inside the nervous system." - Robert Anton Wilson  Cosmic Trigger

We notice above that our pal and Synchromystic OG Robert Anton Wilson used a hermetic lense when looking at Star Trek, finding its cast to be a representation of the 8 Chakra System of Yoga. This ties together perfectly the associations I have made and will continue to make between Dr.Spock and the Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge of Chakras in our subtle body.
We even find that Spock was a Trickster, kind of a Leprechaun (Rainbow resonator) or Mescalito or Green Man for Wilson. We notice here in Cosmic Trigger that Spock was a resonator of Cosmic Consciousness, and via Live Long an Prosper, a resonator of he Mystical Attainment of union or identification with the Eternal Transcendant Divinity. As we continue along we will see this theme blossom in classic synchromystic fashion.  
Before his passing Spock shared poetry of his that highlights his personal beleif in this eternal and transcendant force, he calls it Love an says that it is an ageless song that we all have and share. This is powerful because our local Shaman here @Syncwinnipeg/@Tonkiri recently wrote a song called "Love is a Time Traveller" highlighting this same Gnosis of the Heart.

The inverted triangle reflects the descent of Spirit into Matter, it represents Divine Grace, and the principle of Eternal Fire. Notice how Spock resonates the downward pointing triangle, which as revealed by Aleister Crowley, is connected with the downward descending Flame of our Spirit. According to the Eastearn Esoteric traditions it is also the Starry Cosmic Life Force that comes into our Body through the Antahkarana Spinal Column and connects down into the Earth where it Crystalizes into Matter. The Antahkarana is much like the  Shekinah which in the Hebrew tradition is the feminine container and path for divine energy to flow. We'll learn more about the Antahkarana and Shekinah as we move through this blog post.

I've walked past this Star Trek poster in my home for 8 years, and not ever having been much of a fan always wondered what kind of Rainbow Gnosis this poster and Dr Spock might old for me down the line.

"The tower of Babel is the synonym in the Bible for a human being. In a "normal" human being every part works and communicates together. The brain, spine and connection with the Soul, the Antahkarana, comprise the tower. Along the spine are the Seven Major Chakras or parallel processors. As I said, these chakras rarely communicate. They rarely work together. The parable goes that because God was afraid that the Tower of Babel would be built so high as to reach heaven, he purposefully created different languages amongst the various people building the tower. Because of the lack of communication the tower never got built to Heaven.
The lack of communication between the chakras, or the people building the Tower of Babel, symbolises their lack of integration. Because we are not integrated our psychic bodies will not reach up to heaven. We never managed to contact our Higher Selves. We are not Enlightened. The Enlightened have built a Tower of communication "Twixt Heaven and Earth". In the Ancient Sanskrit this Tower has been given the name "The Antahkarana". It is the psychic wiring, created in mental matter. A thoughtform created dually by the Soul and the aspirant to connect the Crown Chakra through to the Soul and then to the spiritual triad and then the Monad. Your evolution is the height of your Antahkarana. The Astral plane is not flat. Although most people inhabit the psychic slums in the basement of the astral plane in their dreams, when they go to sleep. It is the "Rainbow Bridge" whereby the Higher frequencies of the energy of the Soul are stepped down to that of the Earth, so that the Earth itself can raise its frequencies, can evolve. We have been created to help in this creative act." - Satchidanand

As is reiterated above, the esoteric tradition teaches that man has a subtle body, and that this subtle body is his Spiritual Link to the eternal and transcendant condition of being. The Antahkarana is the link between the visible world of effects and the invisible world of Causes. I'd like to think of Sync as the kind of binding proof of these invisible occult dynamics crystalizing into fullness of form. 

I like to think of Spock as a Character who springs forth from our imagination after our initiation into cosmic consciousness with success in leaving the Earths atmosphere via the Apollo Missions to the Moon.  This character can be seen to represent that leading edge of the human frontier, that frontier where the known and the unknown, the obvious and the occult come together.

It is then no wonder that when the creators of the show Fringe wanted to choose an individual to represent the head of a Paralell (Invisible/Occult) Universes Stargate technology team. We see Leonard Nimoy fitting perfectly into pace. Take note of his characters name, William Bell, who was involved in making history with Telephone Communication, and has some weird conniptions to Nazi UFOS too.  But lets remember this connection between Spock and Communication keeping in mind that the Antahkarana is the Link betwen the obvious and the occult.

Here we see the Twin Towers of the Paralell or invisible universe, which Nimoy aka William Bell presides over the Stargates that allow people to traverse from one reality to the next. Just as in Star Trek he was between the worlds of the Humans the the Vulcans we see Spock between worlds again in Fringe. NEMO means No Man, again we have the Obvious and the Invisible theme. It is NEMO who in the Thelemic Qabalistic tradition is said to be the state of consciousness when one becomes a Master of the Temple, which is associated with the Sphere of Saturn aka Binah. 

"And an Angel cometh forth, of pure pale gold, walking upon the water. Above his head is a rainbow, and the water foams beneath his feet.(...) A voice comes: This water which thou seest is called the water of death6. But NEMO hath filled therefrom our springs. And I said: Who is NEMO? And the voice answered: A dolphin's tooth, and a ram's horns, and the hand of a man that is hanged, and the phallus of a goat. (By this I understand that nun is explained by shin, and he' by resh, and mem by yod, and ayin by tau8. NEMO is therefore called 165 = 11 x 15; and is in himself 910 = 91 Amen x 10; and 13 x 70 = The One Eye, Achad Ayin.) "
"And now there cometh an Angel into the garden, but he hath not any of the attributes of the former Angels, for he is like a young man, dressed in white linen robes. And he saith: No man hath beheld the face of my Father. Therefore he that hath beheld it is called NEMO. And know thou that every man that is called NEMO hath a garden that he tendeth. And every garden that is and flourisheth hath been prepared from the desert by NEMO, watered with the waters that were called death." - Aleister Crowley - the Cry of the 13th Aethyr

Notice how NEMO (aka No-Man/DeadMan) is a FISH and how the DEATH tarot card features one of the prime symbols of Scorpio, THE FISH. The above vision was of the 13th Aethyr and Death is the 13th Tarot Trump.

Star Trek: Into Darkness features the Death of Spock. We must note that the Sphere of Binah/Saturn is associated with the Color Black, the Womb of Space, the City of Pyramids, and the Scythe as a symbol of Saturn, death, and Time. Saturn has particular associations with matter, form, structure, and Cubes, there was even a hexagram/Cube on the top of Saturn for some tim.. This Into Darkness poster screams 9/11, and even featured a memorial to the event at the end of the film.

It's also interesting to note that 42, the angle at which light and water synthesize to give birth to a Rainbow, is also the sum of the numbers present on the Magic Cube of Saturn.

The Crossing of the Abyss between Jupiter and Saturn is interestedly well demonstrated in 2001 a Space Odyssey, 

We must not forget the great early work of Jake Kotze, as he revealed these synchronistic associations between the Twin Towers and Stargates in his video "Midnight on the Island of Atum". I am fairly certain that Jake pointed out these Stargate associations before Fringe aired.

Now look at this incredible perspective when looking up from the bottom of the One World Trade Center Tower/Antahkarana. It appears to go up into infinity, just like the Antahkarana. This is mind blowing to me as many of my earlier work which I will paste below makes associations with the WTC and the Tower to heaven, well before this architecture was revealed and the 1WTC was complete.

The Obvious

The Invisible

We have made the jump my friends, Professor Bell has taken his place within the Pillars of the Abodes of the Invisible. The Towers no longer exist, but an ANTI PRISM tower now stands, and it is created to look as though it is a Tower that Stretches to the infinite heavens, just as the Antahkarana is said to do. These to me are confirmations that Consciousness is now integrating the knowledge of our place in the Scheme of Eternity, we are coming to know that THOU ART THAT, and that THAT is ETERNAL. The Visible and Invisible realms have been brought together.

Not only that, there used to be a Sphere that was inspired by the Kaaba cube at Mecca, between the Twin Towers, and the Symbol of the Antahkarana itself is a CUBE. Which could aslso represent the Perfect Ashlar of the Spirit, or RA HOOR KHUIT, the Spiritually Perfected self who's symbol is the Inverted Triangle, that Spirit is what is Eternal in us, Live long and Prosper.

The Twin Towers are connected to the Twin Pillars of Solomons Temple, said to be the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz of the Qabalistic Tree of LIfe. This Qabalistic Tree of LIfe is a diagram that connects the Crown to the Coin, these are SPirit and Matter, and the Tree of Life is a symbol for the Antahkarana as well, where our Spiriual Essence Hidden in Kether becomes manifest as its Mirroed Sphere in Malkuth. Again, visible and invisible, Spiritual and Material themes. "It is said that Malkuth is in Kether, and Kether is in Malkuth" aka Matter is hidden in Spirit, and so too is Spirit hidden in Matter" 

The High Preistess is the Tarot Card that Connects the visible Suns Sphere of Tiphareth to the Invisible Sphere (above the abyss) of Kether. Some have made associations between the Star Sirius and Kether, after all, Sirius is the Sun behind the Sun. If the Sun or Tiphareth is the Obvious Star, then Sirius or Kether is the invisible/occult Star. Sirius is the source of much synchronicity for folks who tap into these kinds of metanaratives, Crowley, Grant, Wilson, Bailey, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, PKD, the Dogon, Egypt and the rest of the early traditions of metaphysics and astronomy/astrology and astrotheology. Notice above how the Twin Towers of the Qabalistic Tree of Life are presented with the High Preistess in between them, and note how the High Preistess tarot card prominently features the Rainbow and the Bow of Sagitarius. The Tarot Card of Sagitarrius "Art" and the "High Preistess" are the Two Paths on the Tree of Life that are on the Middle Pillar which is very precisely where the Antahkarana and the Human Spine are represented. This shows a continual connection between the Twin Towers and the Rainbow, just as we saw Spock with both the Rainbow and the Twin Towers.

The Cuboid Kaaba of Mecca was the inspiration for the Sphere at the WTC

The Sphere at the WTC is based on the Kaaba cube of Mecca, and is thus further makes the WTC an Antahkarana Resonator, as the Antahkarana is symbolized by the Cube.

Clear confirmation of the associations between the Eternal Flame of the Antahkarana Tower/Cube, the Cube at Mecca, and the Sphere at Ground Zero. (Thanks to Darren for this screenshot)

Lets not forget that 9/11 instigated the SHOCK AND AWE or SHEKINAH campaign of GW Bush

Shock and Awe -  Shekinah - 9/11 and the story of Life Force Awakening unfolds

Yes believe it or not, perfect bullseye resonance between Leonard Nimoy and the Antahkarana Tower which is the Dwelling place of Spirit Eternal aka God. His book SHEKINAH. This is seen as a feminine force as the Shekinah is the Container of the energy, just as the female egg is the vessel human birth, and our material realm has direct associations with the all bearing goddess, Mother, Mater, Matter, Material. Nimoy released a book called Shekinah, which is an intriguing analog of the Tibetan Antahkarana and the concepts of the Yoga traditions about the rising Kundalini Serpent up the Nadis of the Spine as well. 

It's important to note that we see the woman on the cover of the book wearing the Hebtrew Teffilin which is a hand strap that one is instructed to wear, with a box that contains scrolls, the Tefillin contains the 42 lettered Name of God. 

TEFILLIN translates to SOMETHING IMMOVABLE - in other words, something that transcends the Obvious and the Invisible. 

Notice the Tefillin and Spock hands as well as the Hexagram which we can also trace back to the Merkabah chariot traditions of the early Hebrew mystics. Aeon hands. 

Spock was close with William Shatners character in the show, both of them learning from each others natures, almost like a psychic syzegy.

Interesting to note that Nimoy is associated with the Twin Towers, and captain Kirk William Shatner is associated with Airplanes.

"Theres some..thing..on the wing"

Planes, flight, kundalini, twin towers, all resonators of Life Force and the Antahkarana Tower, Mercury is associated with Travel, Wings, Planes, and the Antahakarana Rainbow Bridge.

In Alchemy it is Mercury that binds Salt and Sulpher, Mercury the Messenger is the transcendent point wherein the communication of opposite forces occurs, making Mercury a symbol near to the Magickal or Divine Child who represents the synthesis of Maternal and Paternal forces. Thus we can say that Mercury is also the Spine which communicates higher vibrations from the source of Spirit, communicating that energy down and into the Material. Thus Mercury is the communicator that binds the visible and the invisible. We can see this presented on Aleister Crowleys tarot card "The Magus".

The Magus is the Messenger aka the Bridge, notice 2 things, 1 the Pillar staff wrapped with the Serpent that travels from the Black realm beneath the feet of Hermes, up to its Top where it results in the Winged Cadeuces with a Dove/Bird/Plane descending down the Column/Pillar/Staff/Antahkarana. Thus we can see Mercury is directly related to the mysteries of penetrating the invisible, and this card shows us that the Antahkarana tower resides in both the Obvious and the Invisible realms.

The Antahkarana is the Pillar in the Void, it is the same pillar that is the vision of hermes, and the Tower. BUT look…. theres some…thing…on the wing….. yes its THOTH, the Egyptian Hermes, pictured as the Baboon/ Ape.

It is the The Ape of Thoth that is also the Trickster, representing the duality function of the mind , which is associated with the qualities of Mercury. To be mercurial is to flip flop back and forth, to be a bridge for opposites. Thus we see Shatner resonating Mercuries Tarot Card "The Magus", and it is this Ape of thoth which can fool the aspirant on his path, if he becomes identified with the dual functions of the mind, never finding that Transcendent synthesis, one will go mad. Paranoia and imbalance occur when we step off the middle pillar/way/antahkarana/dao. 

We also see this mercurial split theme in the Vulcan/Human Spock nature of Nimoys Star Trek role, and his voicing jekyll and hyde in Pagemaster.

Nimoy voiced as Jekyll/Hyde 

Our pal Spock once did a special on an Apelike creature too, BIGFOOT. If youve been following my Twitter since January, you would know its been a major theme for me.

I also couldn't help but think of this Rainbow and Bigfoot together from Tencious D and the Pick of Destiny, which I believe was the first movie I ever wrote a Sync blog post about, it was either that or Brazil but it was certainly way back. Its interesting how many timelines Nimoy connects in the narratives that I've constructed on this page over the years.

Bigfoot represents our Bestial Nature, we are animals, we are related to the animal world, but we are not Bigfoots either, we are something more. So Bigfoot is very much tied to the Mysteries of the Rainbow Bridge/Antahkarana, as our body is the Animal Vessel, our Bigfoot, which our Starry Consciousness resides in and directs the life of.

The Monolith is also the Antahkarana in some sense, the Pillar in the Void, the Pillar that is also the void. And it was the Monolith from 2001 a Space Odyssey that inspired the Millennium Hilton that stood a the site of the Twin Towers when they fell in the year mentioned in the film that inspired the hotels very form and theme. Another synchromystic Gem of insight via Jake Kotze from years ago.

2001 A Space Odyssey is very much about the Rainbow Bridge as well, we see in the film the evolution of Man from Apelike Bigfoot creatures, into the form of David Bowman, who then becomes the eternal magickal child at the end of his human frontier. Bowman is Saggitarius, the Centaur, part Animal, Part Consciousness. Just like the Antahkarana connects our Spirit and Matter. Sagitarrius is the Watery Fire sign, and thus is particularly associated with the Rainbow. And via its Tarot card "ART" featuring the Rainbow and the words VITRIOL

Visit the Interior Parts of the Earth and Rectify your Energy there. This is the alchemical encouragement to find our invisible nature, and become that very bridge between the interior parts of our self, and our exterior worldly self. This completes the alchemical work of uniting opposites, and completes the Antahkarana bridge. 

"The sign of Sagittarius corresponds to the Hebrew month of Kislev. It is the central column of the fire signs, ruled by Jupiter (in Hebrew "Tzedek"), and the Hebrew letters Samech and Gimel. The letter Samech created the sign of Sagittarius, and comes from the phrase Somech noflim (supporting the fallen). In the Zohar, the article called "The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” says that the Hebrew letters came before the Creator to ask that the world be created beginning with each one. When the letter Samech came before the Creator, the Creator told it to go back to its place, which is after the letter Nun, and to support the Nun from falling. That is how we get the word nes (“miracle” in English). The letter Nun created the sign of Scorpio in which the Flood happened, and after the Flood, God put the rainbow in the sky as an omen that there would never be a flood again." - Kabbalah Centre

Notice that the Rainbow comes to show that the Flood (which is associated with Scorpio) will no longer occur. The flood symbolizing death, and Death being Scorpios tarot card, we can see how these works are telling us that the Rainbow is the symbol of our connection to the eternal divinity, that we cannot actually Die, but that death is an illusion and a construct of the mind. Thus The Rainbow represents our life force that transcends life and death, the Obvious sand the Invisible. As Aleister Crowley says about Death and the connection between the mind and body.

“If then the mind be attached constantly to the Body, Death hath no Power to decompose it wholly, but a decaying Shell of the dead Man, his Mind holding together for a little his Body of Light, haunteth the Earth, seeking a new Tabernacle (in its Error that feareth Change) in some other Body. These Shells are broken away utterly from the Star that did enlighten them, and they are Vampires, obsessing them that adventure themselves into the Astral World without Magical Protection, or invoke them, as do the Spiritists. For by Death is Man released only from the Gross Body, at the first, and is complete otherwise upon the Astral Plane, as he was in his Life. But this Wholeness suffereth Stress, and its Girders are loosened, the weaker first and after that the stronger.”
“Consider now in this Light what shall come to the Adept, to him that hath aspired constantly and firmly to his Star, attuning the Mind unto the Musick of its Will. In him, if his Mind be knit perfectly together is itself, and conjoined with the Star, is so strong a Confection that it breaketh away easily not only from the Gross Body, but the fine. It is this Fine Body which bindeth it to the Astral, as did the Gross to the Material World so then it accomplisheth willingly the Sacrament of a second Death and leaveth the Body of Light. But the Mind, cleaveth closely, by Right of its Harmony, and Might of its Love, to its Star, resisteth the Ministers of Disruption, for a Season, according to its Strength. Now, if this Star be of those that are bound by the Great Oath, incarnating without Remission because of Delight in the Cosmic Sacrament, it seeketh a new Vehicle in the appointed Way, and indwelleth the Fœtus of a Child, and quickeneth it. And if at this Time the mind of its Former Tabernacle yet cling to it, then is there Continuity of Character, and it may be Memory, between the two Vehicles. This is, briefly and without Elaboration, is the Way of Asar in Amennti, according to mine Opinion, of which I say not: This is the Truth." - Aleister Crowley
As we can see Crowley stating above, that the eternal consciousness, the Star of a person, if fully realized, transcends one mortal vehicle and is suspected to take up dwelling in a new infant child if it wills to reincarnate. This is represented in the Tibetan reincarnation, where Asar in Amenti is also the spirits journey through the Bardo. This is the Starchild that Bowman becomes after he crosses the Abyss in 2001 a Space Odyssey. All of these things have particular resonance with the psychedelic experience as well.

This Starchild archetype is reflected in Aleister Crowleys the Aeon Tarot Card, this card represents the rebirth of the world by Spiritual Fire, this is the Hebrew Letter SHINs Tarot Card, and the Elemental Fire card out of the 22 major arcana. It is the Eternal Flame of our Spiritual Fire that Shin/The Aeon represents. The world was transformed by this Aeonic Flame in 1904 when Crowley received the Book of the Law declaring that every man and every woman is a Star. Thus in this age we realize that just as night is but the shadow of the earth, death is but the shadow of the body. We know that the earth revolves around the Sun who burns ever steady, not rising nor setting, so just as sunrise and sunset are illusions based from earths perspective, so too is Birth and Death an illusion from the perspective of the physical body. 
"... the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for as it is now known that night is but the shadow of the Earth, so Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from its bearer." - Aleister Crowley (Heart of the Master)

Crowley has a vision of a very similar glowing star child in his vision of the Magickal Child in his scryings of the 30th Aethyr of the Astral Plane. 
"I AM in a vast crystal cube in the form of the Great God Harpocrates. This cube is surrounded by a sphere2. About me are four archangels in black robes, their wings and armour lined out in white."
"Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe, for Eternity is in travail of a Terrible Child; she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put his father to flight.
The Obelisks are broken; the stars have rushed together: the Light hath plunged into the Abyss: the Heavens are mixed with Hell."


Also its interesting to note the connections between Gene Roddenbury and "The Nine", as well as the Psychic who claims to be from Sirius "Baschar" who was a writer for Star Trek the next Generation. Theres are fascinating connections to everything above.

Baschar and Sirius


In recent news we can see this theme of the obvious and the invisible uniting.

For deeper insight, we cannot forget that The Twin Towers, Sirius, the Rainbow, and Alice Bailey are all intimately connected, to remind us I will post from a 2009 blog post of mine. You can also check out these videos for more context for this pattern.

"In Memory of Sirius" one of the only of the animals to die in the 9/11 tragedy.

Well heres an interesting Tid-bit that I thought just had to make its way into the synchrosphere. Raybeam of the great Synchromysticism Forum and Blog released a new Video Who the Fuck is Paris Hilton?" I highly reccomend checking this video and all of the Synch forums threads work lately.
Raybeam mentions in his video that the only Documented Animal to die in service on September 11th 2001 was a Police Dog named SIRIUS! On that Note all I had to do was Google Sirius and September 11th and I came across some wild stuff indeed.

Note K-9 = 9/11. K is the 11th letter of the AlephBet, Sirius was BADGE NUMBER 17! He also Graduated from police doggie school right smack in the middle of the Dog Dayz of Sirius the Star. According to the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey Sirius also resonates the numbers 14 and 17. We can also note that "THE STAR" Tarot card # 17 appears to Depict Isis/Sirius Flooding the Nile river, also denoting the Dawned Age of Aquarius. The Mystery Schools of the Western traditions do say that "The Star" Major Tarot card, see Roman Numeral 17 , this IS the Sirius Star. Quite snug.

Now wait it gets even better. Sirius was found on 2/22/02 and on April 24th 2002 thats 4/24/2002 a Rainbow(42) Bridge Ceremony was held for Sirius with the Official New York and New Jersey Police Department and Port Authorities Memorial Salute for Sirius the dog.
During this Memorial Salute a Painting was Unveiled called a "Salute to Sirius" painted by a New Yorker. The Painting can be seen below.
Now look at the STARS right above SIRIUS' the Dogs Head. A Comment below also noticed the Artist who painted this was named Susan STONEBRAKER StoneBreakers are also Freemasons, well get to them later.
Yes that constellation located above the Crown of SIRIUS is the CONSTELLATION CANIS MAJOR THE DOG CONSTELLATION! featuring the brightest Star in the Night Sky, SIRIUS! Featured right next to the Pillarmids.
the Dog Constellation Canis Major with the luminous Sirius star at the top, This Police Dog was Obviously named after this constellation.
Seen here is the Sirius K9(11-9) Memorial Pin, A friend Noted the Antennae coming from Sirius Pineal Chakra as well as the Piscean-Fish resonation of the Ribbon shape, the two towers being joined together also resonates the Piscean Jupiter glyph )-( two Fish bound together as one. hah I love that hes Number 17.
NOw heres where it gets even stranger, as it turns out the Memorial that was written for Sirius has Obvious references to the Dog Star, the Brightest Star in the Night, the Guardian (Anubis, Underworld Dog God/Guide) just readd this whole thing.
Okay so heres a shot from the Memorial Website for Sirius, now the song Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz plays in the background as your reading this too, see it for yourself here and here. New York and OZ have met many times before in the synchrosphere, as the letters N and Y are one letter away from O and Z. (l-m-N-O-p....w-x-Y-Z). Now lets not jump ahead of ourselves, lets read this memorial to Sirius.
Features allusions to Canis Major like-
" Brightest Star on Earth*, Closest to our Hearts"-
(Sirius=Brightest Star visible from Earth, Hearts=Tin Man-Seeks Heart-Oz-Over Rainbow-42 degrees creates rainbow-Jupiter looks like 42-Monolith found on Jupiter in Space Odyssey)
" Shine above in distant skies, Guardian as you always were"- (Anubis=Sirius=Underworld Guardian in Egypt). And the closing line is a hit.
(Run free over the Rainbow into the Emerald City is more like it)
A friend also reminded me of Totos role in Oz and going over the rainbow, (Note: In a future Post , we explore the real Toto and Rainbow connection to Sirius)
Green is the color of Rebirth and Sirius plays an imporant role in rebirth and New Years in many countries.
So now how else do the Rainbow, Green, Bridges, Sirius, September 11th, and the Wizard of Oz come together.
As Jake Kotze has pointed out the 1980s Musical " The Wiz" contains very interesting Synchronicites relative to 9-11, Oz, Rainbows, Twin Towers and Bridges.
In the film the 4 Initiates take the Brooklyn Bridge *( thanks) which is a Yellow Bricke Road to the Emerald City or OZ or NY.

Upon crossing the bridge they end up in a Pyramid Filled Labyrinth which features the Twin Towers connected at the middle by a Giant Bridge. This Image to me resonates Pisces Duality Unified or Bridged, the symbol for Pisces itself is like )-( two fish or crescents or arches bound together, Jupiter rules Pisces and was also the location of the Stanley Kubrick 2001 Odyssey Black Monolith which the Hilton Hotel was modeled after and sat dead center at Ground 0 September 11th. See my Last Video for Piscean Transition an The WTC Monolith stuff.
We can see OZ/NY where the Kaba stone would be between the Two Pillars over the Rainbow.
Rainbows and the Twin Towers have been popping up alot more in the Synchrosphere recently, Jake Kotzes great video JenBow provides us with more Rainbow/Twin Towers symbolism.
A snap from Jakes video featuring a shot from "When Harry Met Sally" with Billy Crystals yellow car between an Arch and before the Twin Pillars.
A University of Chicago sticker is then flashed on the back of Crystals Car just as its pulling away from the Twin Pillars, the Arch in the rainbow and the CresCent in ChiCago also resonate with Jupiter/42/Rainbowz.

Now this is a Shot from Jake Kotzes Original GangStar with a shot from "GodSpell" the musical, the main character fashioned after Jesus crosses the George Washington Bridge with the Twin Towers in the shot, with a Carriage/Chariot bearing Checkers and Rainbow/Arch/Crescent as well as the Holy Dove/Spirit.
The Twin Towers can be seen interfacing with the Rainbow in the lower right corner on Jesus Rainbow Checker Chariot on the Brooklyn * Bridge.

Rainbow Brooklyn Bridge and OZ in "The Wiz"
Interestingly Jake Kotze has pointed out that the Twin Towers also reflect the Masonic/Kabbalistic Two Pillars Jachim and Boaz, as seen above, The Two Pillars as well as the 5 Pointed Blazing Star of Sirius are major Icons in Freemasonic Symbolism. The Pillars and the Blazing Star of Sirius can be seen in the image together above, so before the Twin Towers and Sirius the Dog were together at all Secret Societies have been worshipping these images next to eachother for Ages. The Pentagon was also attacked on 9-11 and the Pentagon is a Masonic Star symbolizing Sirius the Dog Star.
Another interesting bit is that soon after the death of the Sirius 9-11 Martyr Memorial another Dog was Named Sirius in memory of the original, hes now a Seeing Eye Dog, He actually Graduated from the Seeing Eye Doggie Academy in MorrisTown Weird New Jersey, a UFO and other weirdness Hotspot according to the Secret de Soleil .
Seeing Eyes, Sirius, and Twin Pillars very common in Freemasonic art like this.
The Two Pillars of Freemasonry and the Stairway to Sirius -the Blazing Star of the Masonic tradition. American Southerner, 33rd Degree Mason and founder of Scottish Rite Masonry Albert Pike says this about Sirius and the Blazing Star.
"The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star." - Albert Pike 33° (Morals and Dogma, page 486)
"The sun and moon ... represent the two grand principles ... the male and the female ... both shed their light upon their offspring, the blazing star, or Horus." Albert Pike 33 (Morals & Dogma, pp. 13-14)
Seen Below is some Masonic Artwork featuring the Twin Pillars Jachim and Boaz as well as the prominent Masonic All Seeing Eye, as seen on the back of your American Dollar Bill.
Pillars, Stars, Seeing Eyes, Sirius, Masons.
SO now we have sufficient context tying the Blazing Dog Star Sirius and the Twin Pillars as well as the Rainbow Bridge to Oz/NY, How else are Sirius and New York Aligned? Well heres a shot from Janes Addictions Perry Pharells "Wish Upon a Dog Star" Music video, featuring Perry and his band flying around in a Buckminister Fuller Hexagon Dome.
That hexagonal Dome might look familiar. In this song the lyrics " With all my Love I over flow the river Nile", Sirius was Egypts New Year Star as it rose before the Sun would rise into the Dog Dayze of Summer and Flood the Nile. Now lets take a look at the Y-2K MillenniuM Ball from New Yorks MM 2K celebrations.
The Hexagonal Y2K MilleniuM Ball in NY, Looks at like like Perrys Dog Starship right?

Richard Hoagland at his website also found that on the Eve of 2K the Millenium Sirius was Exactly at 33 Degrees Above New York City. OZ wasnt the only place to party like a Dog Star.
Hoaglands Images of France I beleive Illuminating a Phallace for the 2K Celebrations, below those images is the Dogon Tribe from Mali Africas numer Sirius glyphs, as they clame their culture originated from slimey beings from Sirius who taught them technology and gave them precise astrological knowledge that only now Modern Science can confirm.
Update:5/2- I also recently received some info from Blogger Sub Species at Semioticology who has found numerous Sirian Architectures surrounding the 9-11 Twin Towers. I reccomend chcking the great work out here.
Another resonater of the 9-11 Stargate and the Dog Star Sirius is the ONe and ONly KeaNEO Reeves who plays in a Band called Dog Star.
1999s the Matrix Featuring KeaNeo Reeves and September 11th 2001 ID expiration date.
KeaNeos band DogStar Resonating Sirius.
Neo Reeves also travels down the Rabbit Hole in the Matrix connecting the constellations Lepus (the white rabbit constellation right next to canis Major, and Sirius the Dog Star)
Sirius-Canis Major and Lepus the Rabbit Hole located beneath Orion.
Stay very well all and enjoy every moment of BEING this SPRING
Thanks to Raybeam and Jake Kotze and VALIS*
See more Rainbows Sirius Toto and Oz here


Peace and Love